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Guilin Popular Attractions

Guilin attractions welcomed by travelers
  • Guilin popular attractions are suggested to be included in classic Guilin tours, especially when travelers plan their first trip to Guilin.


    Popular attractions of Guilin refers to the top sightseeing places of Guilin and the surrounding area favored by most travelers, especially for their fist trip to this beautiful south China city.

    Get familiar with the popular attractions Guilin is helpful to plan your trip to Guilin as well as the small towns near Guilin.


  • Several popular attractions of Guilin are included in this photo.


  • Popular attractions of Guilin are presented on this map including location and distance.

    Guilin Popular Attractions List

    Elephant Hill
    Being the land mark of Guilin, Elephant Hill is also called Elephant Trunk Hill. Located by Li River west bank of downtown Guilin section, Elephant Trunk Hill is elephant-shaped hill with its long trunk in the water of Li River. There is a cave between Elephant trunk and body, which looks like a full moon on water. Climb up to the hilltop on a clear day, you will get a panoramic view of downtown Guilin.
    Water-Moon Cave is a natural round cave between the trunk and body of the elephant. The Li River flows through the cave and when night falls the cave looks like a full, bright moon floating on the river.
    The green water of Li River and Elephant Trunk Hill combine to form one of the most famous hills and attractions in Guilin City. And it is a must visit attraction of Guilin.

    Reed Flute Cave
    Being a majestic Karst cave in Guilin, Reed Flute Cave is famous for stalactites and stalagmites, which was formed in past 700,000 years. As a brilliant Karst cave included in almost all travel itineraries, Reed Flute Cave got its name from the verdant reeds growing outside it, with which people make flutes.
    Except the natural scenery, ancient poetic inscriptions are also available in the cave.

    Fubo Hill
    Located at northeast of Guilin by the Li River, Fubo Hill is one of the wonderful scenic spots in Guilin. This is an attraction in downtown Guilin with lots of rock stone carvings and Buddha statues since Tang Dynasty.
    The summit of Fubo Hill is a good place to have a bird's-eye view of Guilin city.

    Seven Star Park
    Seven Start Park is a classic attractions in Guilin, located at the east bank of Li River.
    Being the biggest comprehensive park of Guilin, Seven Star Park covers Flower Bridge, Putuo Mountain, Seven Stars Cave, Camel Hill, Crescent Mountain, and Guihai Stele Forest, etc.
    The visiting of Seven Star Cave if not necessary if you included Reed Flute Cave in your itinerary.

    Li River
    Originate from Mt.Maoer, Li River refers to the river between Ling Canal of XingAn County and Sanjiangkou of Leping County.
    Li River connects many beautiful attractions in Guilin, such as Ling Canal, Two Rivers & Four Lakes, Fubo Hill, Diecai Hill, Elephant Hill, Jiumahuhuashan, Huangbudaoying, Yuncun Village, Xingping Town, Yangshuo, etc.
    The most famous Li River cruise start from Zhujiang Pier and ends at the pier of Yangshuo. Picturesque mountains, peaceful green fields, farms, villages, buffalos and cows on both sides of the river presents you a picture of south China.

    Except the Li River Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo, rafting on Yulong River near Yangshuo and the evening cruise on Two River and Four Lakes in downtown Guilin are available to enjoy the branches of Li River.

    West Street of Yangshuo
    With a history of more than 1400 years, West Street refer to the pedestrian street in downtown Yangshuo.
    While Yangshuo is a retreat place for leisure sightseeing, West Street is an alive place booming with bars, restaurant, hotel, cafe, etc. Never worry for finding a place for siting and talking.
    Some people said Yangshuo is not a quiet place any more; i have to say it is never quiet in West Street. The suburb of Yangshuo is still picturesque and quiet, but do avoid visiting Yangshuo during Chinese public holiday, if possible.

    YuLong River of Yangshuo
    Being the longest branch of Li River, Yulong River is around 45 km, wondering through more than 20 villages of Jinbao, Putao, Baisha, Yangshuo and Gaotian town.
    It is available to visit Yulong River via hiking, biking and rafting.
    Bamboo rafting is the most interesting method to discover this beautiful river. You may find limestone peaks, bamboos, peaceful villages, green fields flows by when you siting on the bamboo boat.
    Yulong River is called Little Li River because of the beautiful scenery.
    If you visit Yulong River by bike or hiking, do not miss the Jiuxian County (village), which is located nor far from Yulong River.

    Longji (Dragon Backbone) Rice Terrace of Longsheng
    Located at around 90 km northwest of Guilin, Longji Rice Terrace refers to terraced fields with rice. The best season covers spring and autumn.
    The scenery of spring and autumn is quite different. The terrace fields was fulfilled with water from the middle to the end of May. The blue sky and white cloud was mirrored in the terrace to offer an magic and unbelievable scenery.
    Except the Longji Rice Terrace, travelers may visit ethnic village of Zhuang.

    Lingqu Canal of XingAn
    Located in XingAn county, around 85 km northeast of Guilin, Ling Canal is one of the oldest man-made waterways in the world.
    Lingqu Canal is also called Ling Canal, which was one of the three major water conservancy projects in the Qin Dynasty. The other projects covers Dujiangyan and Zhengguoqu Canal.
    Ling canal was built to transport material in the process of unite the south section of China.
    It is still used today as an important role in irrigation and irrigates 2700 hectare of agricultural lands. The beautiful scenery and cultural relics worth to visit.

    Water Street is not far from the Ling Canal, you may visit them within the same day, or visit a local village nearby, such as Courtyard of Family Qin.

    Wind and Rain Bridge of Sangjiang
    Located on the Xunjiang River of Sanjiang Country, Sanjiang Wind and rain bridge is a crescent - shaped single arch bridge built in 2010.
    Around 130 km northwest of Guilin, Wind and rain bridge is a typical bridge building with porches and pavilions of Dong ethnic minority.
    Built in 368 meters long, 16 metes wide and 18 meters, the bridge combines reinforced concrete and wood structure in architecture, which make it the largest wind and rain bridge in the world.

    Most travelers visit Sanjiang for two or three days. Except Wind and Rain Bridge, the popular attractions Drum Tower, Dong City and local ethnic village.

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      How to Visit the Popular Attractions in Guilin

      There are two methods to visit popular attractions of Guilin.
      # 1. The best resolution is contacting a local travel agent or tour operator to make an itinerary according to your request. You may list the favored popular attractions and ask your agent to include them in itinerary.

      # 2. If you are good at arranging tour itinerary, you may tailor an itinerary by yourself and then ask your travel agent to work out a quotation based on this itinerary.


    • - Part of popular attractions located in downtown Guilin, part attractions located in suburb or small towns around Guilin, and some popular attractions are out of Guilin, such as the attractions of Sanjiang. All these attractions are available to be visited from Guilin.
      - Attractions should be be arranged too tight in Guilin, because most Guilin trip is for leisure sigtseeing.
      - If possible, please arrange your Guilin trip during April and October.
      - If you already visited most popular attractions of Guilin, please contact our Guilin tour advisor to include some unique and interesting attractions in your itinerary.
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