China One Day Tour   |   One Day Trip to China

Profile of China One Day Tour

China one day tour offers vehicle, driver, tour guide, admission fee and meal to lead travelers to discover one city within 1 day time around 8 to 9 hours. One day tour of China is welcomed by business travelers.
The one day trip is flexible, easy to be booked and operated, which make China one day tour products very popular in foreign travelers.

China One Day Tour Products

Most China top attractions are available to be visited within one day time start from a city near by.

China one day tour photoSingle City China One Day Tours

Beijing one day tour
Xian one day tour
Guilin one day tour
Shanghai one day tour

Top China One Day Tours

Great Wall 1 day tour : visit Great Wall within 9 hours include vehicle, driver, guide, admission fee and meal.
Jinshanling Great Wall 1 day tour : discover Jinshanling Great Wall start from Beijing.
Xian 1 day tour from Beijing : Xian one day sightseeing trip include double way flight between Beijing and Xian.
Terracotta Warriors 1 day tour : Visit Terracotta Warriors from downtown Xian within 9 hours.
Mountain Hua 1 day tour : Visit Mountain Hua from Xian within 9 hours include vehicle, driver, guide and admission fee.
Guilin Li River cruise 1 day tour : Cruise Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo include transfer in Guilin and Yangshuo.
Zhouzhuang 1 day tour : Discover Zhouzhuang Watertown within one day,  start from and end in Shanghai.
Wuzhen one day tour from Shanghai : Visit Wuzhen Watertown from Shanghai within 1 day time.
Suzhou one day tour from Shanghai : Visit Garden of Suzhou from Shanghai within one day.
Hangzhou one day tour from Shanghai : Drive to visit Hangzhou city from Shanghai within one day time.

Single China City One Day Tour

Beijingservice designed one day tour itinerary for each city of China, which make it possible to discover the highlights of the city within one day time, around 8-9 hours.

Beijing One Day Tours

Beijing one day tour refers to travelling Beijing within one day time within 8-9 hours.

Beijing One Day Tour Index
Beijing one day private tour : Visit Beijing with private vehicle and guide.
Great Wall one day tour  : Discover Great Wall of China from Beijing within one day.
Xingang Beijing one day tour : Visit top attractions of Beijing from Xingang Port / Tianjin International Port.
Beijing Xian day tour : Visit attractions of Xian start from Beijing via flight or train.
Beijing one day bus tour :  Join in organized one day bus tour to disver this city at inexpensive price.

  Beijing Top Attractions 1 Day Tour
China one day tour photo BJ-PO-01-B. Beijing Mutianyu Great Wall and Ming Tombs one day private tour
BJ-PO-02-B. Mutianyu Great Wall and Summer Palace 1 day private tour
BJ-PO-03-B. Beijing 1 das tour of Mutianyu Great Wall, Tiananmen and Forbidden City
BJ-PO-04-A. Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace one day private tour.
BJ-PO-04-B. Tiananmen, Forbidden City , Summer Palace
BJ-PO-04-C. Beijing 1 day tour to Zoo, Olympic Park, Bejing Hutong and Lama Temple

  Beijing  1 Day Tour from Xingang Port
BJ-PO-07-A. Beijing 1 Day Private Tour to Badaling Great Wall from Xingang Port
BJ-PO-07-C. Beijing 1 Day Private Tour to Mutianyu Great Wall from Xingang Port
BJ-PO-07-D. Beijing 1 Day Private Tour to Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City from Xingang Port

  Beijing  1 Day Join In Bus Tour
BJ-ST-06. Mutianyu Great Wall, Ming Tomb
BJ-ST-01. Badaling Great Wall + Ming Tombs
BJ-ST-02. Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace

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Xian One Day Tours

Xian one day tour refers to travel Xian with in one day time around 8 to 9 hours. The one day trip of Xian covers vehicle, driver, tour guide, admission fee, lunch, parking and fuel.

Xian Private One Day TourChina one day tour photo
XA-PO-01. Xian 1 day tour of Terracotta Warriors and Ancient City Wall
XA-PO-02. Xian one day private tour of Provincial Museum, Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Great Mosque
XA-PO-03. Xian one day private trip of Terracotta Warriors and Huaqing Hot Spring
XA-PO-04. Xian 1 day private tour to visit Maoling Mausoleum,Qianling Mausoleum and Famen Monastery
XA-PO-05. Xian One Day Tour of Mountain Hua

Xian One Day Join In Bus Tour
XA-ST-01. Xian one day join in tour of Terra-cotta Warriors Museum and Banpo Museum
XA-ST-02. Terra-cotta Warriors and Xian Ancient City Wall one day trip

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Guilin One Day Tours

China half day tour photoGuilin one day tour refer to 1 day sightseeing trips in Guilin Yangshuo, Longsheng and sourrounding area. The one day package covers vehicle, driver, tour guide, lunch, admission fee, parking and fuel.

GL-PO-01. Guilin city one day private tour
GL-PO-02. Guilin one day private tour of Li River cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo
GL-ST-01-B. Guilin one day join in bus tour of Li River cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo

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Shanghai One Day Tour

China half day tour photoShanghai 1 day trip refers to discovering Shanghai and city nearby within one day, around 8 to 9 hours.

Shanghai One Day Private Tour
SH-PO-01. Shanghai classic one day city private tour
SH-PO-04. Shanghai 1 day private tour include Huangpu River Cruise
SH-PO-05. Shanghai one day private tour from cruise port
SH-PO-06. Shanghai one day custom private tour
SH-PO-08. Zhujiajiao one day private tour from Shanghai
SH-PO-09. Zhouzhuang 1 day private tour from Shanghai
SH-PO-10. Suzhou private one day tour from Shanghai
SH-PO-11. Hangzhou private one day tour from Shanghai

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China One Day Tour Tips

China One Day Tour Type

According to tour type, China one day tour include China private one day tour and China join in group one day tour.
According to start and end place, the one day tour products covers normal one day tour and China layover one day tour.
Based on shopping stop, China one day tour covers no-shopping one day tour and normal one day tour covers shopping stop.
Based on the location to visit, China one day tour covers China downtown one day tour and suburb one day tour.

Classic Itinerary of One Day Tour in China

Most one day tour use the following itinerary frame.
Be met from a downtown hotel at 08:30am.
Drive to visit one or two attractions on the morning.
Have lunch on the way in local or tourism restaurant.
Drive to visit one or two attractions in the afternoon.
Be transferred back to hotel after the one day trip at around 17:30.

The Process of Operate a One Day Tour in China

Travelers choose a one day tour on
Contact tour advisor to tailor the one day trip if necessary.
Submit reservation and remit deposit.
Beijingservice team send confirmation via email include confirmation number.
We wills end tour guide name and mobile phone number to travelers via email or phone one day before tour date.
Tour guide will call or leave message to hotel to get in touch with travelers in the evening before tour date.
Travelers will be met from hotel by tour guide and driver at appoint time.
Enjoy the one day journey with driver, guide, vehicle, admission fee, lunch.
Traveler may fill in feedback form to let us know the service of driver and guide before being transferred back to hotel. Service end.

Private One Day Tour and Join in Group China One Day Tour

Private one day tour offers private vehicle, driver, private guide, for the one day sightseeing trip.
Private vehicle, driver and guide will be arranged only for this client, no ther travelers to join in.
The trip is flexible, which make it possible for travelers to talk about pick up time, visiting speed, visiting sequence, food, restaurant and end time on tour date.
The private one day China tour is expensive than join in group tour.

Join in group one day tour also called seat in coach one day tour or one day bus tour. The package covers vehicle, driver, guide, admission fee and lunch.
Travelers need to share vehicle, drive and guide with other English speaking travelers.
It is not available for travelers to discuss the pick up time, visiting speed and lunch with tour guide. The visit sequence and time was organized in advance.
Most join in group tour include visit to one or two shopping stops. Join in group one day tour is a less expensive way to discover China.

Shopping and No Shopping One Day Tour

Normal one day tour in china covers a visiting of local art crafts shop. Travelers may buy some local products as souvenir. Part travelers do not interested in the shopping. Beijingservice team designed no shopping one day tour to cater this need. No shopping one day tour of China spend more time in attractions instead of stop for shopping. No shopping one day tour is expensive than normal tour with shopping stop.

Vehicle of China One Day Tour

The vehicle of China one day tour covers from 5 seat car, 9 seats van, 15 seats van, 21 seats mini-bus, 33 seats coach, 45 seats coach and 55 seats coach. All vehicles are in good condition equipped with air-conditioning. The vehicle will pick up travelers on the morning and transfer travelers to each attractions include restaurant. Travelers will be transferred back to hotel at the end of the trip.

Lunch of China One Day Tour

During the one day tour sightseeing, lunch will be arranged at local restaurant or tourism restaurant. Private day tour travelers may talk about food and restaurant with tour guide. Lunch for join in group tour is fixed, can not be discussed with tour guide. Vegetable lunch is possible to be arranged for both private and join in group travelers. But please send the food request when you make reservation.

Start Place of China One Day Trip

Most China one day tour start from downtown hotel. Tour guide will catch a paper with travelers name to pick up travelers from hotel lobby. Part of travelers stay in an apartment of friends. Please inform us the apartment name, address and telephone number. Then we will find the way to the place to meet travelers. If travelers prefer to start one day journey from airport, please let us your flight information. Then we will watch the arrival time of the flight. It will be a China Layover tour if travelers prefer the tour to be completed in airport.

China one day tour start from Cruise Port

Many travelers come to China via International Cruise Port. The famous port are located in Shanghai, Dalian and Tianjin. It is possible to take a downtown Shanghai one day tour from cruise port. It is also to visit Zhujiajiao Water Town from Cruise Port. Please see the details of Shanghai one day tour from cruise port.

Dalian port is closed to downtown area. It is easy to take Dalian one day tour form Dalian cruise port. Tianjin Xingang Port or Tianjin International Port is around 180 km southeast of Beijing. It is possible to arrange a Tianjin one day tour or Beijing one day tour from cruise port. Please visit Xiang Beijing tour details.

Start time and End Time of China One Day tour

Most private one day tour of China start at 08:30 am. after 8-9 hours sightseeing, the one day trip will be finished at around 17:30. The timetable can be adjusted according to the request of travelers. Part of travelers request the one day tour to start at 10:00 and end the tour at 18:00, when there is no time limitation on attractions' ticketing.

Most join in group one day tour start at around 07:00 am. Tour guide will leave message to travelers hotel about the accurate pick up time and location. The tour will be finished at around 17:00-18:00.

About China Great Wall One Day Tour

Great Wall of China can be visited from Bejing, Tianjin, Jinan, Jiayuguan, Dunhaung and Qinhuangdao. Most travelers prefer to take one day tour to Great Wall in Beijing, because there are several sections of Great Wall in this area. Badaling Great Wall and Jvyongguan Great Wall is closed to Beijing. Mutianyu Great Wall is favored by foreign travelers, because this part of Great Wall has fewer travelers than Badaling Great Wall and it is not very far from downtown Beijing. Jinshanling Great Wall one day tour is often used by photographers. Gubeikou Great Wall show you the original wall before renovation, which show your the the face of the Great Wall after standing there for hundreds years.

Information Needed to Book One Day Tour of China

One day tour name: __________
Tour code: __________
Numbers of guest: __________
Name on passport: __________
Mobile phone if available: __________
Hotel name: __________
Hotel address: __________
Telephone number of hotel: __________
Name you used to reserve hotel:__________
Your preferred payment method: ____________

Payment of China One Day Tour

China one day tours needs deposit or prepayment. Beijingservice team accept payment via AliPay, Wechat, Bank, Credit Card, or PayPal. Payment via Credit Card or PayPal needs extra handling fee.
Pay by WechatPay by AliPay pay by master card pay by visa card pay by paypal pay by AmericanExpress card pay by Bank of China


China One Day Tour Frequently Asked Question / FAQ

Dear Lisa, Thank you for the arrangement of Beijing one day tour. We will fly to Shanghai on early morning to Shanghai. And we only have this one day time for sightseeing. Can you arrange the one day trip to cover some top attractions of Shanghai ? If possible, we also looking forward to see a water town near Shanghai, thank you for your suggestion.
Dear Mr.Arthur, thank you for your email. Yes, it is possible to arrange one day tour from Shanghai airport. We will pick you up from Shanghai airport on early morning, then drive to see Zhujiajiao Water Town. After lunch, we will visit Yu Garden, Shanghai Museum and The Bund. Please let us know which place you need to be transferred to. We suggest you store the luggage in airport if you will fly from the same airport at the end of the one day trip. And please let us know your arrival flight to Shanghai, then we will send you further information of the trip.

Hi, Our cruise ship dock at Tianjin Xingang Port for one day. We had visit Beijing in the past. Can you suggest another place for our one day journey?
Thank you for your email. We suggest you take a one day trip to visit Tianjin. Tianjin is around 1 hour driving from Xingang Port. After picking up from cruise port, we will drive to Tianjin. The one day trip covers The Fifth Avenue, Tianjin Culture Street. We will stop at Haihai River Scenic Area before transferring back to Xingang Port.

Dear Jasper, thank you for the suggestion. Yes, we are interested in these one day tours. We have one question before making reservation. There are two travelers need vegetable lunch, they do not eat any meat fish or eggs. Can you arrange this for us ? Shall we have the same tour guide in these days? Can you arrange bullet train from Beijing to Xian, sorry for so many question. Thank you in advance. Susan
Dear Ms.Susan, Thank you for your email. It is possible to arrange vegetable lunch for these two travelers. Actually we often arrange vegetable lunch for clients. Please let us know the name of these two travelers. Then we will arrange is in advance. If will be different guide in Beijing Xian and Shanghai. But we will use same guide in one city. Yes, we can arrange train tickets in China. The tickets need to be reserved 30 days in advance. Please send us scanned copy of your passport, then we will issue the tickets for you. best regards, Jasper

Hi, we will be in Beijing from October 15 to October 19. We need a one day tour to Great Wall during these days. Please arrange a private vehicle with driver, Which day are you convenient ? Which part of Great Wall are you suggest ? We are open to any suggestion. best regards, Jasper
Thank you for your message. We suggest you to visit Great Wall on 17 or 18 to avoid the crowded people at weekend. We suggest you to visit Mutianyu Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall or Gubeikou Great Wall. There are not so many travelers on these two sections of Great Wall.

Hello there, thank you for the arrangement for our Guangzhou one day tour. We received the confirmation, everything is correct. Yes, we will remit payment before that. Can we ask our business partner to pay you ? I think she can pay you via Wechat.
Thank you for your email. yes, the payment method id acceptable. We accept payment via Wechat, Alipay, Credit Card and Bank. Most Chinese clients prefer to pay via Wechat and Alipay. We will update you when the payment reach our bank. regards,

hi, we reach Shanghai with Holland American cruise. We are planning to visit Suzhou Garden after being picked up from cruise port. Is this possible ? What time can we come back to our ship ? We will visit top attractions of Shanghai if the Suzhou Garden trip not possible.
Thank you for your email. Welcome to Shanghai. We do not suggest you to visit Suzhou Garden your ship dock at Shanghai one day, because it needs two hours driving from Shanghai Suzhou, and another 2 hours from Suzhou back to Shanghai. We can arrange Suzhou Garden tour on 1st day if your ship stop two days at Shanghai.

Hi, we are interested in your join in group tour in China. We have 3 people. How many travelers in the coach ? What time to pick up us from hotel ?
Thank you for your message. Welcome to visit China. Usually there are 2 to 10 travelers in the tour coach. Our tour guide will inform the pick up time in the evening before tour date. And we will end email about the tour guide and pick up info on day in advance.

Hi, we are interesting to take a one day waling tour in Changyuan Hotel Beijing. We are two people. What can you arrange for us ?
Thank you for your email. We will arrange an English speaking tour guide for the one day hiking tour. Tour guide will pick you up fro changyuan Hotel. Then take taxi to Beijing Hutong. You will discover Beijing Hutong area, Shichahai Lake, Jingshan Park, Beihai Park, Wangfujing Street, Tiananmen Square. After the walking trip, tour guide will company you back to hotel. We can arrange the lunch in a local restaurant on the way.

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