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  • FAQ of Payment Via Bank in China

    • Remitting your China tour payment via bank is one of the most reliable and popular payment method. The payments takes 2 to 7 days to reach the bank in China. Handling fee will be charged by bank.
      Bank receipt should be forwarded to your travel agency after the money was remitted.


    • Payment via bank is the most important method when you remit payment for your China trip, especially when the amount is above 1000USD.
      At the same time, it is also a way to know you are using a licensed or illegal travel agency. Illegal or personal travel agent do not wish you to pay via bank.

      Payment via Bank needs 2 to 7 days to reach a bank in China. You are suggested to remit your payment two weeks in advance.
      There is handling fee charged by bank.

      What is the Bank Info of ?

      Beijingservice is online resource of Beijing Xindong International Travel Service. We registered in the most famous bank : Bank of China (BOC).

      Beneficiary Bank: Bank of China Beijing Miyun Subbranch
      Beneficiary A/C No. 323356009400
      Beneficiary name: Beijing Xindong International Travel Service Co., LTD
    • What time to pay via Bank ?

      Please remit payment via bank as early as possible after your trip confirmed, at least two weeks before tour date. As you know the payment needs several days to reach Bank of China.

      What bank info is needed when remit payment to China ?

      You need 'bank name', 'swif code', 'account number' and 'beneficiary name' from your travel agency.

      Is it necessary to send bank receipt to travel agency ?

      Yes, it is necessary to send bank receipt. Travel agency need it to claim the payment. Ant this is helpful to locate your payment as soon as possible.
      Most travelers take photo of the bank receipt and send it to tour advisor via email.

      Is it safe to pay China tour via Bank ?

      Yes, it is the most safest method to pay your China trip via a bank in China.

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    • What should i do if i can not provide bank receipt ?

      Please provide the following info if bank receipt not available.

      - The name which you used to remit the payment: _____
      - The country you remitted the payment from: _____
      - The Bank name you remitted the charge from: _____
      - The total amount you remitted:_____

      Does all travel agencies accept payment via Bank ?

      Only licensed tour company or tour operators have official account in Bank. Some personal guide or table agency do not want payment via bank, they prefer PayPal.
      You are not suggested to use personal travel agency.

      Why Illegal Travel Agency do no want to receive payment via Official Bank account ?

      Personal agency or table agency is not licensed tour company. They only pay some money to a licensed company to get a permission of using their company name.
      If travelers have to receive payment via bank, the money will goes into the bank of the licensed company. It is not convenient for the personal agency to get the money out.

      What kind of tour can be paid via Bank ?

      All tours can be paid via bank. But we suggest bank payment only when the amount above 1000 USD because the bank payment is not so fast and convenient as Wechat, Credit Card or PayPal, although there is handling fee when use Credit Care or PayPal.

      The popular bank in China covers: Bank OF China(BOC), China Construction Bank (CCB), Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), China Merchants Bank (CMB), etc.
      Beijingservice has official account in Bank of China.
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