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Shenyang Tour

discover the capital city of Liaoning Province

  • Shenyang tour lead you to discover this industrial and historical city via private vehicle, driver and private local guide.


    Shenyang tour leads you to travel the first Forbidden City of Qing Dynasty, find the previous imperial art crafts of Qing Emperors, reveal the facts of Japanese aggression, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Shenyang Expo.

    Shenyang BMW factory and Sannong Agricultural Expo Park offers a industry tour and agricultural trip.

    Shenyang is not a top tourism city, but the abundant tourism resources attracts local and foreign travelers to visit this industrial and historical city in NorthEast of China.

Photo of Shenyang Tour

  • Shenyang tour photo covers images of top attractions of this city.


  • Shenyang tour refers to discovering the capital city of Liaoning province for sightseeing or culture discovery.
    Being called '沈阳旅游' in Chinese and 'Visite de Shenyang' in French, Shenyang tour is operated based on private vehicle, driver and private tour guide.

    Are you interested in the history of Qing Dynasty ? Then you are visiting the right page. Shenyang tour show you the original capital of Qing Dynastey before their controlling the whole China and moving capital to Beijing.

    Being a industrial and historical city, Shenyang is visited by both business travelers as well as sightseeing customers.
    It only needs three hours from Beijing to Shenyang via Jingshen Speed train, which makes Beijing Shenyang journey very convenient.

    The Northeast Asia Skiing Resort make the Shenyang winter tour more interesting.


  • Abundant historical resource, such as Forbidden City, North Tomb, Liaoning Provincial Museum, etc.
  • Availability to support industrial tour: BMW Factory, China Industrial Museum.
  • Providing the historical facts and criminal evidence of the Japanese invasion of China.
  • Shenyang Expo Garden and Nanhu Park offers beautiful scenery in your Shenyang Journey.
  • Convenient flight and speed trains between Shenyang and other nearby cities, for example Beijing, Changchun and Harbin.
  • Professional Skiing hardware and service.

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    Shenyang Tour Tips

    • Liaoning Provincial Museum is suggested if you are interested in Chinese Painting and Calligraphy. Many of them were kept by Qing Emperors.
    • If time permit, it is a good idea to visit Liaoning Provincial Museum after you reach Shenyang by flight, because the museum is on the way to downtown.
    • Zhongjie Street is the first pedestrian street of China. This is a good place for dinning and shopping.
    • Hotel, guide and vehicle during August, September, October, December, January and February should be reserved as early as possible.
    • Mt.Qipan is a sightseeing place in Summer, and a skiing place in Winter.
    • The lowest temperature of Shenyang is around -30℃ in winter.
    • Shenyang is a good place for summer vacation, because of the lower temperature.
    • Top Attractions

      The popular attractions visited by most travelers covers : Shenyang Forbidden City, Liaoning Provincial Museum, Zhongshan Square, "September 18th" History Museum, China Industrial Museum, North Tomb (Beiling Park), Marshal Zhang's Mansion and Museum, Guandong Film and Television City, Grotesque slope, Weapon Museum of Shenyang University of Technology, etc.

      Classic Itinerary

      Classic itinerary of Shenyang covers package tour and one day tour.
      Shenyang Package Tour
      Day 1. Be met from Shenyang Taoxian Airport or Shenyang Train Station.
      Day 2. Shenyang Forbidden City, "September 18th" History Museum, North Tomb.
      Day 3. Shenyang Expo Garden, Liaoning Provincial Museum, Zhongshan Squrae or Zhongjie Street.
      Day 4. Be met from hotel and transfer to airport or train station for departure.

      Shenyang One Day Tour
      Shenyang Forbidden City, North Tomb and Zhongshan Square.
    • Tour Type

      Shenyang tour is operated based on private vehicle, driver and private tour guide.
      Package tour, one day tour, half day tour and transfer service are all available in Shenyang.

      Except Shenyang popular trip, it is available to arrange a Shenyang Industrial Tour, Shenyang Agricultural Tour, Shenyang Historical Tour, Shenyang Skiing tour, etc.


      Most Shenyang package tour start from Shanyang Taoxian Airport(沈阳桃仙国际机场) or Shenyang Railway Station.
      All one day or half day tours start from hotel or apartment in Shenyang.

      Based on the convenient flight and train, it is available to arrange a tour start from main tourism cities, such as Beijing and Dalian. This kind of tour covers flights or train, as well as Shenyang local sightseeing.

    Shenyang Tour Note

    • Forbidden City and the North Tomb should never be missed from your Shenyang Journey.
    • Shenyang Expo is not good for visiting in Winter.
    • Never forget to take enough cloth when you travel Shenyang in Winter.
    • May 1 to 7 and October 1 to 7 is not good time to visit Shenyang top attractions.
    • Do not use unlicensed taxi or guide in your Shenyang sightseeing.

    Shenyang Tour FAQ

    • How long time should we spend in the Shenyang Forbidden City ?
    • Most travelers spend 1 to 2 hours in the Shenyang Forbidden City.

    • We only have one day for sightseeing in Shenyang, which tour do you suggest ?
    • We suggest you to visit the classic one day Shenyang tour to visit Shenyang Forbidden City, North Tomb and Zhongshan Square.

    • We are reserving Beijing Shenyang tour on your website. Does the tour guide company us from Beijing to Shenyang ?
    • We do not arrange tour guide on train. Shenyang local tour guide will meet you outside the exit of Shanyang station and then start the Shenyang sightseeing.
    • Is it possible to pay cash to Shenyang tour guide ?
    • Yes, it is possible to pay balance to tour guide in cash after you make reservation and remit deposit.
    • Tour Length

      Most travelers take 4 days to 1 day Shenyang trip. 4 days Shenyang tour is suggested if this is your first sightseeing trip to this city. It covers double way transfer and two full days sightseeing.

      one day or half day tour is the best choice for business travelers.

      Best Travel Season

      April to October is the best season for Shenyang sightseeing trip.
      Compared with Spring(April-May) and Autumn (September-October), it is a little hot in Summer (June, July and August) of Shenyang; But the temperature is around 3 to 5 degree lower than south China cities.

      January and February is the best season if you prefer to take a skiing trip in Shenyang.

      Factory Tour

      Being an industrial city, Shenyang is a good place to take industrial tour (factory visiting tour). BMW Shenyang Factory in Tiexi District and China Industry Museum are suggested.
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