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Beijing Aquarium

  • Beijing Aquarium is now the world's largest, most modern and advanced Marine life Museum in the world. It covers an area of 120,000 square meters. The construction area is 42,000 square meters. It is located in Beijing zoo and adjacent to Beijing Exhibition Center, Beijing Planetarium and Capital Indoor Stadium.


  • ID : 27
  • City : beijing
  • English name : Beijing Aquarium
  • Chinese name : 北京海洋馆
  • Type : Aquarium,
  • Level : easy
  • Kids : Suggested
  • Elders: Possible
  • Best season : All seasons
  • Visiting length : 4 Hours
  • Distance to city center : 13 km

Introduction of Beijing Aquarium

  • Beijing Aquarium is now the world's largest, most modern and advanced Marine life Museum in the world. It has the largest construction area and total volume of water. It also has the largest collection of sea lives. 1,000 species of 30,000 to 50,000 sea lives are fed in the first artificial seawater in the aquarium.
    Beijing Aquarium covers about 120,000 square meters. The construction area is 42,000 square meters. It is the largest inland aquarium in the world by now. The main structure of the aquarium is blue and orange which represent the mystery of the sea and the endless life of the sea lives. The specific outlook of the aquarium is like a huge blue conch lying on the beach which is surrounded by green trees and groups of flowers.

Photo of Beijing Aquarium

  • Beijing Aquarium photo

Highlights of visiting Beijing Aquarium

    Marine Ecological Exhibition, Animal Performance

Helper to visit Beijing Aquarium

  • Address in English : No. 18, Gaoliang Qiaoxie Street, Haidian District, Beijing,China
  • Address in Chinese : 北京市海淀区高梁桥斜街乙18号
  • Tel : +8610-62176655
  • Post code : 100080
  • Ticket time : 9:00-17:00(April 1st - October 31st ),10:00-16:00( November 1st - March 31st)
  • Open time : 9:00-17:30(April 1st - October 31st ),10:00-16:30( November 1st - March 31st)
  • Closing time : Null
  • Location : Beijing Aquarium is around 13 km to downtown beijing


  • Subway: Take Subway Line 4 and get off at Beijing Zoo Station.
  • Public bus:
    • 27,87,105,107,111,206,209,319,347,360,362,534,563,608,614,632,697,714,TE4,Yuntong104,Yuntong105,Yuntong106,or Yuntong205(Beijing zoo Station)
    • 16,26,Yuntong103,or Yuntong105(Beijing Jiaotong University Station)
  • Private car is the best method to visit Beijing Aquarium with local tour operator.


  • high season : 120 RMB/person.
  • shoulder season : 120 RMB/person.
  • low season : 120 RMB/person.

Hotel near Beijing Aquarium

  • 5 star/duluxe hotel
  • Presidential Hotel Beijing
  • Grand Metropark Yuantong Hotel Beijing
  • Xiyuan Hotel Beijing
  • 4 star/superior hotel
  • Holiday Inn Downtown Beijing
  • Beijing Xinjiang Plaza
  • Guoyi Hotel Beijing
  • 3 star/comfort hotel
  • Orange Hotel Select (Beijing Xizhimen)
  • Sunshine Jiayu Golden Hotel

Restaurant near Beijing Aquarium

  • Moscow Restaurant
  • Najia restaurant
  • Donglaishun Restaurant (Xizhimen Restaurant)
    • Venues in Beijing Aquarium
    • The exhibition area is divided into seven sections, Rainforest Wonder, Feel Pool, Seabed Travel, Bailing Town, Rare Chinese Sturgeon Hall, Whale and Dolphin Bay and Ocean Theater.
    • Rainforest Wonder This area simulates the mysterious Amazonian virgin forest with winding paths, waterfalls flowing down, creeks, mysterious statues, ancient bridges, and insects in the ears. There are 22 tanks of different sizes on display. The main exhibits include redtail catfish, Koi, Arapaima, Silver shark, garpike, archerfish, angelfish, Piranha, and so on.
    • Feel Pool A 48-meter-long miniature coastline is constructed in this area, with golden sunshine, white sandy beaches and and intertidal creaturesinhabitting shallow waters. Visitors can touch different marine life here. Entering the Feel Pool, children can experience the feeling of the sea and the fun of playing with the big turtle. The main exhibits include blue tang, Sponge Cake, sand starfish, and so on.
    • Seabed Travel The visitors can have a exploration tour on bottom of the sea by the Undersea Tunnel. Starting from the South China Sea, through the Western Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, to the Atlantic Ocean, the display windows open the mysterious veil of the sea. The 37 exhibition tanks show the most representative maritime creatures in the world. The main exhibits include Whip Butterfly fish, Bluespine unicornfish, Regal Tang, sea anemone, sea horses, corals, groupers, Clownfish, Panda Dragon, Doctor Fish, and so on.
      Every day at 10:00 am and 1:30 pm (except Tuesdays), there is a diving feeding show at the entrance. The diver with oxygen bottle and various foods introduces different kinds of fish to the tourists while feeding. This performance is very attractive, but it has a certain danger.
    • Bailing Town This is an interactive area where the real display is compatible with the virtual scene. Standing in the front of the longest acrylic exhibition window in Asia, visitors can feel the white whale passing by in the dark underwater. The sea charm is displayed in 3D holistic vision.
    • Rare Chinese Sturgeon Hall Known as "giant panda in water", Chinese sturgeon is a miraculous fish that breeds in the Yangtze River and grows in the sea. It is a unique species in China. Through the world's longest acrylic exhibition window, visitors can get close look of Chinese Sturgeons and the view of Yangtze River Valley where this ancient species breeds. The interesting science knowledge panels introduce the mysterious and fascinating life of Chinese sturgeon. The underwater feeding display shows the harmonious symbiosis between humans and this creature.
    • Whale and Dolphin Bay Here is the home of some marine animals. Dolphins and sea lions live and train here. The open design allows visitors to interact face-to-face with friends from the depths of the oceans. There are many stories about whales.
    • Ocean Theater The Ocean Theatre with romantic Hawaiian seaside scenery is the most popular place for visitors. It is an indoor animal performance theater that can accommodate more than 3,000 visitors at the same time.
      Science Cornered mini theatre where puppet show and science knowledge lectures can be held, the perfect place theme events of small teams.
    • Other Venues Fantasy Beach, a romantic garden bay for gathering, party, leisure and lovers.
      Multi-function Hall, with high level reception and class ability which can hold 110 people.
      Small Conference Room, with high level reception ability which can hold 50 people.
      South Square, covers about 3,000 square meters and locates beside the long river.

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    • Service items of Beijing Aquarium
    • Marine Ecological Exhibition, which shows the sea creatures including plants, fish, marine mammals and etc.
      Sea Animal Performance, which brings wonderful performances of sea lions, dolphins, whales and other large sea animals.
      Marine science knowledge services, which is the supreme service idea in the aquarium.
    • The performance time in the Beijing Aquarium
    • Animal Performance Show Place: Ocean Theater
      Show time: 11:00, 15:00 (From Monday to Friday)
      11:00, 14:00, 16:00(Saturday, Sunday)
    • Diving and Feeding Performance Show Place: the 1st floor of Seabed Travel
      Show time: 10:30, 14:00 (not available on Tuesday)
    • Archerfish Feeding Performance Show Place: Rainforest Wonder
      Show time: 09:30, 14:30(not available on Thursday)
    • Lionfish Feeding Performance Show Place: Seabed Travel
      Show time: 11:30
    • Chinese Sturgeon Feeding Performance Show Place: Rare Chinese Sturgeon Hall
      Show time: 14:00(Tuesday, Thursday)
    • Elephant Seal Feeding Performance Show Place: Rainforest Wonder
      Show time: 14:40(Wednesday, Friday)
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