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Turpan Tour

discover mysterious Turpan

  • Turpan tour lead you to discover popular attractions in or near Turpan with private vehicle and guide.


    Turpan tour show you a mysterious city on ancient Silk Road around 200 km southeast of Urumchi. It is convenient to travel Turpan from Urumchi via train or private car.

    Being a city at the edge of Kumtag Desert, Turpan offers you an unique traveling experience. The Gaochang City, Ancient Astana Tombs, Flaming Mountains, Ancient City of Jiaohe and Ancient Karez system attracts numerous local and foreign travelers to visit this wild and sweet city.

Photo of Turpan Tour

  • Turpan tour photo covers image of top attractions in Turpan.


  • Turpan tour refers to discovering top attractions of Turpan (吐鲁番) within one to multi days.
    Being called '吐鲁番旅游'in Chinese, Turpan tour is called 'Voyage à Turpan' in French. The city attracts both local and foreign travelers to discover the unique attractions and culture in and near the city.

    Turpan tours arranged by tour agent may covers vehicle, driver, tour guide, admission fee, meal and hotel accommodation.
    Most travelers prefer to combine Turpan trip with Urumchi tour because of the short distance and convenient transfer between two cities.
    The popular attractions of Turpan can be included in a 2 to 4 days Turpan journey.


  • Discovering an ancient city on Silk Road.
  • Mysterious attractions different with other China cities.
  • Professional Turpan local tour operator and local tour guide.
  • Convenient trains between Turpan and Urumchi.
  • Unique culture and customs.

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    Turpan Tour Tips

    • Please be quiet when you visit local mosque.
    • Travelers should drink enough water in Turpan trip.
    • Eating Turpan local fruit is a kind of pleasant experience.
    • The time of Turpan is 2 hours later than Beijing Time.
    • Compared with daytime, it is cooler in the evening of Turpan.
    • Top Attractions

      The top attractions of Turpan covers Gaochang City, Ancient Astana Tombs, Flaming Mountains, Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves, Ancient City of Jiaohe, Ancient Karez system, Grape Valley, Emin Minaret, Tuyugou Grand Canyon, Mazha Village, Kumtag Desert, Edin Lake, Desert Botanical Garden, Yadan Landform Scenic Spot of Toksun and Turpan Museum.

      Classic Itinerary

      Classic itinerary of Turpan tour covers 4 days and 3 nights.
      It is possible to tailor this tour into 2 days and 1 night itinerary.

      Day 1. Be met from airport or train station. check in hotel in Turpan.
      Day 2. Gaochang City, Ancient Astana Tombs, Flaming Mountains, Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves, overnight in Turpan.
      Day 3. Ancient City of Jiaohe, Ancient Karez system, Grape Valley, the Emin Minaret. Overnight in Turpan.
      Day 4. Be met from hotel and transfer to train station or airport.
    • Start

      It is convenient to start Turpan tour from Turpan train station or airport. Top attractions can be included within 2 to 4 days trip.
      Some business travelers start the one day Turpan tour from hotel in downtown.

      It is also possible to start the Turpan trip from Urumchi downtown, airport or train station. It is possible to use private car or train between Urumchi and Turpan.


      Same with the starting place, it is possible to end the Turpan trip at hotel, airport or train station in Turpan. It is also posdible to end the Turpan journey in Urumchi.

      Tour Type

      Turpan tour is operated based on private vehicle, driver and private tour guide.

      Turpan trip can be arranged focused on different theme, such as Ancient City, Stone Carving, Desert hiking, Ancient Tomb, Local village discovering, Yadan Land form, etc.

    Turpan Tour Note

    • Most local Turpan do not eat any food made of pork or lard.
    • Do not drink hot tea after eating grape or hami-melon.
    • Don't shake the water on your hands after washing it.
    • Do not gaze at kids, people or things of other people in Turpan.
    • Don't praise child of local people.
    • Do no embrace the kids of local Turpan people.

    Turpan Tour FAQ

    • How long time shall we plan our Turpan trip ?
    • We suggest you plan the trip 2 to 6 month in advance, especially during peak season.

    • How many days should we arrange for a popular Turpan tour and a deep tour ?
    • Turpan popular tour needs 2 to 4 days to cover top attractions. Deep Turpan trip needs 5 to 7 days to discover downtown and suburb area of Turpan.

    • Is Turpan tour a safe trip ?
    • Yes, Turpan is a pleasant and hospitable city, and Turpan tour is safe city to be visited.
    • What kind of local food is available in Turpan trip ?
    • The local Turpan food include Roast mutton kebabs, hand pilaf, powder soup, stewed mutton, Xinjiang mixed noodles, roasted whole sheep and thin skinned buns.
      We will arrange meal in local restaurant. Travelers may ask tour guide to help in ordering local dishes.
    • Tour Length

      Most sightseeing travelers spend 4 days and 3 nights in Turpan. It is possible to complete the trip within 2 days and 1 night if the tour start from Urumchi by train.

      It is available to choose one day Turpan tour if you are on a business trip in Turpan.

      Best Travel Season

      The best season of Turpan tour is Summer July to September.
      It is a little hot during daytime, the evening time is cool than other cities.

      Turpan Hotel Accommodation

      The accommodation choice of Turpan is limited before 2010.
      Now, there are all kinds of accommodation place available, from hostel to 5 star hotel.

      Taste delicious Grape

      The grape of Turpan is famous because it is delicious. It is a kind of pleasant experience to taste grape in your Turpan trip.
      oh yes, don't forget Hami Melon, it is another kind of amazing fruit in Turpan.
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