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Guilin Half Day Tour

Guilin sightseeing within 4 hours

  • Guilin half day tour offers 4 hours sightseeing start from your hotel in downtown Guilin. Private vehicle, driver and tour guide are included. This tour product is favored by business travelers; or it can be used as a complement to Guilin package tour.


    Guilin half day tour offers short visit of attractions in Guilin. Most Guilin half day tours complete within 4 hours including the transfer between hotel and attraction. Considering the short tour time, Guilin half day sightseeeing trips only covers attractions in or near Guilin downtown. For the time being, only private tours are available.

Photo of Guilin Half Day Tour

  • Guilin half day tour photo covers the image of top Guilin attraction ( Elephant Trunk Hill ), Guilin vehicle, as well as the time arrangement of Guilin half day trip.


  • Being a tour product features convenient planning and easy operating, Guilin half day tour owns the keywords of convenient, comfortable, short, flexible. Guilin half day tour mainly covers popular attractions within downtown area because of the limited time. The trip is only available based on private vehicle and private guide, so the tour start from and end in your hotel.
  • Work-flow of a Guilin Half Day Tour

    The work-flow of a normal half day trip is presented as below: Be met from hotel in downtown Guilin at 08:00 or 13:30.
    Drive to visit one or two attractions in or near Guilin.
    Be transferred to hotel at 12:00 or 17:30, service end.


  • Professional Guilin local operating team design the best and reasonable half day trip in Guilin,
  • Experienced driver help you to make full use of the four hours time in this beautiful city,
  • Start from and end in your hotel within downtown Guilin make the half day trip easy and convenient,
  • Friendly and professional tour guide give you the best explanation of the attraction in the half day journey,
  • Flexibility in sightseeing, such as speed or routes,
  • Convenient payment method,
  • More than 15 years' experience in Guilin local tour operating,
  • Only licensed guide, vehicle and driver used by our team,

Map of Guilin Half Day Tour

  • Guilin half day tour map covers a Guilin downtown map showing the location of main attractions in downtown area. A skatch map shows the start time, start place, end place and end time are presented on the left upper corner.
  • Guilin Half Day Tour map

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    Guilin Half Day Tour Tips

    • Early reservation is suggested, which leads to the best price,
    • Please visit Guilin from Spring to Autumn if it is possible to choose visiting time,
    • Except the beautiful scenery, Guilin half day journey is also possible to touch the history of this city, such as the Guilin City of Jingjiang King,
    • Evening tour is included in Gulin half day tours' category. Cruising in Two Rivers and Four Lakes is a typical product,
    • Ling Canal can be covered by a Guilin private trip,
    • Sightseeing Time

      If you take a half day tour to downtown Guilin, you have around 3.5 hours time for sightseeing, The 30 minutes will be used for transporting.
      While you visit a place in suburb of Guilin, then you have 2 to 3 hours for sightseeing based on different attraction you visit.
      When you visit an attraction far from downtown, the tour time can be flexible within reasonable time.
    • Subject

      Guilin is a famous tourism city famous for mountain, river and Kast Cave, so most Guilin half day tours focused on beautiful scenery.
      Lingqu Canal half day tour is focused on history and Water conservancy. You cannot image the ancient canal is still work since its building in 214. Reed Flute Cave half day tour is a tirp with subject of cave discovering.
      Two River and Four Lakes half day tour include a light hiking when you enjoy the beautiful scenery.

    Guilin Half Day Tour Note

    • Please provide accurate hotel name, address, telephone number, which is very useful for tour guide to get in touch with you,
    • Half day tour reservation for same day is not recommended,
    • Lunch or dinner are not included; the cost is different when you prefer to include meal,
    • Please make reservation at least 4 weeks in advance when you need more than English or Chinese speaking tour guide,
    • Li River cruise is not available for Guilin half day tour, because the cruising time is 4.5 hours exclude transfer,

    Guilin Half Day Tour FAQ

    • What time to start a Guilin half day tour ?
    • Start time is flexible. The normal start time is 08:00am on the morning or 13:30 in the afternoon.
    • Can we pay cash on spot on the half day tour date ?
    • Yes, it is possible after your half day tour is confirmed and deposit received.
    • We are still not sure how many hours sightseeing time we have after the conference. Can we extend the half day journey when we have a final decision ?
    • Sure, please include this message when you submit reservation. And you may communicate with us via tour guide on tour date.
    • Is it possible to drop us at a place for shopping and local snack ?
    • Absolutely, we will transfer you to a please near Dongxixiang Street. You may enjoy local shopping and food there. Please take a hotel card on tour date, which helpful to return hotel.
    • Popular Attractions for a Half Day Trip in Guilin

      One or two of the following downtown attractions can be visited within half day tour:
      Elephant Hill (Elephant Trunk Hill), Reed Flute Cave, Fubo Hill, Diecai Hill, Two Rivers and Four Lakes, Jingjiang City (include Duxiu Peak), Seven Star Park, Seven Star Cave.

      Only one of the the following suburb attractions can be visited within half day journey in Guilin:
      Daxu Ancient Town, Mt.Yao, Lingqu Canal.
      Ling Canal is around 90 km to Guilin. It is availabel for a half day tour because of the convenient Quannan express way.

      Guilin Li River Cruise tour can not be completed half day. Cruising on Two Rivers and Four Lakes are suggested if you only have half day in Guilin and really want a half day cruise on Li River. Daytime and evening cruise are both available.
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