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How to Visit Guilin

resolution of visiting Guilin
  • This article tell you how to visit Guilin based on attraction, accommodation, vehicle, driver, dinning and evening activity.


  • Beijing one of the top tourism cities of China, Guilin is included in most China tour routes. This article provides traveling experience to make your Guilin trip smooth.
  • Popular Tourism Cities Often Combined with Guilin

    The classic China tour itineraries covers the following routes:
    7 days Beijing and Guilin tour
    11 days Beijing(4 days) Xian(4 days) Guilin(3 days) Shanghai(3 days) private tour
    13 days China tour of Beijing(4 days) Lahsa(4 days) Xian(3 days) Guilin(3 days) Shanghai(3 days)
  • How to Reach Guilin

    Most travelers take flight to Guilin from Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, or Yichang after Yangtze River Cruise.
    The name of Guilin airport is Guilin Liangjiang International Airport, which is located around 30 km west of Guilin downtown. The flight to Guilin is limited, please arrange your flight as early as possible.

    Most travelers do not use train to reach Guilin from Beijing Xian Guilin or Shanghai, because it take more than 10 hours to reach.
    It is available to take train from Guangzhou to Guilin, which takes within 3 hours.


  • The photo covers the image of attraction, hotel, meal, vehicle and evening activity of visiting Guilin.
  • How to Organize Attractions of Guilin ?

    Guilin attractions covers the following sections based on location: Guilin downtown, Li River, Yangshuo, Longsheng, Sanjiang and XingAn.
    Most Guilin attractions are arranged in itinerary base on their location.
    Classic Guilin itinerary:

    Day 1. Reach Guilin.
    Day 2. Attractions in downtown Guilin: Elephant Hill, Fubo Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Seven Star Park.
    Day 3. Li River Creuise from Guilin to Yangshuo. Overnight in Guilin.
    Day 4. Attractions in Yangshuo : Moon Hill, Big Banyan Tree Park, Rafting on Yulong River, Jiuxian County. Back to Guilin.
    Day 5. Longsheng: Dragon Backbone Rice Terrace.
    Day 6. Sanjiang: Drum Tower, Wind and Rain Bridge, Dong City. Drive back to Guilin.
    Day 7. Xingan: Water Street, Ling Canal and Local Street (Such as Courtyard of Family Qin )
    Day 8. Be transferred to Guilin Liangjiang International Airport.

    Probably, you do not spend 8 days in Guilin, so you may end the itinerary on day 3, 4 or 5.
  • How to Arrange the cruise on Li River ?

    Li River winder its way from Guilin to southeast till Yangshuo, around 70 km. You need to board a ship at pier out of Guilin City on early morning.
    After a wonderful cruising time around 4 hours, the ship reach Yangshuo pier in the afternoon. You take a short visit of West Street of Yangshuo before being transferred back to Guilin or stay overnight and continue another sightseeign day in Yangshuo.

    The Yangtze River Cruise is available to be included in a Guilin package tour or work as a one day trip. The transfer of Guilin hotel to Guilin pier, the transfer from Yangshuo back to Guilin are both included. Yes, you are right, there is no cruise available from Yangshuo back to Guilin, you will be transferred back to Guilin after the cruising.

    Simple lunch will be arranged on cruise ship.
    Tour guide will inform you the pick up time of Li River cruise one day in advance.
  • How to arrange your hotel when visit Guilin ?

    There are 5 places to arrange your hotel when travel Guilin : Guilin, Yanshuo, Longsheng, Sanjiang and XiangAn.
    A hotel in downtown Guilin is must on the day you reach Guilin, the day before departure from Guilin or one day day of Guilin sightseeing.
    You are suggested to stay one night in Yangshuo after reaching Yangshuo after Li River cruise. The next day can be used for sightseeing in Yangshuo.
    The accommodation in Longsheng can be arranged in Longsheng county or on top of Rice Terrace. The hotel on top of Rice Terrace needs a 2-hours hiking before reaching the hotel.
    The accommodation of Sanjiang is a must when you discover ethnic Dong culture, which is suggested to be arranged after a day tour of Rice Terrace in Longsheng.

    XingAn is not far from Guilin, but it also possible to stay one night, especially when you prefer to stay more than one day in Lemandi theme park. Room is available in the theme park.

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    • Vehicle and driver arrangement in Guilin sightseeing

      All tourism vehicle and driver start from Guilin city.
      The vehicle and driver stay overnight in Yangshuo when you prefer to visit Yangshuo more than one day. The driver will transfer you back to Guilin after the Yangshuo.

      Most travelers do not stay overnight in Longsheng, driver will transfer you back to Guilin after the one day sightseeing of Longsheng Rice Terrace. It is different if you prefer to take photo of Dragon Backbone Rice Terrace on the next morning or visit Sanjiang on the next day.

      XingAn is not far from Guilin, driver will transfer you back to Guilin after visiting of Ling Canal.

      Private vehicle and driver is suggested, otherwise Sanjiang and XiangAn can not be included in your Guilin trip.
    • How to arrange your meal in Guilin ?

      The breakfast is included in the hotel if you reserve packaged Guilin tour. Please include breakfast if you prefer to reserve hotel on your own. It is not easy for a foreigner to have breakfast out of hotel.

      Simple lunch is included in private or join in group Guilin tour. The lunch will be arranged on the way to next attractions. It is flexible to travel with private tour.
      Most Guilin tour do not include dinner. Having dinner in your hotel is a good idea. Most hotel offers very nice local or western food, and they are often better than normal restaurant out side of hotel. It is also available to find a nice restaurant with bilingual menu (Chinese + English). It is better if you can speak some Chinese.
      You may ask tour guide to suggest a restaurant if you take a private Guilin trip.
    • How to spend your evening time in Guilin ?

      It is available to take a leisure walk near your hotel, and find a small cafe to enjoy your leisure time in this beautiful city.
      Dongxixiang is a place to find local snack, food and crafts. We suggest you to visit this place with local tour guide.

      Cruising on Two Rivers and Four Lakes are available at night. The cruising time is around one hour. You need guide and vehicle to complete the transfer and sighseeing.


    • Please try to avoid visiting Guilin during Chinese public holiday, especially May 1 to May 7, October 1 to October.
      If possible, please visit Guilin in April, May, September or October.
      Bamboo rafting along Li River is not a good idea because there are many big ship passingby.
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