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Shanghai Attractions

Profile of Shanghai Attractions

Photo of Shanghai private evening tourBeing the biggest city of China, Shanghai offers plenty of attractions for local travelers and foreign travelers. Most attractions in Shanghai are interesting and well-maintained.  

Shanghai tourism attractions is the soul of Shanghai tour.  It is very important to select attractios and combine them with local vehicle, driver, guide and hotel.

Type of Shanghai attractions

Museum: Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Post Museum, Shanghai Auto Museum, Glass Art Museum
Famous building: Such as the Shikumen local building, peace hotel, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, and 1933 Old Mill-Fun,
Historical and culture area: The Bund, Old Dock, Old French Concession area,
Local Temple: Jade Buddha Temple, Longhua Temple, White Cloud Taoist Temple,
Local street or avenue: Nanjing Road, Wukang Road, Shanghai old Street, Huaihailu Street,
Planning hall: Shanghai City Planning Hall, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum,
Former residence of celebrity: Former Residence of Maozedong, Former Residence of Caiyuanpei, Former Residence of Songqingling,
South China Garden: Yu Garden,
Market: Shanghai antique market, local market, 
Watertown: Zhujiajiao Watertown, Zhouzhuang Watertown,
River: Huangpujiang River,
Performance: ERA circus, Acrobatic Show,
Modern vehicle: Maglev train between Shanghai Pudong airport and downtown Shanghai,
City square: People Square,
Memorial Hall: Wuchangshuo Memorial Hall, Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum / Jewish Quarter,
Church: Xujiahui Catholic Church
Art Zone: Tianzifang Art Zone, M50 Art Zone,
Amusement Park: Tropical StormWaterpark, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, Jinjiang Amusement Park, Shanghai Happy Valley,
Natural Scenic Area: Bird Lake, Mt.Tianma,
Wetland: Wusong Wetland and Forest, Congming Xisha Wetland,
University: Donghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University,
National Forest Park: ongqing Forest Park, Dongping National Forest Park,
Botanical Garden: Shanghai Chenshen Botanical Garden,

Top attractions arranged in Shanghai tour

The following attractions are often use used in classic Shanghai tour. Yu Garden, Yu Market, Shanhgai Museum, Renmin Square, Jade Buddha Temple, Shanghai old street, 1933 old mill fund, Xintiandi Area, Old French Concession Area, Pudong New Area, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, The Bund, Cruise on Huangpu River,

Introduction & Admission fee of Shanghai Attraction

Brief introduction and admission fee of Shanghai main attractions are listed as below.

The Bund
It is a famous waterfront and regarded as the symbol of Shanghai for hundreds of years. The most famous and attractive sights are the 52 various buildings of different architectural styles including Gothic, Baroque, Romanesque, Classicism and the Renaissance, which are also located at the west side of the Bund. The Bund was the centre of Shanghai's politics, economy and culture hundreds of years ago, consulates of most countries. Many banks, businesses and newspaper offices were settled there, and that's why we have these art-like building.
Admission fee: 0 RMB, (1USD = 6.6RMB)

Shanghai Old Street
The street is build in old-Shanghai style,Travellers may get a feeling of getting back to 1930's. Local stores and other small art shop stands along the street.
Admission fee: 0 RMB, (1USD = 6.6RMB)

Shanghai Museum
Known as the Museum of Ancient Chinese Art, Shanghai Museum is famous for its large collection of rare cultural pieces. Travelers can find more than 120,000 precious and rare works of art in 21 categories, including Chinese bronzes, ceramics, paintings, calligraphy and artifacts. In addition to the 11 galleries, the museum includes three exhibition halls, a tearoom, a restaurant, shops, a high-definition graphics hall, a library and a VIP garden.
Admission fee: 0 RMB, (1USD = 6.6RMB)

1933 Old Millfun
The huge building was designed by a British architect and was built in 1933, which is why it has 1933 in its name. Used to be the largest slaughter house in East Asia, the building is a unique masterpiece of architecture and different from any buildings and got its own style. It is quite like a castle or a maze. Now it is a attraction where you can find some good restaurants, shopping, experience some fashion and art. Many international brands held their promotion events here, and a number of well-known enterprises have moved in.
Admission fee: 0 RMB, (1USD = 6.6RMB)

Yu Garden & Market
Located in the southern part of Shanghai, Yu Garden is a famous Suzhou-style garden. The garden was finished in 1577 by a government officer of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). With pavilions, halls, chambers, towers, ponds and rockeries, the Garden presents more than 40 scenic spots. Yu Market refer to the bazaar near Yu Garden. Traverlers can find plenty of local products and get a feeling of being in Shanghai, the bazaar is always busy and crowded. Yu Garden is one of the best Suzhou-style gardens in southern China.
Admission fee: 40 RMB, (1USD = 6.6RMB)

Pudong New District
Located on the coast of the East China Sea and along the east bank of Huangpu River, Pudong New District arose from China’s policy of ’Opening Up’ and economic development. Pudong opened in April, 1990, and has underdone incredible changes. Covering an area of 570,000m², Pudong New District is now considered a modern new urban district and Shanghai’s modernization and prestige as center of world commerce.
Admission fee: 0 RMB, (1USD = 6.6RMB)

Oriental Pearl TV Tower
Being the world's third tallest TV and radio tower, the Tower is made up of 11 balls, the lowest of which is 118 meters high and the tallest being 295 meters. The Tower provides 3 major sightseeing floors for a bird's eye view of the city in different height, separately in the heights of 98, 263 and 350 meters.
Admission fee: 150 RMB, (1USD = 6.6RMB)

Renmin Square
Beiing a large public square adjacent to Nanjing Road in the Huangpu District of Shanghai, Renmin Square was a course for horse racing owned by the Shanghai Race Club before 1949. Now it is the the place of new Municipal Government Mansion lies in, as well the city's important transportation hubs. A blue and white dovecot can be seen in the southwest side of the square. Visitors will see thousands of pigeon which provide a peaceful and matronly atmosphere
Admission fee: 0 RMB, (1USD = 6.6RMB)

Nanjing Road
Nanjing Road is one of the most famous and bustling business streets in the world. It is also called Chinese First Business Street. Over 600 businesses on the road offer countless famous brands, superior quality, and new fashions. It is the window for Shanghai to open to the world and also shopping paradise for people at home and abroad.
Admission fee: 0 RMB, (1USD = 6.6RMB)

Acrobatics Show
This acrobatics show is performed by Shanghai Magic Troupe and New Shanghai Circus Troupe. This is the first team who performed acrobatics in Broadway Stage of USA from China. It is the only acrobatics show which performs every day start at 19:30.
Admission fee: 70 RMB, (1USD = 6.6RMB)

Jade Buddha Temple

Built in 1882, Jade Buddha Temple has 2 jade statues of the Sakyamuni Buddha, one seated and one reclining. The seated Buddha is 1.9 meters tall and was carved out of a single piece of white jade, wearing a robe inlaid with precious jewels. The temple also houses a number of ancient sculptures, rare paintings and Buddhist scriptures. Travelers can aso feel Chinese buddhism atmosphere.
Admission fee: 30 RMB, (1USD = 6.6RMB)

Shanghai Expo

Shanghai Expo was held in Shanghai on both bank of Huangpu River in Shanghai. Over 73 million people visited Expo during the 184-day event. Main building remains after the expo. Have an outside view in the area.
Admission fee: 0 RMB, (1USD = 6.6RMB)

Huangpu River / Huangpu River Crusie
As a symbol of Shanghai, Huangpu River run through the city and divides Shanghai into east and west. Boat is available for travelers to cruise on this charming river. It seems that travelers is cruising in a river of history; On one side of the bank is the building with hundred of years' history, on the other side you can find the grand Steel and glass structures in Pudong new district. The main sightseeing includes two suspension bridges, Nanpu Bridge and Yangpu Bridge, The Bund, Monument to the People's Heroes, Waibaidu Bridge, Huangpu Park (the oldest park in Shanghai).
Admission fee: 100 RMB, (1USD = 6.6RMB)

Era Circus (Era Circus C Ticket)
Being called China's 'No. 1 Circus World', Shanghai Circus World is favored by travelers. The highlights of the performance is the popular programs named 'ERA Intersection of Time' and 'Happy Circus'. The performance provides both artistic skills and creativity. Combing multimedia including vision, original live music, sound effects, air conditioning and lighting, it offer travelers a wonderful time.
Admission fee: 250 RMB, (1USD = 6.6RMB)

Lies between Shanghai and Suzhou, Zhouzhuang is one of the most famous watertown in China, noted for its profound cultural background, the well preserved ancient residential houses and the elegant watery views. Walking along the peaceful lanes, strolling in the ancient courtyards, travelers can get a deep touch with the history and atmosphere of this south-china Watertown.
Admission fee: 100 RMB, (1USD = 6.6RMB)

Hengshan road

Shanghai Hengshan Road is located in the former French Concession of Shanghai. A major thoroughfare that connected the heart of the French Concession with the Catholic district of Xujiahui. Since the 1990s, many of the mansions along the road have been converted into bars, night clubs, and restaurants. Now it is one of nightlife districts of Shanghai, popular particularly among expatriates. Walking in the street, travelers can get a feeling combining classic, ancient, modern, western, eastern...
Admission fee: 0 RMB, (1USD = 6.6RMB)

JingAn Villa
Drive to visit a local residential area with old-Shanghai style. JingAn Villa is a serene shikumen complex where octogenarians and bohemian café-cum-craft stores sit side by side. Most of them are pretty red-brick buildings, which take your mind back to old Shanghai in 1930. #.Bugaoli Old Building Area Drive to visit a local living district with old-Shanghai style.
Admission fee: 0 RMB, (1USD = 6.6RMB)


Shanghai Attractions Related Questions

Photo of Shanghai tour

Is all attractions entry fee included when we reserve private package tour in Shanghai ?

Yes, admission fee is included. Tour guide wil pay the entry fee on tour date.

Can we pay the attractions in Shanghai via Credit Card on spot?

The tourism attraction of Shanghai only accept cash.

How long time should we spend in attraction of Shanghai ?

The visiting time of attraction in Shanghai take from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Small attractions take less time, such as Shanghai Old Street. More time is needed in big attraction, Such as Shanghai Museum or Yu Garden. The visiting speed of travelers also affect the time used in each attraction.

How many attractions can we visit within one day tour of Shanghai ?

It depends on travelers visiting speed. Most travelers visit 3 to 5 attractions within on day Shanghai trip.

Is wheelchair possible in attractions of Shanghai ?

Photo of Shanghai evening tourShanghai attractions are well designed. Wheelchair is possible to be used in most attractions of Shanghai.

Is there any restaurant available in attraction of Shanghai if we plan to stay in the attraction one day ?

There is no restaurant in Shanghai attractions. There are some fast food available in some attraction. We suggest you to take some food if you prefer to stay one day in one attraction.