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discover Chinese Garden and Water Town of Suzhou

  • Suzhou tour offers you a pleasant journey to enjoy the beautiful garden scenery and charming south China water town.


    Taking a Suzhou tour is the best solution to discover the Chinese Garden and south China Water Town. Most travelers travel Suzhou from Shanghai within 1 day, or 2 days 1 night in Suzhou.

    Humble Administrator's Garden and Zhouzhuang Watertown are often included in the itinerary of foreign travelers. You are suggested to travel Suzhou in April, May, September or October.

Photo of Suzhou Tour

  • Suzhou tour photo covers image of Suzhou Garden and Water town.


  • Suzhou tour refers to the 'sightseeing of beautiful Chinese Garden' and 'local culture or buildings discovering' within 1 to 5 days.

    Being called '苏州旅游' in Chinese or 'Voyage à Suzhou' in French, Suzhou tour arranged by local operate offers vehicle, driver, guide, admission fee, meal and accommodation service.
    Humble Administrator's Garden, Net Master's Garden, Grand Canal are suggested to be included in your Suzhou journey.

    Located not far from Shanghai, Hangzhou and Wuxi, Suzhou is convenient to be combined with these cities to offer a multi-days tour to discover the Yangtze River delta including scenery, culture, traditional element and modern aspect of China.
    Being regarded as one of the most beautiful cities, Suzhou sightseeing should never be missed from your China journey.


  • Visit Chinese Garden and Souch China Water Town within one city.
  • Discovering scenery in Chinese garden art and customs in water towns.
  • Easy to start a Suzhou trip from Shanghai or Hangzhou.
  • Convenient trains between Suzhou and Shanghai.
  • Professional and experienced Suzhou local tour operator.

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    Suzhou Tour Tips

    • There is no airport in Suzhou, please fly to Shanghai or Wuxi and then connect train or private car to Suzhou.
    • Suzhou train station includes: Suzhou Station(苏州站), Suzhou North Station(苏州北站) and Suzhou Huayuan Station(苏州花园火车站).
    • Zhouzhuang Water Town is around one hours' driving from downtown Suzhou.
    • Suzhou Museum is not available on each Monday, and the tickets needs to be reserved in advance.
    • It is available to take a boat cruise along the ancient wall and moat.
    • Man-powered boat along the small alleys help you to to understand Suzhou traditional life and culture better.
    • Top Attractions

      Suzhou top attractions covers Nets Masters Garden, Humble Administrator's Garden, Grand Canal, Tiger Hill, Lingering Garden, Suzhou Garden Museum, Pingjiang Road Historic District, etc.

      Located not far from Suzhou, the following Water Town is possible to be included in Suzhou journey: Dangkou Ancient Town, Shaxi Ancient Town, Luzhi Ancient Town, Zhouzhuang Water Town, Tongli Water town, Zhenze water town, etc.

      Classic Itinerary

      Two days Suzhou tour may covers top attractions in downtown Suzhou.
      Day 1. Lingering Garden, Grand Canal, Pingjiang Histroical Street.
      Day 2. Humble Administrator's Garden, Suzhou Museum, Departure.

      It needs another full day tour to visit a popular Water town near Suzhou, such as Zhouzhuang or Tongli Water town.

      Garden Discovering

      Travelers often asked which garden can be included in their Suzhou trip. Please read the following garden list before planning your Suzhou journey.
      Popular Garden : Humble Administrator's Garden, Lingering Garden, Nets Masters Garden,
      Other Garden : Dongyuan Garden, Changyuan Garden, Yanshan Garden, Tinglin Garden, Jingsi Garden, Qiyuan Garden,OuYuan Garden, Yiyuan Garden, Quyuan Garden, Yipu Garden, Yanyuan Garden, Nanyuan Garden, etc.

      Suzhou Museum and Suzhou Garden Museum are very helpful to discover the garden in Suzhou, to make you understand Chinese garden art better.
      Please contact us to tailor a unique garden tour to show you the profound Chinese Garden designing art and culture.
    • Tour Type

      Most Suzhou tour is operated based on private vehicle, driver and private tour guide.
      The join in group Suzhou tour is available to be started from Shanghai. The availability needs to be reconfirmed.

      Suzhou package tour, one day tour, half day tour and Suzhou transfer service are all available.

      Suzhou theme tour is available to be designed based on the subject of Water Town, Chinese Garden, Wet Land discovering, China Embroidery Art, mountain hiking, ancient village discovering, shopping, amusement and Agriculture.

      Start and End

      Different with main tourism cities, most travelers travel Suzhou start from Shanghai. Usually, the tour start from and ends in Shanghai, which make it very convenient for business travelers in Shanghai. Even many sightseeing travelers travel Suzhou within one day and return back to stay overnight in Shanghai.

      If your time arrangement is not tight, we suggest you to stay 1 or 2 nights in Suzhou, to take a leisure walk at Pingjiang Historical Street, which is quite different with Shanghai.

      Some travelers start the Suzhou trip from and ends at hotel in downtown Suzhou, which leaves more time for Suzhou attractions sightseeing.

    Suzhou Tour Note

    • The traffic between Suzhou and Shanghai is heavy during peak season. You are not suggested to put too many places in one day Shanghai Suzhou tour.
    • Boat cruising in water town is available, but most Suzhou tours do not cover it.
    • Please try to avoid Suzhou Garden tour during public holiday or weekend.
    • It is not a good idea to have your lunch near attractions, please ask suggestions from your tour guide.
    • Dingyuan Garden is not a good place to be visited.

    Suzhou Tour FAQ

    • Is it ok to visit Suzhou in June ?
    • Yes, June is also a nice month to travel Suzhou. Flower and fruit makes your trip more pleasant, although it is a little hot at the end of June.

    • Is it possible to start our Suzhou trip from Shanghai airport and then end the trip in our hotel of downtown Shanghai ?
    • Yes, it is possible if you reach Shanghai with early flight. If it is possible to choose airport, please use Shanghai at Hongqiao Airport, which needs less transferring time to Suzhou.

    • Can we hire a local tour guide at the entrance of attractions in Suzhou ?
    • It is not a good idea to use a tour guide at your hotel or near attractions. Please contact travel agent to arrange a guide.
    • Where can we touch Suzhou traditional daily life ?
    • We suggest you to visit Suzhou Flower and Bird Market. Located in traditional area of Suzhou, this is a nice place to know the daily leisure life of local Suzhou people, especially old Suzhou people.
    • Tour Length

      Most travelers visit Suzhou within 1 to 2 days, mainly discover the famous Chinese Garden and Grand Canal. This is the best choice for your first trip to Suzhou.

      If you prefer to take a deep Suzhou tour, 3 to 6 days itinerary can be tailored. For example, you can add the following attractions to discover a different Suzhou.
      Xiangshan Scenic Area, Huaxi Village, Changyinsha Ecological Agricultural Tourism Zone, Dangkou Ancient Town, Lianghong National Wetland Park, Shajiabang Scenic Area, Lotus Island of Yangcheng Lake, Mingyuewan Ancient Village, China Embroidery Art Museum, etc.

      Best Travel Season

      The best season of Suzhou journey is Spring and Autumn.
      February is a the time to enjoy Plum blossom in Suzhou.
      It is available to taste fresh peach, red bayberry, loquat or hairy crab when you visit Suzhou from June to October.

      Time to Avoid

      The first week of May, the first week of October and the Spring Festival holiday should be avoided because this is the traveling season of local travelers. There are many travelers in popular attractions during these periods.


      Suzhou is a nice place to discover south China Water Towns or Ancient Towns. Most towns combines water with ancient. It is available to travel the following towns start from Suzhou.

      Dangkou Ancient Town, Shaxi Ancient Town, Liuhe Ancient Town, Qiandeng Ancient Town, Luzhi Ancient Town, Jinxi Ancient Town, Zhouzhuang Water Town, Lili Ancient Town, Tongli Ancient Town, Zhenze Ancient Town and Mudu Ancient Town.

      Please contact our Suzhou tour advisor to tailor your water town trip.
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