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Kashgar Tour

discover Kashgar and the suburb area nearby

  • Kashgar tour show you grand natural scenery and local Uyghur cultural of the amazing city at the west end of China.


    Kashgar tour products leads you to enjoy natural scenery of desert canyon and glacier, visit local buildings, touch Uighur people, discover ancient cities.

    There is direct flight from main cities to Kashgar, but most travelers prefer to visit Kashgar from Urumchi.
    Most travelers choose 4 days Kashgar trip.

Photo of Kashgar Tour

  • Kashgar tour photo covers image of both downtown Kashgar and suburb area.


  • Kashgar tour offers travel service to help travelers to discover downtown Kashgar as well as the surrounding area. Such as Tashkurgan County, Muztaga Glacier Park, etc.

    Private vehicle, driver, tour guide, meal, hotel, train, flight and admission are all possible to be included in Kashgar package tour.
    Kashgar tour is called '喀什旅游' in Chinese. It offer you the chance to discover the tourism city at the west end of China.

    Located around 1000 km west of Urumchi, Kashgar is often included in a trip after Urumchi. Multi-days package tour for sightseeing customers and one day tour for business travelers are both available.

    You can move on to travel another city of China or visit Pakistan from the HongqiLapu Port.


  • Experienced local Kashgar tour operator.
  • Discover local Uyghur culture, mysterious Religion as well as grand beauty.
  • Touch local people, includig local guide and local driver.
  • This is a safe trip.
  • Low cost guarantee, no commission to third party or organization.

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    Kashgar Tour Tips

    • Please follow the advice of local guide when you visit religious place in Kashgar.
    • Local food, snack and fruit is very delicious. You may ask tour guide to lead you there.
    • Kashgar is a dry city, please drink enough water.
    • You are suggested to try Uyghur hats and Uyghur costumes when available.
    • Top Attractions

      Top Attractions of Kashgar are available in both downtown and suburb area.

      downtown: Old town of Kashgar, Kashgar local Bazaar, Id Kah Mosque, Apak Hoja Tomb(Tomb of Xiangfei), Kashgar Museum, Renmin Park,
      Suburb : Honghaiwan Scenic Area Water Paradise, Yarkant River, Twelve Muqam Folk Culture Garden, Tashkurgan County(塔什库尔干), Muztaga Glacier Park(慕士塔格峰), etc.

      What to expect?

      Ancient building - which can be enjoyed in Kashgar Ancient City and Gaotai Living place.
      Religion building - The most famous place is the ID Kah Mosque.
      Grand Natural Beauty - This can be experienced on the way to Tashkurgan.
      Local Customs and Daily life - Local Bazaar and old town are suggested.
      New Kashgar - Renmin Square(人民广场), Kashgar Museum and Donghu Park(东湖公园) present you the new aspect of Kashgar.

    • Start

      Most travelers start Kashgar package trip from Kashgar International Airport or Kashgar Railway Station. Almost all travelers start their one day Kashgar tour from their hotel in downtown.

      It is possible to start the Kashgar trip from another city, because the flight between Kashgar and main tourism cities are very convenient. For example, many travelers choose to start the Kashgar journey from Urumchi when they prefer to include flights to Kashgar.


      Most travelers end their Kashgar sightseeing trip at Kashgar International Airport.
      If you are planning a popular Kashgar trip to include flight, you can fly to Urumchi, Beijing or Shanghai to end the trip.

      If your next destination is Pakistan, then we can finish the Kashgar tour at HongqiLapu Port (红旗拉普口岸), which is located in Tashkuergan.

    Kashgar Tour Note

    • July and August is the peak season of local family. Please try to avoid these two months if possible.
    • It is not a good idea to change your Kashgar tour itinerary after final confirmation, especially in peak season.
    • Travelers should respect Uyghur customs and taboos. Do not argue with local people.
    • It is cool or even cold in the evening of Kashgar. If you are planning to include evening activities, please don't forget to take a jacket with you although you travel Kashgar in Summer.
    • It is not a good idea to take last minute booking, because guide and driver are very busy in this period.

    Kashgar Tour FAQ

    • What language is available in Kashgar trip ?
    • Most of our guide speak English, Chinese mandarin and local Uyghur language. Please let us know as early as possible if you need other language speaking guide.

    • Is it safe to travel Kashgar ?
    • Yes, Kashgar is a very safe place to be traveled, even the suburb area, such as Kashkurgan or South Xinjiang area. Kashgar is also very safe in the evening, although as always we do not suggest travelers to stroll out in late evening.

    • Is it possible to tailor a Kashgar trip ?
    • Yes, it is possible. Please let us know your arrival date, tour length, your favored places, number of travelers, and your departure date, then we will tailor a Kashgar journey for you.

    • Best Travel Time

      June, July, August, September and October is the best traveling time to Kashgar, because the climate is mild and there are many kinds of fruits available.
      If you are foreigners planning to visit China, we suggest June, September and October, because July and August is the traveling time of local family.


      4 days is enough to take a classic Kashgar sightseeing trip. It covers two full days sightseeing as well as transfer time on 1st and 4th day.
      If you are planning a deep tour, then the Kashgar trip can be extended to 6 to 10 days. The first destination to be considered is Kashkurgan, because of its grand beauty. The Kashkurgan trip needs extra 2 to 3 days.

      Travel Destination

      Located at the west end of China, Kashgar area covers abundant tourism resources. Except the downtown area, the following destinations are popular places to be visited.
      Tashkurgan, Shache county, Yecheng, Atushi Grand Canyon, Tianmen Grand Canyon, Red Sea Scenic Area, Hanoi Ancient City, Dawakun Desert as well as the area near Kashmore Buddhist Pagoda.

      Classic Itinerary

      Most travelers choose the following package tour or day trip.
      Kashgar package tour
      Day 1. Arrive in Kashgar, be met and transferred to hotel.
      Day 2. Kashgar Old Town, Local Bazaar.
      Day 3. ID Kah Mosque, Apak Hoja Tomb(Xiangfei Tomb).
      Day 4. Departure.

      * Two days one night Tashkurgan trip should be added if prefer to enjoy the grand natural beauty in suburb of Kashgar.

      Kashgar one day tour
      Kashgar One Day Private Tour to visit ID Kah Mosque and Xiangfei Tomb(Apak Hoja Tomb Tomb)

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