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Guilin Bus Tour

Guilin join in group sightseeing trip

  • Guilin bus tour covers 'joining in tour coach of Guilin local tour operator' and 'Guilin public bus tour'. Most foreign travelers choose the fist option.


    Guilin bus tour is also called Guilin join in tour, Guilin group tour or Guilin seat in coach tour. The Chinese name of the tour product is '桂林大车游' or '桂林参团旅游'.
    The bus tour of Guilin is welcomed by travelers because of its low cost and the easy way to make reservation.

Photo of Guilin Bus Tour

  • Guilin bus tour photo covers the main factors of the service, including vehicle, attraction, guide hotel and restaurant.


    Guilin bus tour refers to the sightseeing trip of Guilin via sharing tour coach or local public bus. Travelers share tour coach or public bus with other passengers, which lead to less expensive cost of the tour.

    Guilin bus tour covers 'Guilin Public Bus Tour' and 'Guilin Seat In Coach Tour'. Compared with traveling with local public bus, seat-in-coach-tour coach offers English speaking tour guide admission fee lunch as well as sharing tour coach, which is very convenient for foreigners to visit Guilin. So when travelers speak Guilin bus tour, it actually refers to to joining in the tour coach arranged by local operator.

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Guilin Bus Tour Note

  • Guilin bus tour is not available to make reservation on tour date.
  • Hotel out of downtown Guilin is not convenient for pick up and drop off.
  • Tour guide speak English and Chinese, please inform us at least two weeks if you need guide in other language based on extra cost.
  • It is not a good idea to put a bus tour in the same day with departure flight, because the traffic is heavy during rush hour.

Guilin Bus Tour FAQ

  • Is there an English speaking tour guide to company us all the way ? ? We will arrange an English speaking guide to company travelers. The tour guide will contact driver, arrange admission fee, arrange lunch, make introduction of attractions during the sightseeing.
  • What kind of payment method is accepted by Guilin group tour ? Guilin join in group tour needs prepayment or deposit after confirmation. Bank, Credit Card, Alipay, Wechat, PayPal and West Union are all accepted.
    Payment should be received before tour date.
  • Does the Li River Cruise ship is same kind with private tour ? Yes, the ship on Li River is the same type, it works for both private tour and join in bus tour. The difference is the transfer between hotel and cruise port.
  • Where should we have our lunch ? Your tour guide will arrange lunch in local restaurant near attractions. As for the date of Li River cruise, the lunch will be arranged on ship, buffet lunch or lunch box.
  • We travel with heavy luggage, can we have private transfer from airport, and other sections of the tour in bus ? Yes, it is possible. We will arrange private vehicle and driver to meet you from airport. After reaching hotel, you can travel Guilin with sharing tour coach or public bus.

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    Guilin Bus Tour Tips

    • Please book the bus tour of Guilin as early as possible.
    • Prepayment or deposit is suggested to be remitted 1 to 2 weeks before tour date.
    • Tour guide information will be updated one day before tour date.
    • Please follow the advice of tour guide when the pick up time updated.
    • Possible early pick up from hotel may leads to no time for breakfast, please contact hotel for breakfast box after got confirmed pick up time.
    • Driver and guide may change the visiting sequence according to the condition of weather and traffic.
    • Tour Coach VS Public Bus

      As we said, Guilin bus tour include 'Guilin public bus tour' and 'Seat in coach tour arranged by local agent'.

      Guilin public bus tour is not available for most foreign travelers when they do not speak any Chinese language. It is hard to take local public bus without understanding Chinese language. The only solution is hiring an English speaking tour guide to company you on the public bus.

      Seat in coach tour arranged by local agent covers vehicle, driver, English speaking tour guide, admission fee, lunch, fuel and parking. You will be picked up from your hotel lobby in downtown Guilin. After the sightseeing, you will be transferred backed to hotel.

    • Top Attractions In Guilin Bus Tour Guilin bus tour mainly covers the following attractions:
      Reed Flute Cave, Diecai Hill, Seven Start Park, Elephant Trunk Hill, Fubo Hill, Jingjiang Palace, Two Rivers and Four Lakes.
      Dragon Backbone Rice Terrace, Long Canal Li River, Yangshuo.

    • Classic Itinerary (workflow)

      The following itinerary shows the work flow of coach tour arranged by Guilin local travel agent.

      Guilin One Day Bus Tour Itinerary

      Pick up travelers from hotel lobby on the morning.
      Drive to visit attractions during daytime.
      Lunch is arranged near attractions.
      You will be transferred back to hotel after the one day bus tour.
      Service end.

      Guilin Packaged Bus Tour Itinerary

      Day 1. Arrive in Guilin Liangjiang International Airport or train station. Be met and transferred to hotel.
      Day 2. One day Li River Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo. Drive back to Guilin after a short sightseeing.
      Day 3. One day bus tour to visit Dragon Backbone Rice Terrace. Drive back to Guilin.
      Day 4. Be met and transferred to airport or train station for departure. Service end.
    • Advantage

      Guilin bus tour is welcomed by travelers mainly because of the following strong points: - Lower price : The price of bus tour is much lower than private tour.
      - Convenient : Guilin bus tour start from and end in your downtown hotel, and it can be completed within one day.
      - Easy to book : You can reserve it several days in advance, with your name and hotel information.
      - Meet new friend : You are sharing one tour coach with travelers from other corners of the world, which offers an availability to make new friends.
      - Mature local team : Guilin bus tour are operated by mature tour operating team, which assure you a smooth trip of Guilin.

    • Information Needed To Make Reservation

      We need the following informaiton to set up a bus tour in Guilin.
      - Tour date
      - Tour code
      - Numbers of travelers
      - Name on passport
      - Nationality
      - Arrival flight
      - Hotel name and telephone number of hotel
      - Departure flight
      - Mobile phone number
      - Preferred payment method

    • Pick Up Place and Time

      If you join in coach of local tour operator, you will be met from hotel lobby at appointed time.
      Tour guide will leave you a message in the evening before tour date to inform you the accurate pick up time.
      If you reserved a hotel out of downtown, you will be informed a place to meet tour guide and vehicle.
    • Lunch

      Simple lunch is included in the bus tour of Guilin. Restaurants near attractions will be used.
      Lunch will be arranged on ship when you take a cruising from Guilin to Yangshuo.

    • Accommodation

      We will take care of the hotel accommodation if you choose packaged bus tour of Guilin. We use nice hotel in downtown area of the city.
      If you take one day or half day Guilin bus tour, you can reserve hotel on your own and then send us the hotel information. Please book a hotel in downtown Guilin to make pick up and drop off service included.
      Please let us know the detailed address and mobile phone number if you stay overnight in a friends' apartment.

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