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Tianjin Tour

discover Tianjin start from downtown or Xingang Port

  • Tianjin tour lead you to travel downtown Tianjin and suburb area via private vehicle, driver and private local tour guide.


    Tianjin tour is the solution to visit top attractions in Tianjin or even in Beijing. Tianjin trip is available to be started from hotel in downtown or Xingang Port, which is around 100 kilometer east of Tianjin city.

    Wudadao Avenue, Ancient Culture Street, Haihe River and the Mansion of Family Shi should not be missed from your Tianjin trip.

Photo of Tianjin Tour

  • Tianjin tour photo covers image of popular attractions


  • Tianjin tour refers to the cultural or sightseeing trip to Tianjin downtown as well as the suburb of Tianjin area, start from downtown or Xingang Pier(天津新港). Being called '天津旅游' in Chinese, Tianjin trip is operated base on privatevehicle, driver and private tour guide.

    Tianjin journey mainly covers four geography places, downtown(such as Wudadao Street, 五大道), west suburb (Mansion of Family Shi, 石家大院), east(such as Dagu Fort) as well as the attractions in mountain area of north Tianjin, such as Huangyaguan Great Wall(黄崖关长城) and Dule Temple(独乐寺).

    Located not far from Beijing, Tianjin Trip is very easy to be combined with Beijing attractions. It is possible to visit Tianjin Attractions from Beijing; and it is available to visit Beijing attractions from Tianjin.


  • Experienced Tianjin local tour operator.
  • Convenient transfer between Tianjin and Beijing.
  • Abundant Chinese traditional culture and customs.
  • Most popular attractions are located within downtown.

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    Tianjin Tour Tips

    • Folk Art Museum and Zhang‘s Clay Art Museum in Ancient Culture Street are interesting.
    • The speed train between Tianjin and Beijing are convenient.
    • Binjiangdao Walking street is a good place to take a leisure walking.
    • Top Attractions

      The top attractions of Tianjin covers : Wudadao Avenue, Ancient Culture Street, Financial street, Haihe River, Italian Style Area, Tianjin Museum, Jing Garden, Binjiangdao Walking street, Taiandao area, Courtyard of Family Shi, Yangliuqing new year's pictures gallery, Huangyaguan Great Wall and Dule Temple.

      Classic Itinerary

      Tianjin classic package tour covers transfers and two full days sightseeing.

      Day 1. Be met from airport or Xingang Port.
      Day 2. Wudadao Avenue, Ancient Culture Street.
      Day 3. Italian Style Area, Jing Garden, Taiandao area, Financial street, Haihe River sightseeing.
      Day 4. Be met from hotel and transfer to airport for departure.

    • Start

      It is available to start Tianjin journey from one of the following places:
      - Downtown Tianjin, such as Tianjin Station, hotel or apartment in downtown.
      - Tianjin Binhai International Airport - located around 19 km east of Tianjin. Most travelers reach Tianjin via this airport.
      - Xingang Port - located around 55 km east of downtown Tianjin. Travelers with International Cruises use this port to start Tianjin journey.
      - Beijing - around 120 km northwest of Tianjin. Some travelers prefer to visit Tianjin from Beijing.

      Tour Length

      Most travelers take sightsee trip in Tianjin from 2 to 4 days. The classic Tianjin tour itinerary covers popular attractions of this city.

      6-12 days can be arranged if you prefer to take a deep discover in Tianjin.

      Best Travel Season

      The best season of Tianjin sightseeing trip is April, May, June, September and October.
      July and August is not included because of the high temperature, and these two month is local holiday period.

    Tianjin Tour Note

    • Do not take taxi near railway station.
    • Porcelain House (China House) is not good for travelers of Trypophobia.
    • Nanshi Food Street is not good as before.

    Tianjin Tour FAQ

    • Is it possible to visit Tianjin within one day ?
    • Yes, it is possible. But you can only visit the attractions within downtown, such as Five Avenue, Haihe River, Ancient Culture Street. Another two days is needed if you prefer to include Huangyaguan Great Wall and Mansion of Family Shi.

    • Can we complete the Tianjin Journey in Capital Airport of Beijing ?
    • Yes, we can transfer you to Beijing Capital Airport after Tianjin trip. You can take fast train to Beijing and then meet our Beijing driver if you do not have too much luggage. For sure, if you have many cases, we will arrange a private vehicle to Beijing Capital Airport directly.

    • Can you arrange industrial tour in Tianjin ?
    • We often arrange factory visit tour near Tianjin. Please let us know your visiting time and quantity of travelers. Most factories request visiting group larger than 10 or even 50 people.
    • Tianjin Deep Tour

      Except classic or popular tours, Tianjin deep tour may covers the following tour lines :
      downtown :
      1 : Italian Style Area, Century Clock, Jing Garden, Binjiangdao Walking street;
      2 : Old City Museum, Outside view of Tianjin Eye, Tianjin Museum, Haihe River sightseeing;
      3 : Memorial Hall of ZhouEnLai and Dengyingchao, Tianjin Water Park, Former Residence of ZhangXueLiang, Dabei Temple;
      4 : Taiandao Area, China House, Financial street, Jingwan Square.

      Binhai New Area 1 :
      1 : Foreign Goods Market, Dagu Fort, Haihe Bund Park, Chaoyin Temple.
      2 : Kiev Aircraft Carrier and Park, Tanggu Forest Park, Hai Chang Polar Ocean World,
      3 : Memorial Hall of Huoyuanjia, Station Training Camp, HaiOu Watch Museum, Donglihu Scenic Area.

      Yangliuqing area :Mansion of Family Shi, Yangliuqing New-Year-Pictures Gallary, Beining Park.

      Tianjin North
      1 : Huangyaguan Great Wall one day tour, Dule Temple.
      2 : East Qing Tombs, Jiulongshan National Forest Park
      3 : Mt.Panshan

      * The price and itinerary of Tianjin deep tours needs to be reconfirm before final confirmation.
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