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Guilin introduction
  • Being one of the most important tourism city of China, Guilin is famous for the green water, lovely Kast hills, blue sky and retreat life in small towns near Guilin. The itinerary is regarded as incomplete if plan a trip to China without Guilin.


  • Guilin is located in northeast part of Guangxi Province in south China; 330 km northeast of Liuzhou, 390 km southeast of Guiyuang, 430 km southwest of Changsha and 390 km northwest of Guangzhou. And it is only around 120 to 150 km to the border of Guizhou Province and Hunan Province.
    Beijing a world famous tourism city, Guilin attracts millions of travelers to take sightseeing to this beautiful city.
  • Area

    With a total area of 27,800 square kilometers, Guilin governs 6 districts and 10 counties, and manages 1 county-level city.
  • History

    Guilin was first mentioned in 'Shanhanjing' of Warring States Period (475–221 BC). Guilin got its name because of abundant production of Cinnamon in this area.
    In 214 BC, the first Emperor Qinshihuang built Lingqu Canal ( Ling Canal half day tour, Guilin package includes Ling Canal ) to connect Li River and Xiang River, and then united the whole China. Guilin became the important city to connect south China with central China.

    In Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang's grand-nephew, Zhu Shouqian, was named King of Jingjiang. The Jingjiang Mansion (also named Jingjiang City) was built in the fifth year of Hongwu(AD 372), then the Ming Dynasty government changed Jingjiang Mansion ( half day tour of Jingjiang Mansion ) to Guilin Mansion.

    Guilin was liberated on November 22, 1949 and became a city under the Guangxi Province of New China.


  • Guilin photo covers the image of Elephant Hill in downtown Guilin, Li River cruising and rafting on Yulong River.


  • Guilin map covers top attractions, airport, train stations of Guilin as well as small counties near Guilin.
  • Climate and Weather

    Guilin features a subtropical monsoon climate. With abundant rainfall and sufficient sunlight, Guilin offers a mild climate with long summer and a short winter.

    The annual average temperature of Guilin is around 19.1 degrees Celsius.
    With an average temperature of about 28 degrees Celsius, July and August are the hottest months.
    January and February are the coldest months; the average temperature is about 9 degrees.
    Sometimes, the lowest temperature drops below 0 degrees Celsius.
  • Population

    The total registered population of Guilin City is 4.931 million till the end of 2020.
  • Race

    Guilin is a good place to discover ethnic minorities of China. The minorities covers Zhuang, Yao, Hui, Miao, Dong, etc. The population of ethnic minorities is 734,700.

    Discover ethnic minorities with Beijingservice:
    Guilin Rice Terrace and ethnic minorities day tour
    Guilin four days private package include Yangshuo and ethnic minorities
  • Popular Attractions

    The popular attractions of Guilin covers Elephant Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Fubo Hill, Seven Star Park, Li River, West Street of Yangshuo, YuLong River of Yangshuo, Longji (Dragon Backbone) Rice Terrace, etc.
    See more Guilin popular attractions.

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    • Best Travel Season

      The best season to visit Guilin is April to October.
    • Transportation

      The transportation of Guilin got a rapid development in new China.
      Taxi and public bus : Public transportation make it very easy for the transportation of local people. Most driver of public transfer do not speak English.
      Private car : Private car is the best method to visit Guilin.
      Note The quantity of flights between Guilin and other nearby city is limited. Please reserve flight tickets as early as possible when you want to visit Guilin by flight, especially when you need flight from Chongqing or Yichang to Guilin.
    • Food and Drink

      Rice Noodles are traditional food in Guilin even the entire Guangxi Province.
      The early indica rice was grinned into slurry and then drained, before squeeze it into a dough and squeeze it into found roots. Rice noodles are loved by many people of China.

      Beer fish is a local dish of Yangshuo. It was made from fresh carp of Li River. The fish will be fried with local tea oil before braising with local beer. Most travelers prefer to taste the dish when visit Yangshuo.
    • Local Products/Shopping

      The local product of Guilin covers Siraitia grosvenorii, ginkgo, Lipu Taro, Chili Sauce, Guilin Sanhua liquor, fermented bean curd, painting fan, Zhuang brocade ( discover Rice Terrace and Zhuang's village within one day ), etc.
      It is available to take a day trip of Guilin ancient village and enjoy the yellow leaf of ginkgo.
    • Exhibition Center and Conference Center

      Located in downtown Guilin, Guilin International Convention and Exhibition Center offers a building area of 51,000 square meters. It provides 6 exhibition halls and a total of 2,000 international standard booths.
      Address: No.22, Lijiang Road, Guilin, Guangxi, China ( 广西桂林市漓江路22号 ) Telephone: +86773-5869856
      Except the main exhibition center, there is a business building, which offers offices, meeting, negotiation, news release, banking, post and telecommunications, warehousing, freight, travel and dinning service.

      Conference rooms are also available in 4 and 5 star hotels of Guilin, such as Guilin Waterfall hotel, Guilin Bravo Hotel and Guilin Park hotel.

    • Night life

      Dongxixiang Street (东西巷)
      Address: No.36, Fuhexiang, Xiufeng Street, Guilin ( 广西壮族自治区桂林市秀峰区秀峰街富和巷36号, 正阳步行街望城商业大厦对面)
      This is a place to find local snack, local restaurant and even some western food.

      Wenhuagong Food Street (文化宫美食街)
      This food street is not far from Dongxixiang Street. Local food and western dish are both available in this area.

      Zhengyang Pedestrian Street (正阳步行街)
      This is a good place to kill your evening time. Shopping, dinning, sightseeing and entertainment are all available in this street.

      Evening Cruise on Two River & Four Lake
      It is an unique experience to discover Guilin and Li River on a cruising boat. Sun and Moon Pagoda, cormorant fishing are available in the cruising.
    • University

      The main universities covers :
      - Guangxi Normal University(GXNU),
      - Guilin University Of Electronic Technology,
      - Guilin university of technology,
      - Guilin Medical University,
      - Guilin University Of Aerospace Technology.
    • Airport

      Guilin Liangjiang International Airport is located 30 km west of Guilin downtown.
      When you book a Guilin airport transfer service, please mark your hotel name, and telephone number. Because many travelers need to be transferred to airport from Yangshuo, which needs a driving of 80 km.
    • Train Station

      Railway Station : There is one traditional railway station, 'Guilin Station' and a speed train station, 'Guilin North Station'.
      Both train stations are located in downtown Guilin.
      Most inbound tour do not use train as transfer method between Guilin and other tourism cities of Guilin, because of the long time on train.
    • Useful Telephone Numbers

      The following phone number is useful when you visit guilin.
      Guilin tourism hospital (市旅游医院) : +86773-5812294
      Guilin Central Blood Station : +86773-3833226
      Police Station: 110 (+86773-2823334)
      Civil Aviation Information Office: +86773-3844007
      Liangjiang International Airport : +86773-2845708
      Train station Guilin : +86773-2664722
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