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travel China trip include Guilin visiting

  • Guilin China tour covers both private tour and join in group tour. Top tour routes, attractions, itinerary, accommodation, flight, train and payment method of Guilin China trip are presented .


    Guilin China tour refers to china tour products covers the sightseeing of Guilin and its surrounding area.
    Being one of the most important tourism cities of China, Guilin often combines with Beijing Xian Shanghai or Guangzhou to offer a popular travel China trip.

Photo of Guilin China Tour

  • Guilin China tour photo covers the images of popular tourism cities of China.


  • Most travelers know the famous places of Guilin like Li River, Dragon Backbone Rice Terrace and Yangshuo. They are an important part of traveling China.
    Located in south China, Guilin is often arranged after the sightseeing of Beijing Xian, and before the visiting of Guangzhou or Shanghai.
  • Classic China Travel Schedule Include Guilin

    This is a classic China tour time schedule, including Beijing Xian Guilin and Shanghai.
    - Arrive in Beijing. Take 4 days 3 nights sightseeing. Take flight to Xian.
    - Be met from Xian airport or train station. Take 2 days 1 night sightseeing. connect flight to Guilin.
    - Guilin guide meet travelers from ariport. Take 3 days 2 nights visit. Connect flight to Shanghai.
    - Take sightseeing for 2 days and 1 night in Shanghai. Be met and transferred to airport for departrue.
    - Service end.
  • Top Attractions of Guilin

    Guilin is a tourism city famous for picturesque scenery in south china.
    When Guilin arranged to be included in a China tour, the top attractions of Guilin section covers Li River Cruise, Dragon Backbone Rice Terrace, Yangshuo, Ling Canal, Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Trunk Hill and Fubo Hill.
    These attractions are included in most Guilin China tour itinerary, and they helped millions of travelers completed a pleasant visiting of Guilin.

  • Classic Itinerary of Guilin Section

    Guilin classic itinerary in the China trip was composed based on above classic attractions.

    Most travelers spend 3 days and 2 nights in Guilin.

    Day 1. Arrive in Guilin, be met and transferred to hotel. Visit Reed Flute Cave, Fubo Hill and Elephant Tunk Hill.
    Day 2. Li River cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo.
    Day 3. Be met from airport and transferred to airport for departure.

    If you have one extra day, we suggest to stay one more leisure day in Yangshuo, or take a sightseeing to visit Dragon Backbone Rice Terrace in Longsheng.
    Few travelers spend another day to discover ethnic village in Sanjiang, or spend another half day to visit an ancient canal of 2000 year ago - Ling Canal.

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    Guilin China Tour Tips

    • Early booking may save your cost than last minute booking.
    • Li River should not be skipped when you visit Guilin.
    • You are suggested to stay one night in Yangshuo and discover the village and Yulong River near Yangshuo.
    • Ling Canal is suggested if you take Guilin China tour in Summer.
    • Red leaves scenery can be included in the trip if you take Guilin China trip in Autumn.
    • Tour Length In Guilin

      As you can see based on above classic itinerary of Guilin. Most Guilin tour sections are within 3 to 6 days.
    • Unique Itinerary of Guilin Section

      Except above Guilin classic itinerary, Beijingservice team owns the ability of designing unique Guilin itinerary according to the request of travelers. Many unique Guilin tour are designed based on season, sports, career, culture or traveling aim.
      The unique itinerary may cover the unpopular but interesting attractions for regular travelers to Guilin, such as waterfall, red-leaves, hiking, local village, biking, balloon, etc. Many unpopular attractions will change your traditional impression of Guilin.

      It is also available to design theme tour of Guilin, such as tea picking, industrial, tachi, cooking study, agriculture or food trip.
      The unique tour is only available upon request. You can contact us to tailor a Guilin China trip for you.

    • Tour Type

      Guilin China tour covers 'Guilin China private tour' and 'Guilin China bus tour'.

      Private tour offers private vehicle and private guide in each city. Travelers may enjoy the flexibility on the sightseeing of each tour date. The price of private tour is comparatively expensive than bus tour.

      Guilin China bus tour offers seat in coach trip in each city. Travelers shares the vehicle and English speaking tour guide with other English speaking travelers on sightseeing date. Bus tour is les-expensive way to visit China, but the flexibility is limited.

      According to the city sequence, Guilin China tour covers:
      - China tour include Guilin : This tour covers several tourism cities of China, including Guilin. Such as Beijing Xian Guilin Shanghai tour.
      - Guilin tour start from other city in China : This tour start from another city and visit Guilin before returning to the city. Such as Beijing Guilin Beijing tour, or Shanghai Guilin Shanghai tour. The quotation coves double way flight or train between Guilin and the starting city, which is the best product for foreigner working in China.
      - China tour start from Guilin : This tour covers several cities of China, starting from Guilin, such as Guilin Guangzhou Shanghai Beijing tour.

    • Accommodation

      Most travelers stay in hotel of downtown Guilin after the sightseeing of downtown Guilin, Yangshuo, XiangAn or Longsheng Rice Terrace.
      But it is possible to stay overnight in Yangshuo, XingAn or Longsheng, if you prefer to leave more time in that county.

      Accommodation in Sanjiang is necessary if you prefer to take sightseeing in this ethnic county, because it is far from downtown Guilin. Many travelers visit Rice Terrace of Longsheng one the first day, then drive to stay overnight in Sanjiang and visit Dong City, Drum Tower, Wind and Rain Bridge before driving back to Guilin on second day.

    • Arrival or Departure


      The following flights are often used by Beijingservice team to connect Guilin with other tourist cities within China.
      The terminal and time is subject to change. Please check with airport when you take flight.

      Beijing - Guilin

      HU7215, 07:50 / Beijing Capital International Airport ( T1 ) - 10:55 / Liangjiang International Airport
      CZ3282, 12:20 / Beijing Capital International Airport ( T2 ) - 15:30 / Liangjiang International Airport
      CA1471, 12:35 / Beijing Capital International Airport ( T3 ) - 15:45 / Liangjiang International Airport

      Xian - Guilin

      HU7539, 10:10 / Xianyang International Airport ( T2 ) - 12:15 / Liangjiang International Airport
      CZ6376, 10:35 / Xianyang International Airport ( T3 ) - 12:35 / Liangjiang International Airport
      MU2307, 18:30 / Xianyang International Airport ( T3 ) - 20:40 / Liangjiang International Airport

      Guilin - Shanghai

      MU9382, 07:15 / Liangjiang International Airport - 09:30 / Pudong International Airport ( T1 )
      CA3232, 14:05 / Liangjiang International Airport - 16:30 / Pudong International Airport ( T2 )
      MU3092, 16:15 / Liangjiang International Airport - 18:40 / Pudong International Airport ( T2 )
      MU9378, 19:45 / Liangjiang International Airport - 22:10 / Pudong International Airport ( T1 )


      Beijing - Guilin

      G529, 07:08 / Beijing West Station - 18:25 / Guilin
      G421, 09:05 / Beijing West Station - 19:45 / Guilin

      Xian - Guilin

      K318, 19:07 / Xian - 21:18 (next day) / Guilin North Station.
      This train is seldom to be used because it take too long time to reach Guilin.

      Guilin - Shanghai

      G1502, 11:46 / Guilin Station - 21:15 / Shanghai Hongqiao Station

    Other Tours in Guilin

    Guilin China Tour Note

    • Please make reservation as early as possible if you prefer to take Guilin China tour, because the flight of Guilin is limited.
    • You are suggested to contact us at least one month in advance if you need tour guide speaking more than English and Chinese.
    • Please follow the advice of tour guide when you visit ethnic area in Guilin.
    • It is not a good idea to take Guilin China trip during Chinese public holiday, such as May 1 to May 7, October 1 to October 7.
    • Most travelers do not use train to connect Guilin, because of the long riding time.

    Guilin China Tour Tips

    • Early booking may save your cost than last minute booking.
    • Li River should not be skipped when you visit Guilin.
    • You are suggested to stay one night in Yangshuo and discover the village and Yulong River near Yangshuo.
    • Ling Canal is suggested if you take Guilin China tour in Summer.
    • Red leaves scenery can be included in the trip if you take Guilin China trip in Autumn.
    • Transfer In Guilin

      Transfer in Guilin mainly use private vehicle, which is the base of private tour of this city. The transfers covers airport to downtown, train station to hotel, as well as the transfer between Guilin and some small counties near Guilin.

      Transfer by tour coach arranged by local travel agent is also available. This is the basis of Guilin join in group tour (seat in coach tour), a less expensive way to discover Guilin.

      Public bus transfer of Guilin is well developed, but it is not a good way when foreign travelers do not speak or have the ability of reading Chinese.

    • Payment of Guilin China Tour

      Most travelers remit prepayment two weeks before tour date. We accept payment via Bank, Credit Credit, Alipay, Wechat and PayPal.
      It is still available to remit deposit in advance and pay the balance in the fist city Guilin. For example, if you reserved a Guilin Guangzhou Shanghai tour, you can remit deposit two weeks in advance; and then pay the balance in Guilin. But it is only available to use cash or via Wechat Paypal or Alipay in Guilin.

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