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Beijing Botanical Garden

  • Established in 1955, Beijing Botanical Garden covers an area of 564,000 square meters. The garden cultivates 6,000 species of plant, including 2,000 kinds of trees and bushes, 1,620 varieties of tropical and subtropical plants, 500 species of flowers and 1,900 kinds of fruit trees, water plants. Meanwhile, there are several Buddhist temples scattered in the botanical garden.


  • ID : 28
  • City : beijing
  • English name : Botanical Garden
  • Chinese name : 北京植物园
  • Type : Botanical garden,
  • Level : easy
  • Kids : Possible
  • Elders: Suggested
  • Best season : Spring, Summer and Autumn
  • Visiting length : 4 hours
  • Distance to city center : 30 km

Introduction of Beijing Botanical Garden

  • Beijing Botanical Garden is situated in the northwestern outskirts of the city between Xiangshan Park and Jade Spring Mountain. It was established in 1955. Beijing Botanical Garden covers 56.4 hectares. The gardens include a dozen exhibition districts and halls, such as the tree garden, a perennial bulb garden, a rose garden, a peony garden, a traditional Chinese medical herb garden, a wild fruit resources district, an environment protection plant district, a water and vine plant district, an endangered plant district, and exhibition greenhouses for tropical and subtropical plants.
    The gardens cultivate 6,000 species of plant, including 2,000 kinds of trees and bushes, 1,620 varieties of tropical and subtropical plants, 500 species of flowers and 1,900 kinds of fruit trees, water plants, traditional Chinese.

Photo of Botanical Garden

  • Botanical Garden photo

Highlights of visiting Beijing Botanical Garden

    Hothouse exhibition, Wofo Temple

Helper to visit Botanical Garden

  • Address in English : Xiangshan Wofosi Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China
  • Address in Chinese : 北京市海淀区香山卧佛寺路
  • Tel : +8610-62591283
  • Post code : 100093
  • Ticket time : 6:00-19:00(summer) 7:00-17:00(winter)
  • Open time : 6:00-19:00(summer) 7:00-17:00(winter)
  • Closing time : Null
  • Location : Botanical Garden is around 30 km to downtown beijing


  • Public bus:
    • Bus 331, 630(Xiangquan Huandao Station)
    • Bus 563, 112, 698, 505, 318 or 360 (Zhiwuyuan Nanmen Station)
  • Private car is the best method to visit Botanical Garden with local tour operator.


  • high season : 12 RMB/person.
  • shoulder season : 12 RMB/person.
  • low season : 12 RMB/person.

Hotel near Beijing Botanical Garden

  • 5 star/duluxe hotel
  • Cours et Pavillons
  • Fragrant Hill Empark Hotel
  • 4 star/superior hotel
  • Fragrant Hill Hotel
  • Shijingshan Parkview
  • 3 star/comfort hotel
  • Xiangshan Holiday Business Club
  • Recumbent Buddha Temple Hotel
  • Holiday Inn Beijing
  • Location
  • Located at the foot of Fragrance Hill in Beijing, Beijing Botanical Garden is 23 kilometers from the city center. There are many buses available.
  • Highlight of Beijing Botanical Garden
  • The Tropical Plant Exhibition Greenhouse is the highlight of the gardens.
    The first room is filled with evergreens and members of the palm family.
    The second room is given over to tropical aquatic plants, including water lilies and flowering taros.
    The third room displays commercial plants and their breeding and propagation. Here there are specimens of the triple-leaved rubber plant, cocoa and coffee trees and the sugar producing sweet-leaved chrysanthemum which has been introduced into China from abroad.
    There are also rooms for demonstrating medicinal plants, aromatic plants and succulents. The exhibition of ornamental plants is spectacular with its countless varieties if flowers and grasses. There are over 300 different varieties of orchid, among them a rootless one relies on fine hairs to absorb water vapor and nutrients from the air.

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    • Main attractions of Beijing Botanical Garden
    • Beijing Botanical Garden consists of plant exhibition area, historical spots area, scientific research area, and natural reserve. The garden has a collection of 1. 5 million plants of more than 10,000 species.
      The plant exhibition area is divided into three parts: the ornamental plant area, the arboretum and the greenhouse area.
      The ornamental plant area is composed of special gardens, mainly including Rose Garden, Peach Garden, Peony Garden, Mezereon Garden, Begonia Garden, Magnolia Garden, Bamboo Garden, Perrennial Flower Garden and Plum Garden.
      The Rose Garden is the largest special garden of rose in China, with nearly 1000 varieties.
      The Peach Garden has the world's largest collection of peach varieties. The "Peach Blossom Festival" held every spring attracts millions of visitors.The arboretum consists of ginkgo and pine area, maple and rose area, eucalyptus and willow area, magnolia and barberry area, sycamore and oak area, and paulownia and ash area.
    • The Tropical Plant Exhibition Greenhouse was named one of the top ten buildings in Beijing in the 1990s.
      The bonsai garden mainly displays the skills and works of bonsai in various schools in China.
      The historical spots area is composed of the Wofo Temple, the Cherry Valley, the Memorial Hall of Cao Xueqin, the Tomb of Liang Qichao and the Site of Longjiao Temple.
      First built in the 627 during the Tang Dynasty, Wofo Temple houses a sandalwood recumbent Buddha of Tang Dynasty and bronze recumbent Buddha of Yuan Dynasty. The Cherry Valley is densely forested and is an important nature protection education area in the suburbs of Beijing.
      Memorial Hall of Cao Xueqin shows the life of Cao Xueqin, the writer of the famous book "Dream of Red Mansions".
    More Photo
    • Peach Blossom Festival
    • The Peach Blossom Festival, held every spring in Beijing Botanical Garden, attracts millions of visitors. Every spring, the visitors can see more than 10,000 peach blossoms of 70 varieties in the Peach Garden, including Parsica f. Camelliaeflora, Var.densa Makino, Prunus persica Batsch, and Amygdalus persica f.duplex.
      On March 23, 2019, the 31st Peach Blossom Festival was opened in Beijing Botanical Garden.
      From March to May, visitors appreciated the millions of graceful flowers of nearly a thousand varieties. Except the peach flowers, there are other flowers, such as Mountain apricot, Magnolia, Plum, Begonia, Lilac, Tulips and Hyacinths.
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