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  • Credit Card Payment FAQ in China

    • Paying China tour via Credit Card is very convenient. Most payment can be received within one day, although bank charge a handling fee around 3%.
      Visa, Master and AmericanExpress Credit Cards are often used by foreign travelers.
      On this page, you may find frequently asked questions related with Credit Card payment in China.


    • Being a convenience payment method, Credit Card is very helpful in paying tourism trip to China.
      Travelers often use their Master, Visa or AmericanExpress Card to pay their tour or personal expense in China.

      Credit Card can be accepted by most licensed companies. But not all tour companies can charge Credit Card directly. Personal agency can only charge Credit Card via PayPal.

      With the developing of technology, Wechat and AliPay is replacing Credit Card in most places of China.

      How Beijingservice charge my Credit Card ?

      Beijingservice will send you a Credit Card Payment link after your China trip confirmed.
      Then your may open the page and fill in credit Card information on your own.
      Your tour advisor will contact you after the Credit Card payment received.
    • What is the advantage of Paying China trip via Credit Card ?

      Credit Card make it possible to avoid taking a lot of cash in your trip to China. And you can find your credit bill after coming back to home.
      Credit card also can be used to guarantee hotel room or air ticket.

      Which charging method is available in China ?

      You can use your Credit Card on POS machine to complete the charging in hotel, airlines, restaurant, supermarket, etc.
      Cardless transaction method is often used when you prepay your tour cost to local travel agency. The Credit Card charging will be completed on a online page, which is safe and convenient.

      Can you tell me the usage of Credit Card in China trip ?

      Credit Card can be used to pay travel agency, car rental company, restaurant, hotel, flights or even local shopping.
      It is convenient to guarantee hotel or air tickets by your Credit Card.

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    • How much Handling fee should we pay by Credit Card ?

      The bank of Credit Card charges around 3% as a handling fee. The cost is subject to change based on different credit card or bank.

      Is it safe to use Credit Card in China ?

      Yes, it is very safe to use Credit Card in licensed company of China, especially when most people are changing to use Wechat to pay everything instead of Credit Card in China. But you are not suggested to use your Credit Card in unlicensed company.

      How much money should be paid via Credit Card ?

      Any amount can be paid via Credit Card. But we suggest you to only pay a bill small than 1000 USD, because there is handling fee when pay by Credit Card. You can use Bank or WeChat when there is a large bill to be paid.

      I used Credit Card to pay deposit in China, the money is not back till now, what should i do ?

      The deposit will be frozen in your Credit Card, instead of deducting. It takes 1 day to 4 weeks to unfroze the money. Please contact your bank or the hotel if the money is not unfroze 4 weeks after your checking out.
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