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discover Shenzhen and the surrounding area

  • Shenzhen tour lead you to discover popular attractions of Shenzhen, such as Splendid China, Window of the World, Shenzhen Museum, Mangrove Nature Reserve, Nan Ao Fish Village , etc.


    Shenzhen tour offers multi-days or one day trip to discover this modern city in south China.
    Old traditional towns, new attractions, bathing beach, fisher town, bird-view from skyscraper, expo garden, living district, mountain climbing, painter's art village, museum, geopark, art gallery, botanical garden, zoo and shopping in local market are all available in Shenzhen trip.

    Closely connected with HongKong, it is convenient to travel Shenzhen from Hong Kong via LuoHu Port (罗湖口岸).
    Splendid China Folk Culture Village, Window of The World and Nan Ao Fish Village should not be missed from Shenzhen journey.

Photo of Shenzhen Tour

  • Shenzhen tour photo covers image of Shenzhen attractions.


  • Shenzhen tour includes the sightseeing of new attractions as well as discovering of ancient towns in Shenzhen.
    Being called '深圳旅游' in Chinese, Shenzhen tour is called 'Tour di Shenzhen' in Italy. It is available to travel Shenzhen within half day, one day to multi-days.

    Most travelers visit Shenzhen after their trip of Guangzhou, Zhuhai or Hong Kong.
    The visiting of nearby towns or cities staring from Shenzhen is also regarded as part of Shenzhen tour products.

    Shenzhen tour is not very popular in foreign sightseeing travelers, but this city is abundant with tourism resources, especially the new, modern, bathing-beach, science, amusement, shopping and art related attractions. This makes Shenzhen good at accommodating family and kids travelers.
    Being a famous business city in south China, Shenzhen is never short of business tour. One day, half day, company visiting, factory visiting tours are all available in this city.


  • Professional Shenzhen local operating team.
  • Discovering both modern and old traditional Shenzhen in the journey.
  • Availability of including tax-free shop in Shenzhen trip.
  • Beautiful bathing beach is available in Shenzhen.
  • Convenient traffic between Shenzhen and Hong Kong.
  • Shenzhen is suitable to be traveled in each season, even in Winter.

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    Shenzhen Tour Tips

    • You are suggested to taste a kind local drink 'cool tea (凉茶)' in Shenzhen summer trip.
    • Yangmeikeng (杨梅坑) is a nice place for leisure holiday on bathing beach.
    • Zhongying Street(中英街) connects Hong Kong and Shenzhen.
    • Dapeng Town(大鹏所城) and Phoenix Town are the right place to discover ancient town in Shenzhen trip.
    • You are suggested to exchange Hong Kong Dollar in a city before Shenzhen and Hong Kong.
    • Top Attractions

      The following attractions are often used in Shenzhen tour itineraries designed for foreign travelers.

      Splendid China & Folk Culture Villages, Window of the World, Nan Ao Fish Village, Lotus Hill Park, Shenzhen Museum, Mangrove Nature Reserve, OCT EAST-Tea Stream Valley, etc.

      Classic Itinerary

      Shenzhen package tours are designed for sightseeing or holiday travelers to Shenzhen.
      Day 1. Reach Shenzhen. Be met and transferred to hotel. Day 2. Splendid China & Folk Culture Villages, Nan Ao Fish Village.
      Day 3. Lotus Hill Park, Shenzhen Museum, Mangrove Nature Reserve.
      Day 4. Be met and transferred to airport for departure.

      Shenzhen one day tour is designed mainly for business travelers:
      - Shenzhen 1 day tour of Mangrove Nature Reserve, Shenzhen Museum, Window of the World
      - Shenzhen 1 day tour of Nan Ao Fish Village and OCT EAST-Tea Stream Valley

    • Tour Type

      Shenzhen tours are operated based on private tour guide, driver and private vehicle.
      Private tour makes your Shenzhen trip flexible and comfortable.

      Tour Theme

      Shenzhen tour can be designed based on various kind of themes. The popular theme covers :
      Ancient town, theme park, bathing beach, local shopping, fisher town, expo garden, daily life, mountain hiking, painter's village, museum, geography park, wild animal, etc.

      Please contact our tour advisor if you need to tailor your own theme tour in Shenzhen.


      Most Shenzhen sightseeing start from Shenzhen BaoAn International Airport, Shenzhen Railway Station or hotel in downtown Shenzhen.
      Some travelers start the Shenzhen trip from Guangzhou or Hong Kong to include the transfer and Shenzhen sightseeing.


      Same with the start place, Shenzhen journey can be ended in Shenzhen airport, train station or hotel; and it is also possible to end in a place of Guangzhou, Zhuhai or Hong Kong.
      Please provide detailed address if you prefer to end the trip out of Shenzhen.

    Shenzhen Tour Note

    • Do not try strange food in your Shenzhen trip, unless you have a strong stomach.
    • Not all vehicle can be drove to Hong Kong from Shenzhen; it needs double plates.
    • It is not a good idea to stroll out of hotel in late evening in Shenzhen.
    • Take care of your mobile phone and wallet in crowded places of Shenzhen.
    • Pets are not permitted to enter attractions in Shenzhen.

    Shenzhen Tour FAQ

    • Is it possible to pick up us from Shenzhan BaoAn airport, take one day Shenzhen tour and then transfer us to Hong Kong ?
    • Yes, it is possible. It is necessary to inform your end place to tour advisor when make reservation. And please send us your flight information and detailed address in Hong Kong.

    • Which place is suggested for bathing beach holiday in Shenzhen ?
    • There are many bathing beaches in Shenzhen. The popular ones covers Dameisha Seaside Park (大梅沙海滨公园), Xiaomeisha Siaside Park(小梅沙海滨公园), Xichong(西冲), Judiaosha (桔钓沙), etc.

    • Is it possible to include shopping time in our Shenzhen Journey ?
    • Yes, it is possible to include local shopping in your Shenzhen tour itinerary. The popular shopping places covers East Gate Pedestrian(东门步行街), The mixc(万象城), CoastalCity(海岸城), CoCo Park(星河), etc.
    • We will travel with elders and kids, is your classic Shenzhen tour suitable for us ?
    • The attractions in classic Shenzhen tour are in easy level. They are very friendly for elders and children.
    • Tour Length

      Shenzhen tours are available from half day or 1 day short tour to 4 to 8 days multi-days package tour.

      Sightseeing travelers prefer to take package tour.
      Business travelers like the convenient half day or one day trip of Shenzhen.

      Best Travel Season

      Shenzhen is friendly for traveling in each season. But the best season is Winter and early Spring, such as December, January, February and March. You may enjoy a warm journey with clear sky, without too much rain.
      September and October is also a nice time for Shenzhen trip, although a little hot.

      Time to Avoid

      The thunder shower often bring you unpleasant amazing in April or May.
      It is very hot in June, July and August.
      The first week of May and October, Spring holiday (usually at the beginning of February) are also should be avoided.
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