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Guilin Tour Tips

tips of Guilin sightseeing
  • Guilin tour tips offers ideas based on experience to provide assistance for planning a trip to Guilin.


  • Guilin Classic Itinerary

    The classic itinerary as below is often used by travelers.
    Day 1. Reach Guilin, be met and transferred to Guilin, visit Reed Flute Cave, Fubo Hill, Elephant Trunk Hill. Overnight in Guilin.
    Day 2. Take Li River Cruise to Guilin. Discover Yangshuo before being transferred back to Guilin.
    Day 3. Be met and transferred to airport for departure.

    If you have an extra day, we suggest you to visit Longji Dragon Backbone Rice Terrace.
    A leisure day in Yangshuo is also a good idea. Local village discovering via bike or Yulong River rafting are suggested. Or you may learn some cooking skill or Chinese Tachi in Yangshuo.

    Visiting of Sanjiang is a good way to discover ethnic culture. The trip to Sanjiang can be combined with Longsheng to occupy two or three days in the package.
    Ling Canal of XingAn is good place to discover the culture relic from Qing Dynasty, more than 2000 years ago. Half day is enough if you only visit Ling Canal.
  • Flight

    Sometimes, travelers ask us, how to reach Guilin ?
    The best method to reach Guilin is flight. There are many flights from main cities of China, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.
    There are train stations in Guilin, but due to the long time on train, most travelers use airplane.
    Please arrange your flight as early as possible if you flight from Xian to Guilin, because the flight is limited. And please reconfirm your light several days with your travel agent or airlines, because it often change (time or flight number).
  • Airport

    The airport of Guilin is 'Guilin Liangjiang International Airport', which is around 30 km south west of Guilin downtown.
    Usually at least 1 hour is needed for the airport transfer at normal time; one extra hour is needed during rush hour. Please follow the advice of your guide and driver based on the traffic and weather condition.
  • Which city to visit before Guilin ?

    Most travelers visit Beijing and Shanghai before Guilin.
    Another city is Xian. Xian is arranged before Guilin because it save time and flight cost when you visit top cities of China, such as Beijing-Xian-Guilin-Shanghai, or Beijing-Xian-Guilin-Guanzhou.


  • Guilin tour tips photo covers image of Guilin airport, vehicle, attractions and Li River.
  • Guilin Tour Length

    Most travelers spend 3 to 5 days in the area of Guilin. Such as one day in Guilin city, one day for Li River Cruise and Yangshuo, one day for Dragon Backbone Rice Terrace, one day for Sanjiang Ethnic Village after Rice Terrace.

    Another half day or one day is needed if you prefer to include the Ling Canal in XingAn. And many travelers prefer to spend one extra day in Yangshuo to enjoy the beautiful village and the Yulong River Rafting.
  • Guilin Li River Cruise

    Li River cruising is only available from Guilin to Yangshuo, single direction.

    The cruise port of Guilin end is out of downtown Guilin city. Transfer from city to port is necessary. The transfer will be covered in the itinerary if you take a Guilin package tour or one day tour.

    The cruise takes around 4 hours, and the time length will be affected by water or weather condition.
    3 star and 4 star ship are both available on the river. There is no big difference except price and seats. I am sure you will stand on the deck, and leave the soft seats empty, because the beautiful scenery along the river force you. :)
  • Guilin Rice Terrace Tips

    The Rice Terrace is also called Longji (Dragon Backbone) Rice Terrace.
    The best time is April - May (when the terrace filled with water) and September - October (when the rice changed to yellow).
    There are several points to enjoy the Rice Terrace, but most travelers visit Pingan Village (平安寨). This place is easy for travelers and do not take much of your time to reach.

    It is necessary to take your luggage to wask around 1.5 hours to reach hostel if you prefer to stay one night on top of Jinfoding Rice Terrace(金佛顶).
  • Tips of Minority Tour

    Ethnic Zhuang Village is available when you visit Rice Terrace in Longsheng. Sanjiang county is a county to discover Ethnic Dong, building, people and the culture. Wind and Rain Bridge is one of the most important attractions of Sanjiang.
    Longsheng and Sanjiang are located in the same direction, you can spend 2 or 3 days (better) in these two counties.
  • Where to Spend your Evening time ?

    The evening cruising on Two Rivers and Four Lakes is the fist choice of activities at night when you visit Guilin.
    Travelers may enjoy the lighted buildings along the river. If lucky, you can enjoy the cormorant fishing performance on the way.

    Dongxixiang Lane is a place covers local building, snack and shopping.

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    • Guilin tips of vehicle and driver

      The vehicle of Guilin covers 5 seats car to 55 seats tour coach.
      Usually 1 to 2 travelers use 5 seats car, 3-5 travelers use 7 seats van, 6-9 travelers use 19 seats mini-bus. 10-30 travelers use 22 to 35 seats coach.
      The luggage trunk of 5 seats to 33 seats are small. Travelers need to inform tour advisor if there is many suitcases.
      Beijingservice suggest you to leave 1/3 seats empty to make the tour comfort.
      The vehicle of 45 to 55 seats offers big luggage trunk under seats-deck, which make it possible to leave seats for more travelers.
      The vehicle usage covers 8 to 9 hours using on each day. Extra cost is needed when you use more hours than confirmed schedule.

      Most drivers do not speak English.
    • Tips of Guilin tour guide

      Guilin is not a big city, most tour guide speak English and Chinese.
      Please contact travel agent in advance if you need French, Spanish, Russian, Germany or other language speaking guide.
      Tour guide is very helpful on the introduction of the city and attraction, or when you need suggestion on dinning or shopping.
    • Guilin Attraction Tips

      Guilin is a city famous for picturesque scenery Ethnic custom. But it is not to say Guilin do not have culture and history.
      Jingjiang Mansion within Guilin city lead you back to Ming Dynasty. The Ling Canan located around 50 km north of Guilin discover a part of history more than 2000 years ago, related with the first emperor of Qin Dynasty.
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