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  • Shanghai Private Tour

    private sightseeing trip of Shanghai

    • Shanghai private tour offers high quality travel service based on private vehicle, driver and private tour guide.


      Shanghai private tour refers to traveling Shanghai with private vehicle, driver and private tour guide.
      Shanghai private tour is the most safe and comfortable way to travel Shanghai, because you have a private space on vehicle as well as a separate table in restaurant for lunch.

    Photo of Shanghai Private Tour

    • Shanghai private tour photo covers images of most Shanghai private travel service providers, such as vehicle, guide, restaurant and tour guide.


      Shanghai private tour offers high quality Shanghai travel service supported by private vehicle, driver and private tour guide. The private tour is available from half day trip to multi-days package.

      This kind of tour is also called Shanghai private trip, Shanghai private journey or '上海独立包车旅游' in Chinese. It represents the highest level travel service in Shanghai.

      Except the popular private Shanghai tour for first trip to Shanghai, Shanghai unique tours for regular travelers are available in private tour products.

      If you prefer to have a private space or have a better travel quality, Shanghai private tour is the best choice.


    • Shanghai private tour provides the best service quality.
    • Professional Shanghai tour operating team,
    • The trip provides you a private space for you and your family.
    • It is available to tailor your private trip before final confirmation.
    • Reasonable price based on no-hidden-cost and no-trap,
    • You can talk about visit speed during Shanghai private sightseeing.

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    Shanghai Private Tour Tips

    • 3 to 4 days Shanghai downtown private tour is used by most travelers. One or two extra days is needed if you prefer to include Watertown or Suzhou Garden.
    • Shanghai private tour needs to be reserved as early as possible when you have decision.
    • It is interesting to include local shopping place (Such as Huaihailu ara) when you take Shanghai private tour with family.
    • Shanghai private tour can work well with Beijing Xian and Guilin private tour to present you an excellent China private trip.
    • Zhouzhang Watertown, Humble Administrator's Garden, Liu Garden and Pingjiang Historical Street are suggested when you need to extend your Shanghai private tour to include surrounding area.
    • Type

      Shanghai private tour can be divided into many categories based on different standards:
      - Length : Shanghai private half day tour, day tour, layover tour, private package tour.
      - Theme : Shanghai private popular tour, unique tour, family tour, kids tour, Watertown tour, etc.
      - Destination : Shanghai private downtown tour, Shanghai tour include Suzhou Garden and Watertown, Shanghai China tour.

    • Start Place

      Most Shanghai private package tour start from airport, cruise port or train station. Alost all Shanghai private one day tour start from hotel.

      Please inform your tour advisor when you need to start the private tour from a different place.

    • Why us

      - Abundant experience, Beijingservice team operate Shanghai private tour since 2005.
      - We design our own Shanghai private trip to cater every need of our clients.
      - Reasonable price based on high quality service.
      - No hidden cost, no trap.
      - No commission to other organization, which leads to a lower price.

    • Season

      Spring or Autumn is the best season of Shanghai private tour. Although Shanghai trip is not affected so much by season.

    • Price

      The price of Shanghai private tour is higher than Shanghai bus tour. All routes of Shanghai tours includes price, but the price is subject to Change before final confirmation.

    • Quality

      Shanghai private tour offers the best service quality in all kinds of Shanghai trip. The private vehicle, driver and private guide offers you private space and comfortable sightseeing trip.

    Shanghai Private Tour Note

    • Prepayment or deposit is needed after final confirmation.
    • Shanghai private tour is flexible, but it is not a good idea to change the itinerary after final confirmation.
    • Some attractions tickets need to be booked in advance based on your passport information.
    • It is not a good idea to take private Shanghai tour during Chinese public holiday.

    Shanghai Private Tour FAQ

    • What kind of private vehicle is available in Shanghai ?
    • 5 to 50 seats vehicle can be arranged for Shanghai private tour. Air conditioning is equipped on each tour vehicle.
      Luxury vehicle is only available upon request when travelers make reservation, such as Benz S350, Audi, Benz Sprinter, etc.
      All our drivers arranged for Shanghai sightseeing trip are experienced tourism driver.
    • May i know the pick up time of Shanghai private tour ?
    • Private tour in Shanghai is flexible. You may name the pick up time when make reservation.
      For example, travelers may request to be picked up from hotel at 09:00am or even 10:00am to make a leisure Shanghai private tour.
      The normal pick up time is 08:30 to 09:00 am if there is no special request on pick up time.
    • How many days should we arrange for a Shanghai private tour ?
    • If you are on a tight schedule, you can stay 2 to 3 days in downtown Shanghai. If you have enough time, 4 to 5 days is suggested to visit downtown Shanghai, watertown and Suzhou Garden.
    • Is it possible to reserve a private tour after i reach Shanghai ?
    • We suggest you to book a Shanghai private trip at least one week in advance, especially during exhibition or conference period.
    • Destination

      Except downtown Shanghai private tour, it is possible to visit some places not far from Shanghai.
      The most popular places covers:
      - Watertown : Zhouzhuang, Wuzhen, Luzhi, Xitang, etc.
      - Suzhou Garden : Humble Administrator's Garden, Liu Garden, Ou Garden, etc.
      - Hangzhou : West Lake, Six Harmony Pagoda, Tea Plantation Garden, etc.

    • Flexibility

      Flexibility is one of the important strongpoints of Shanghai private tour.
      You can communicate with tour advisor to tailor your own private trip based on your time schedule or interests before final confirmation. Popular and unique attractions are both available to be included.

      You can decided the visiting speed during sightseeing, which is very helpful especially when there is elders or kids in the trip.
    • Unique

      If you visited Shanghai in the past or you are regular traveler, you may find most Shanghai tours are similar between each travel agent. Beijingservice team designed unique Shanghai private tour to cater to the need of regular travelers. And you may contact our tour advisor to plan your own unique private trip of Shanghai.
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