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sightseeing of Chengde

  • Discover Chengde and the surrounding area with private vehicle, driver and private Chengde local guide. Mountain Resort is the must visit attraction.


    Most travelers visit Chengde from Beijing via train or private vehicle. All Chengde tours are operated based on private vehicle and private guide.

Photo of Chengde Tour

  • Chengde tour photo covers image of top Chengde attractions as well as trains between Beijing and Chengde.


  • Chengde tour refers to tourism sightseeing of Chengde including popular attractions. Summer Resort is the No. one attraction of Chengde.
    Being called '承德旅游' in Chinese, Chengde tour is available from half day to multi-days trip.

    All Chengde trip are operated based on private vehicle, driver and private tour guide. No join in group trip is available in Chengde till now.
    Most travelers start tours of Chengde from Beijing, via train or private vehicle. Travelers still can travel Chengde by flight. The airport of Chengde is called 'Puning Airport Chengde' (承德普宁机场).


  • Convenient to travel Chengde from Beijing.
  • Possible to complete within 2 days including double way transfer.
  • Private vehicle, speed train and traditional train are all available.
  • Compared with other tourism city, Chengde tour price is not high.
  • Chengde tour covers one of the top attractons of China : Mountain Resort ( Summer Resort ).

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    Chengde Tour Tips

    • Chengde is around 2.5 hours driving or one hour speed-train riding from Beijing, which make Chengde easy to be visited from Beijing.
    • Speed train is suggested to connect Beijing and Chengde.
    • Private vehicle is suggested if you prefer to include Jinshanling Great Wall in the journey.
    • Temple of Potaraka Doctrine is also known as “Little Potala Palace.
    • Summer Resort, also known as Mountain Resort, is the must visit attraction of Chengde.
    • It is convenient to visit Jinshanling or Gubeikou Great Wall when use private vehicle to visit Chengde from Beijing.
    • Popular Attractions

      Chengde tour attractions covers both scenic spots and cultural attractions. The most famous one is the Summer Resort (also named Mountain Resort), which was the world's largest classical imperial garden.
      Temple of Potaraka Doctrine(普陀宗乘之庙) and Temple of Universal Peace(普宁寺) are famous in travelers, and often included in the itinerary of foreign travelers.

      Classic Itinerary

      Most travelers take 2 days Chengde tour from Beijing by rail.
      Day 1. Reach Chengde by rail. Visit Summer Resort in the afternoon. Overnight in Chengde.
      Day 2. Visit Temple of Potaraka Doctrine and Temple of Universal Peace on the morning. Be transferred back to train station for departure.


      Chengde top attractions covers both scenic area and culture relics. You are suggested to take Chengde tour in Spring, Summer or Autumn, which make your chengde traveling more pleasant.
    • Train Tour

      Visiting Chengde by train is convenient for travelers from Beijing(北京), Shenyang(上海), Jilin(吉林), Changchun(长春) or Harbin(哈尔滨). Speed trains stop at Chengde South Station(承德南站), which is around 8 km from downtown Chengde.

      Most travelers visit Chengde from Beijing, spending two days and one night in Chengde.
      Except traditional trains, there are speed trains between Beijing and Chengde, which only needs one hour to reach Chengde.

      Tour length

      Chengde tour is available from half day to multi-days.
      Most travelers choose two days Chengde tour from Beijing. Business travelers prefer to choose half day or one day Chengde trip.

      Start place

      Some travelers start Chengde tour from hotel, train station and airport of Chengde.
      It is also possible to start the Chengde trip from hotel, airport or train station in Beijing. Please inform your tour advisor if you prefer to start the trip from other places.

    Chengde Tour Note

    • The train tickets of Chengde needs to be reserved one month in advance.
    • Prepayment and Scanned passport is needed before the booking of train tickets.
    • Chengde is colder than Beijing in Winter, which makes winter not the best season of Chengde travel.
    • Please follow advice of local guide when visit temple in Chengde.

    Chengde Tour FAQ

    • Which train is suggested between Beijing and Chengde ?
    • The speed train G953(09:00-09:59) of Beijing to Chengde is suggested. It takes 59 minutes to reach Chengde.
      G3608(16:07-17:06) is suggested from Chengde to Beijing.
      All speed trains stop at Chaoyang Station of Beijing and South Station of Chengde.

    • We will arrive in Beijing in May, where to start the Chengde trip ?
    • There are two options for this Beijing Chengde journey:
      Option 1: We arranged the train tickets and Chengde tour, you take taxi to train station and reach Chengde on your own. The Chengde trip start from Chengde South Railway Station.
      Option 2: We include the transfer between your hotel and train station of Beijing in the trip. Then you can start the tour from your hotel in Beijing.
      Most travelers choose the 2nd option, although the cost is higher than option 1.
    • Is it possible to travel Chengde by flight ?
    • Yes, it is possible to travel Chengde by flight. But most flight to Chengde needs a transit at Shijiazhuang (石家庄).
    • Guide

      We provides bilingual ( English and Chinese ) guide for Chengde trip. It is not easy to find other language speaking guide in Chengde.

      Great Wall tour of Chengde

      Jinshanling Great Wall is located in Chengde, although it is often included in the tour routes of Beijing.
      Located around 90 km southwest of Chengde downtown, Jinshanling Great Wall is possible to be included in your Chengde trip. It is convenient to travel Jinshanling Great Wall on the way when you take private vehicle to Chengde from Beijing.

      Grassland Tour of Chengde

      Mulanweichang, Saihanba, Yudaokou, Qixinghu and Yulianghu are all good places to enjoy the scenery of grassland. There is some distance from downtown Chengde to grassland. A private car is needed for the grassland trip.

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