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Hangzhou Tour

discover Hangzhou and the surrounding area

  • Hangzhou tour show you both natural scenery and cultural of Hangzhou, one of the most beautiful cities of China.


    Hangzhou tour show you the top attractios of this city, such as the beautiful West Lake, mysterious Lingyin Temple and the Grand Six Harmony Pagoda, etc.

Photo of Hangzhou Tour

  • Hangzhou tour photo covers image of both downtown Hangzhou and suburb attractions.


  • Leading you to visit one of the most beautiful cities of China, Hangzhou tour is called '杭州旅游' in Chinese.

    Located around 180 km southeast of Shanghai, Hangzhou is an important tourist city of China. Hangzhou trip is often choose by travelers when they plan a trip of south China. West Lake is the number one attraction during Hangzhou sightseeing. Lingyin Temple and Six Harmony Pagoda are also visited by most foreign travelers.

    Most Hangzhou tours are operated by private vehicle. Join in group tours are only available during peak season.

    Hangzhou trip is possible to cover attractions both in downtown as well as places in suburb. For example, Wuzhen Watertown is often visited by foreign travelers.
    It is also possible to take a journey from other cities, such as Hangzhou tour start from Suzhou, Shaoxing, Ningbo or Mt.Huangshan.


  • Professional Hangzhou local operating team with more than 20 years experience,
  • Hangzhou tour is available to be started from Hangzhou, Shanghai, Suzhou and other cities near Hangzhou.
  • The climate and temperature is helpful to offer you a pleasant trip in most time of a year.
  • Hangzhou tour may provides both sightseeing of natural scenery as well as discovering Chinese culture.
  • Many activities are available in Hangzhou trip, such as boating, hiking, tea tasting as well as evening performance.
  • Hangzhou is a developed tourism city in China, which offers complete and convenient tourism service.

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    Hangzhou Tour Tips

    • West Lake covers many sightseeing areas, cruising on the lake is suggested.
    • Lingyin Temple, Flying Peak, West Lake, Grand Canal and Six Harmony are suggested for foreigners in Hangzhou,
    • Traditional streets are good places to discover traditional aspect of Hangzhou, such as Hefang Street and Nansong Street,
    • Cruising on Grand is possible and suggested,
    • Several museums are interesting and abundant with Chinese culture, such as Tea Museum, Silk Museum, Fan Museum, etc.
    • Top Attractions

      The most popular attractions of Hangzhou covers West Lake, Huagang Port, Yuqian Temple, Lingyin Temple, Six Harmony Pagoda, Tiger Spring, Chinese Tea Museum, Grand Canal, Wuzhen Watertown, Xixi National Wetland, Qiandao Lake, Local historical street (Hefangjie street, Song Imperial Street) and Tangxi Ancient Town.

      Classic Itinerary

      Multi-days Hangzhou package tour, one day and half day tours are all available in discovering Hangzhou.

      Hangzhou Classic Package Tour
      Day 1. Reach Hangzhou. Be met and transferred to hotel.
      Day 2. Visit West Lake, Huagang Park, Six Harmonies Pagoda, Lingyin Temple
      Day 3. Be met from hotel and transfer to airport. Service end.

      Hangzhou One Day Tour
      Be met from hotel, visit West Lake, Lingyin Temple, Six Harmonies Pagoda, Tea Museum. Transfer back to hotel.

    • Start

      Most Hangzhou tour start from local hotel, Xiaoshan Airport or Hangzhou Railway Station.
      It is also possible to start the Hangzhou trip from another city near Hangzhou. For example, many travelers visit Hangzhou from Shanghai or Suzhou. Actually, it is also available to take a Hangzhou trip from other cities near Hangzhou, such as Ningbo, Shaoxing, Nanjing or Mt.Huangshan.


      Most Hangzhou journey ends at airport, train station or hotel in Hangzhou.
      It is possible to end the trip at the starting place if you start the Hangzhou tour from another city near Hangzhou.

      The Best Season

      Hangzhou is a city famous for beautiful natural scenery. Spring, Summer and Autumn is the best season to take Hangzhou trip. All attractions are available to be visited during these seasons.

      Don't be sad if you have to travel Hangzhou in winter. Hangzhou is also a city abundant with Chinese culture and customs. we suggest you to include Lingyin Temple, Six Harmony Pagoda, Song Street, Chinese medicine museum, tea museum and silk museum.
      It is an amazing and pleasant trip to visit West Lake during or after snow in winter.

    Hangzhou Tour Note

    • Try to avoid visiting Hangzhou during Chinese public holiday, because it will be crowded.
    • Visiting Hangzhou from Shanghai within one day is possible, but a little rushed,
    • Hangzhou is moist and sultry in summer, although it is one of the most beautiful seasons.
    • Watch the step if you prefer to step on the Six Harmony Pagoda,
    • Most Hangzhou tour needs deposit or prepayment before tour date.

    Hangzhou Tour FAQ

    • How to visit Hangzhou from Shanghai within one day ?
    • You will be met from Shanghai on the morning at around 08:00. Then drive to Hangzhou to visit West Lake, Lingyin Temple and Six Harmony Pagoda. You will be transferred back to Shanghai after the Hangzhou journey.

    • Is it possible to include a short cruising on West Lake ?
    • Yes, it is possible and suggested. There are several kinds of boat available on West Lake. Please communicate with your tour guide which kind of boat you prefers. We suggest the bigger one.

    • How many days should we plan for a classic Hangzhou trip ?
    • We suggest a 4 days tour for most foreign travelers. The following Hangzhou itinerary is suggested.
      Day 1. Be met and transferred to hotel.
      Day 2. One day private tour to visit Wuzhen Watertown.
      Day 3. Visit West Lake, Lingyin Temple, Six Harmony and Grand Canal.
      Day 5. Be met from hotel and transferred to airport for departure. Service end.

      Xixi National Wetland needs one extra day if you prefer to discover more scenic area near Hangzhou.

    • Tour Type

      Private tour and Join in Group tour are both available in Hangzhou. But the join in group tour is only available during peak season, and it needs reconfirm before reservation.

      Most Hangzhou tours are operated based on private vehicle and private guide. The price is higher than join in group tour, but private Hangzhou trip offers the best quality.


      Except popular tour and classic tour of Hangzhou, it is possible to take hiking tour, tea testing trip, ancient Chinese culture tour, cruising tour, wetland tour, biking tour, Garden tour, tidal bore watching journey, Buddhist tour, factory tour(industrial trip), Chinese herbal medicine trip, skiing tour, water-town journey and Hangzhou cuisine tour.

      Wuzhen Tour From Hangzhou

      Wuzhen is an important attraction of Hangzhou. This famous water-town is around 90km northeast of downtown Hangzhou. It needs 1 and half hour's driving if you start the Wuzhen tour from downtown Hangzhou.

      Many travelers visit Wuzhen start from a hotel in Shanghai, which needs around 2 hours to reach the water-town.

      Wuzhen attraction covers Dongzha(East Section, 东栅) and Xizha(West Section, 西栅). Dongzha is suggested if you prefer to spend one day in the watertown. Xizha is a good place if you prefer to stay a couple of days, because there are hotels and commerical area in Xizha.
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