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discover Guangzhou and the surrounding area

  • Guangzhou tour show you the cultural and scenic area of this important south China city.


    Guangzhou tour covers tours from half day, one day to multi-days package tour, visiting both downtown and suburb attractions.

Photo of Guangzhou Tour

  • Guangzhou tour photo covers image of top Guangzhou attractions.


  • Being the economic, cultural and tourism center of south China, Guanghzou is a must visit city when you plan a trip to China.
    Guangzhou tour, or Guanzhou trip is called '广州旅游' in Chinese, which covers both downtown journey as well as suburb sightseeing. Many attractions in suburb are also very interesting.

    Most Guangzhou tours are operated based on private vehicle and private tour guide. The join in group Guangzhou downtown trip is only available during peak season upon request.

    Guangzhou tour covers complete tourism resource, such as culture, history, building, scenery, entertainment, business, village, religious, sports, science, etc. It is available to contact us to tailor a Guangzhou theme tour.

    Guangzhou is often included in a China travel route. For example, Beijing Shanghai Guanghzou tour, Beijing Xian Guilin Shanghai Guangzhou tour, etc. It is convenient to reach Guangzhou from main cities of China.


  • The travel service of Guangzhou is developed very well, which is convenient for travelers to this city,
  • Guangzhou tour sightseeing may covers both Guangzhou and the surrounding area and cities nearby, such as Panyu and Foshan.
  • Guangzhou is abundant with tourism resources, which makes all kinds of theme tours available,
  • Being one of the important traffic hub, it is convenient to reach Guangzhou from other cities,
  • Being a city in south China, Guangzhou tour is comfortable to be taken in any season, even in winter,

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    Guangzhou Tour Tips

    • You can visit Guangzhou in any season because the temperature of Winter is not very low, but the best travel season is October to December,
    • It is a necessary to book vehicle, driver, guide and hotel at least one month in advance if you have to travel Guanghzou during Canton Fair,
    • Chen Clan and Xiguan House should not be missed from your Guangzhou journey,
    • Panyu is not far from downtown Guangzhou and there are many interesting attractions. It is a good idea to include Panyu in your Guangzhou trip,
    • Yuexiu and Liwan district are suggested if you are planning to visit old city area of Guanghzou,
    • Tianhe district of Guangzhou is suggested if you are visiting new area of this city,
    • Tickets of some attractions needs to be reserved in advance, please provide scanned copy of your passport,
    • Top Attractions

      The downtown attractions of Guangzhou covers Dr. Sun Yat-Sen's Memorial Hall, Temple of Six Banyan Trees, Chen Clan, Xiguan House, Tomb of Nanyue King, Yuexiu Park, Shangxiajiu Street, Hualin Temple, Shamian Island, Qingming Market, Guangdong Provencial Museum, Huacheng Square, Changlong Circus, etc.

      The suburb attractions of Guangzhou covers: Yin Yu Garden, Shawan Ancient Town, Baomo Garden, Shimen National Forest Park, Huanan Botanical Garden, etc.

      Classic Itinerary

      Most travelers use the following classic itinerary when visit Guangzhou.
      Day 1. Reach Guangzhou by flight or train.
      Day 2. Visit Dr. Sun Yat-Sen's Memorial Hall and Chen clan, Guangdong Provencial Museum, Huacheng Square.
      Day 3. Yuexiu Park, Five-Ram Stone Statue, Xiguan House, Tianhe New District, Shangxiajiu Street.
      Day 4. Departure.

      Nearby Cities

      Being the most important city in south China, Guanzhou is surrounded by many small cities and suburb area near by. It is possible to include these place in a Guangzhou trip. The popular place covers:

      Panyu, Conghua, Zengcheng, Nanshan, Jiangmen, Zhongshan, Dongguan, Jiangmen, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, etc.

    • Start Place

      Most Guangzhou journey start from Guangzhou hotel, Baiyun International Airport or train station.
      There are 4 train stations for travelers, including Guangzhou Station, Guangzhou East Station, Guangzhou South Station and Guangzhou North Station. It is necessary to make clear which station will be used as start place.

      Some travelers start Guangzhou trip from a city or town near Guangzhou, such as Foshan, Panyu, ect. We can send private vehicle and guide to pick up travelers and then drive to Guangzhou to start the sightseeing.


      2 to 4 days is enough if travelers only visit popular attractions in downtown Guangzhou.
      The suburb of Guangzhou is also interesting. Each district needs one extra day to take sightseeing.
      You are suggested to spend 3 to 5 days in Guangzhou area to cover downtown.

      Canton Fair and Guangzhou Tour

      The Canton Fair is available in Guangzhou twice within one year. This is the carnival of traders all over the world. Numerous of foreign traders come to Guangzhou in each Spring and Autumn. Most of them prefer to travel Guanzhou during this period.

      All vehicles, hotel and guide are very busy during this period. It is necessary to make reservation and prepayment in advance.

    Guangzhou Tour Note

    • Being one of the most popular tourism destinations, please avoid visiting Guangzhou during Chinese public holiday,
    • Please follow advice of tour guide to avoid strange food when you order dishes in restaurant,
    • It is not a good idea to visit Guangzhou during Canton Fair if you are visiting Guangzhou only for holiday or sightseeing,
    • Please read the weather forecast about typhoon if you are visiting Guangzhou in August or September,

    Guangzhou Tour FAQ

    • It was said that there are various kinds of food in Guangzhou, can we taste them our Guangzhou trip ?
    • Yes, it Guanzhou is known for diverse kinds of food. Please inform tour advisor if you prefer to taste them. Our tour guide will give you suggestions before ordering dishes.

    • Do you have suggestion to spend evening time ?
    • Chimlong Circus and Zhujiang (Pearl River) evening cruise are good choice for your Guangzhou evening trip.

    • What kind of language does the local guide speak ?
    • Most local guides speak English, Cantonese and Chinese. Please contact us as early as possible if you prefer to have other language speaking guide.

    • End Place

      Most travelers end their Guangzhou trip at hotel, airport or train station of Guangzhou. It is also possible to end your Guangzhou journey in a district or city nearby, for example, Panyu, Conghua, Foshan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, ect.
      Please submit your preferred end places when you book the tour.

      South China Garden

      It is possible to include Garden art in your Guangzhou journey. Different with Suzhou Garden(苏州园林), the Garden in or near Guangzhou is known as LingNan Garden (South China Garden, 岭南园林). The feature of Lingnan Garden covers light, transparent, open, compatible and pragmatic.

      The famous garden of Guangzhou covers Qinghui Garden, Yuyin Garden, Keyuan Garden, Baomo Garden, etc.

      Theme Tour

      Guangzhou is a city abundant with travel resources, which can support many kinds of theme tours. The popular them tour covers:
      - Business tour : Based on Canton Fair and modern industrial park or factory, business trip of Guangzhou is popular in each Spring and Autumn.
      - Hot-spring tour : This trip is operated based on hot-spring resort near Guangzhou, private vehicle and private guide.
      - Shopping tour : Guangzhou Shopping tour is possible to covers Qingping Market, Shangxiajiu Street, Tianhe City, Liwan Plaza, etc.
      - National Forest Park trip : Shimen National Forest Park, Liuxihe National Forst Park and Guifeng Mountain National Forest Park are all available in Guanghzou,
      - Buddhist Tour : This theme tour of Guangzhou can be arranged to include Temple of Six Banyan Trees, Hualin Temple, Guangxiao Temple, etc.
      - Garden tour : The garden trip may covers several south China Garden, such as Yuyin Garden, Baomo Garden, Qinghui Garden, etc.

      Many other theme tours are available in Guangzhou. It is available to tailor your own theme tours of Guangzhou.
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