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Dunhuang Tour

discover Dunhuang and the surrounding area

  • Dunhuang tour lead you to discover grand desert and local cultural of the important city along Silk Road including Mogao Grottoes.


    Dunhuang tour show you the mysterious Mogao Grottoes, Echoing Sand Dune & Crescent Moon, grand desert as well as the Han Dynasty Great Wall of 2200 years ago.

Photo of Dunhuang Tour

  • Dunhuang tour photo covers image of both downtown Dunhuang and suburb area.


  • Dunhuang tour is the best way of discovering the mysterious city at the middle of the grand Silk Road.
    Being a city at the west end of Gansu Province, Dunhuang is a famous tourism city, well known by local Chinese and global travelers because of the Mogao Grottoes as well as the grand desert nearby.

    Being called '敦煌旅游', Dunhuang tour offers both package tour as well as single travel service, such as one day tour, half day tour as well Dunhuang transfer service.

    Except the attractions near downtown, there are great things to be discovered in suburb. For example the Yardan landform, which is available around 170 km northwest of downtown Dunhuang.

    You can't believe it, it is possible to discover Great Wall in Dunhuang trip. It is a section of Han Dynasty Great Wall around 100 km northwest of Dunhuang city.
    Some travelers ask us, is there any evening activity available in the Dunhuang Journey? Yes, Guazhou night market offers you a chance to taste local snack and touch the daily leisure life of local people. And there is evening performance in the local theater.
    Jiayuguan is not far from Dunhunag. It is a good idea to include Jiayuguan Great Wall in your Dunhuang trip.


  • Professional and experienced Dunhuang local tour operator.
  • Possibility of hiking in real desert as well as camel riding.
  • Inclusion of world-level cultural attraction : Mogao Grottoes.
  • Experience the culture of Silk Road.
  • Convenient flights and trains in Dunhuang.

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    Dunhuang Tour Tips

    • Mogao Grottoes, Echoing Sand Dune & Crescent Moon are must visit places when you plan a Dunhuang trip.
    • Please follow the advice of local guide when you visit Mogao Grottoes.
    • The tickets of Mogao Grottoes needs to be reserved in advance based on your passport information.
    • Sunglasses are helpful when you take Dunhuang journey, especially in Summer.
    • Sand proof cover is necessary if you prefer to take your SLR camera to Echoing Sand Hill.
    • Located not far from desert, Dunhuang is dry, please take bottle water with you in Dunhuang sightseeing.
    • Top Attractions

      There are many famous attractions in this small city. The top attractions covers:

      Downtown : Mogao Grottoes, Dunhuang Museum, Echoing Sand Dune & Crescent Moon, Mural of Xijin Tomb
      Suburb : Yumenguan Great Wall Pass, Great Wall of Han Dynasty, Yangguan Great Wall Pass, Yadan National Geologic Park(Devil Town, 魔鬼城), Western Thansands Buddha Caves, etc.

      Unique Attractions

      If you had visited Dunhuang in the past, or you are planning a deep tour, we suggest the following unique attractions:
      Yulin Grottoes, Suoyang City Ruins, Dunde Glacier, Kazak Ethnic Culture Park, Wugemiao Grottoes, Qiaowan City, Hecang City.
      The deep tour of Dunhuang is not available unless you contact our tour advisor.

      Tour Type

      Package Dunhuang trip, one day tour, half day tour and Dunhuang transfer are all available in Dunhuang. Dunhuang accommodation is possible to be included.
      Most Dunhuang tours are operated base on private vehicle and private guide.
    • Classic Itinerary

      Most travelers use the following package tour or day trip.
      Dunhuang package tour
      Day 1. Arrive in Dunhunag by flight or train, be met and transferred to hotel in downtown.
      Day 2. Mogao Grottoes, Dunhuang Museum, Echoing Sand Dune & Crescent Moon.
      Day 3. Yumenguan Pass, Great Wall of Han Dynasty, Yadan National Geologic Park ( Devil Town ) .
      Day 4. Be met and transferred to Dunhuang Airport or railway station for departure.

      Dunhuang one day classic tour
      Mogao Grottoes, Dunhuang Museum, Echoing Sand Dune & Crescent Moon Lake one day tour.


      Most foreigners start Dunhuang tour from Dunhuang Airport or train station. Local guide and driver pick you up and start the pleasant Dunhuang Journey at appointed time.

      There is a train station named Liuyuan Station(柳园火车站), which is around 130 km north of Dunhuang city. Many Trains along Silk Road stop at Liuyuan Station. It is possible to start a Dunhuang sightseeing trip from this station, although it leads to extra cost because of long distance transfer.
      Dunhuang is not far from Jiuquan, JiayuGuan and Hami. It is also possible to start a Dunhuang tour from these cities.
      The flight is convenient from main cities of China, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. It is possible to take a Duhuang trip include double way flights.


      It is possible to end your Dunhuang tour at Dunhuang Airport, Dunhuang Railway Station, Liuyuan Train Station, Jiayuguan, Jiuquan or a hotel in downtown Dunhuang.

    Dunhuang Tour Note

    • July and August is the local travelers' peak season. It is not a good idea to visit Dunhuang in this period if you have other time option.
    • Please do not go to Dunhuang before you got final confirmation from travel agent, because the tickets of Mogao Grottoes is not easy to be booked, especially in peak traveling season.
    • Camera is not permitted to be taken into Mogao Grottoes.
    • It is forbidden to take photo in Mogao Grotoes.
    • Pets are not permitted to enter attractions in Dunhuang.

    Dunhuang Tour FAQ

    • Does Dunhuang trip include decent accommodation ?
    • Dunhuang is a developed tourism city of Silk Road. 5 star deluxe hotel to 3 star economic hotel are all available.

    • Is it possible to have an camping experience in desert in our Dunhuang tour ?
    • Yes, it is possible in peak season. Please contact our tour advisor for quotation and further details when you need this service.

    • Can we include the evening market experience in our Dunhuang trip ?
    • It is possible to include the evening market in Dunhuang. Please send your request to tour advisor when make reservation. The night market is located in downtown, which make including the market convenient. You can spend you evening time in the market to find local food and touch local people.

    • We reach Liuyuan Railway Station, can we start a Dunhuang trip there ?
    • We often pick up travelers to start Dunhuang trip. This station is more than 100 km north of Dunhuang, which needs extra cost and transferring time.
    • Best Travel Season

      Dunhuang tour is not affected so much by season. April to October is the best season of Dunhuang tour, because it is not cold.
      If you can choose traveling time, we suggest you to visit Dunhuang at April, May, June, Septermber or October.

      Time to Avoid

      Please avoid the first week of May, the first week of October, July as well as August. This is the holiday season of local Chinese travelers.
      It is cold in January and February. Please try to avoid these two month, unless there is snow in past days.

      Mogao Grottoes

      Being the number one attraction in Dunhuang tour, Mogao Grottoes is the largest-scale and richest-content site of Buddha art in the world. It houses 735 caves, 45,000 square meters of murals and 2,415 painted sculptures.
      Bags and cameras are not permitted to enter grottoes.

      Silk Road Tour Include Dunhuang

      Being an important city along Silk Road, Dunhuang is often covered in Silk Road trip. Most travelers use the following tour routes.
      Start from Xian, then fly to Lanzhou, drive to visit Wuwei, Zhangye, Jiuquan, Jiayuguan and Dunhuang. Then you can take flight to other tourism cities.
      Many travelers prefer to move on to visit Xinjiang, which is also part of Silk Road. The cities in Xinjiang covers Hami, Turpan, Urumchi and Kashgar.

      If you had visited this route, it is also possible to drive to XiNing and then drive through the south route to enjoy the grand natural beauty, such as Qinghai Lake, Delingha and Yadan landforms.

      Tour Length

      Normal travelers spend 4 days in Dunhuang to see only the top attractions. If you are planning a deep Dunhuang, then 5 to 10 days can be arranged. And the unique attractions will impress you with pleasant amazing.
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