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Luoyang Tour

discover Luoyang and the surrounding area

  • Luoyang tour presents the profound history and abundant Chinese culture of this ancient capital.


    Luoyang tour offers private vehicle, driver, tour guide, admission fee, meal and hotel accommodation to discover this ancient capital in Henan province of China.

    Longmen Grootoes ( 龙门石窟 ) is the number one attraction in Luoyang journey. Guilin Temple ( 关林 ) and White Horse Temple are also included in the itinerary of foreign travelers.

    Travelers is luck to enjoy the famous peony if you travel Luoyang in April.

Photo of Luoyang Tour

  • Luoyang tour photo covers image of Luoyang popular attractions.


  • Luoyang tour refers to the natural scenery and culture discovering trip of Luoyang and the surrounding area. Being an ancient capital of China, Luoyang tour is mainly focused on Chinese traditional culture.

    Being called '洛阳旅游' in Chinese, and 'Visite de Luoyang' in French, Luoyang tour is favored by both local travelers and foreign customers.
    Luoyang is regarded as the cradle of Chinese civilization where many Chinese legends happened. Served as the capital for nine dynasties over a period of more than 1,500 years, Luoyang is a place to touch the ancient culture back to Tang Dynasty (around 1500 years ago) or even Zhou Dynasy (around 2900 years ago).

    All Luoyang trip is operated based on private vehicle, driver and private tour guide.

    Luoyang tour is very convenient to be combined with Shaolin Temple Tour, Zhengzhou tour and Kaifeng Tour.


  • Luoyang is the right place to discover Chinese ancient culture.
  • Longmen Grottoes is an amazing place to discover the wonders of Chinese stone craving.
  • Professional and experienced tour operating team.
  • Compared with big cities, Luoyang tour cost is not high.
  • Do not pay commission to other organization, which leads to a better price.
  • Convenient flights and trains in Luoyang.
  • Possibility and convenience to connect with other cities, such as Dengfeng, Zhengzhou and Kaifeng.

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    Luoyang Tour Tips

    • Luoyang is convenient to start a Kongfu tour to Shaolin Temple.
    • It is available to take a Chinese Taichi tour in suburb Luoyang, to learn Taichi or discover the local village.
    • Mt.Laojun is a place to enjoy natural scenery of Luoyang.
    • National Floer Garden (中国国花园) and Wangcheng Park (王城公园) are good place to enjoy peony in each April.
    • Top Attractions

      Mainly focused on ancient Chinese culture discovering, Luoyang top attractions covers Longmen Grottoes, Guanlin Temple, White Horse Temple and Tiazijialiu Museum.

      Shaolin Temple is located in Dengfeng City, which is also possible to be included in Luoyang tour.

      Classic Itinerary

      Luoyang classic package tour start from Luoyang Railway Station or Luoyang Airport.

      Luoyang Three Days Private Tour
      Day 1. Arrive in Luoyang, Museum of Luoyang Eastern Zhou Royal Horse and Chariot Pits.
      Day 2. White Horse Temple, Guanlin Temple.
      Day 3. Longmen Grottoes, Departure.

    • Tour Type

      Luoyang package tour, one day tour and half day tours are all available in Luoyang. Package tour is designed for sightseeing travelers, one day and half day Luoyang trip is mainly designed for business travelers.

      Most Luoyang tour is operated based on private vehicle, driver and private tour guide.

      Except Luoyang popular tour, it is possible to take a theme tour, such as Luoyang industrial tour, Luoyang Kongfu tour, Luoyang business tour, Luoyang peony tour, Luoyang Buddhist tour, etc.

      Start and end

      Most Luoyang package tours start from Luoyang Airport or Luoyang Railway Station. Designed for business travelers, most Luoyang one day or half day tour start from hotel in downtown Luoyang.

      Luoyang is located not far from Dengfeng, Zhengzhou and Kaifeng, so it is available to take a Luoyang tour from these three cities.

      Same with above starting places, it is possible to end Luoyang journey at Luoyang, Dengfeng, Zhengzhou or Kaifeng.

    Luoyang Tour Note

    • The tour cost will rise during peony period.
    • Luoyang tour needs to be reserved as early as possible, because the guide number in Luoyang is limited.
    • Longmen Grottoes should never be missed from your Luoyang itinerary.
    • Pets are not permitted to enter most attractions in Luoyang.

    Luoyang Tour FAQ

    • How to arrange itinerary for our first Luoyang trip ? We prefer to end the tour in Zhengzhou.
    • A three days two nights Luoyang tour is suggested.
      Day 1. Reach Luoyang.
      Day 2. Longmen Grottoes, Guanlin Temple.
      Day 3. White Horse Temple, afternoon tour to visit Shaolin Temple. Drive to Zhengzhou. Service ends.

    • Where can you pick up travelers to start a Luoyang tour ?
    • Beijingservice guide and vehicle can meet travelers from Luoyang airport, Luoyang train station, and hotel in Luoyang.

      It is also possible to pick you up from Dengfeng, Zhengzhou and Kaifeng to visit Luoyang.
    • What kind of vehicle is available in Luoyang ?
    • 5 seats car to 55 seats tour coach are all available in Luoyang. Kept in good condition, the vehicle is equipped with air-conditioning.
    • Tour Length

      Foreign travelers often stay 3 days
      It needs 6 to 8 days

      Best Travel Season

      The best travel season of Luoyang tour is April. Except the comfortable climate, it is available to enjoy peony in each April.
      The good season is March, May, September, October and early November, which is also suitable to take a Luoyang tour.

      Summer and Winter is not very good for sightseeing in Luoyang. Summer ( June, July and August ) is hot; Winter ( The end of November, December, January and February ) is cold.

      Time to Avoid

      Same with other tourism city, the first week of May and October should be avoided. Because this the travel season of local travelers.
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