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airport and train station transfer of Guilin

  • Guilin transfer service refers to the vehicle and driver service to help travelers to move from one place to another. Private vehicle is the best choice.


    Beijing one of the top tourism cities of China, Guilin offers abundant travel resource in and near Guilin. All travelers needs transfer service between the tourism places.
    Guilin airport transfer, Guilin railway station transfer and Guilin cruise port transfer service are often be used by travelers.

    Many famous attractions are located in the county near Guilin; such as Yulong River is located in Yangshuo, Lingqu Canal is located in XingAn, Dong Ethnic City is located in Sanjiang, Longji Backbone Rice Terrace is located in Longsheng county. The transfer between Guilin and the county is also needed when travelers start the suburb tour from downtown Guilin.

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  • The photo of Guilin transfer covers the image of frequently-used transfer destinations in or near Guilin.


    Introduction Guilin transfer refers to the vehicle and driver service to help travelers to move from one place to another in or near Guilin.
    For example after reaching Guilin airport, you need a vehicle and driver to transfer you and your luggage to the hotel in downtown Guilin. An English speaking tour guide is often needed in the transfer to communicate you with driver.

    Almost all travelers choose private transfer. All transfer service of Guilin needs to be reserved and paid in advance.

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    Guilin Transfer Tips

    • Private transfer is the best and suggested solution for all foreigners traveling in Guilin. Driver and tour guide information will be sent to you via email one day in advance.
      Booking Guilin transfer service in advance help you to save money, especially when you book it several months before transfer.
    • Work-flow and Classic Itinerary

      Reserve a transfer service in advance. One week to three months before transfer date is suggested.
      Payment should be received several days before tour date.
      Confirmation will be sent to you after all details arranged.
      Name, mobile phone number of driver or tour guide will be sent to you via email ( one day in advance ).
      Driver or tour guide reach the appointed picking up place 15 minutes before appointed time.
      A pick up sign with traveler's‘ name help travelers to meet driver or guide.
      Travelers be transferred to appointed destination as confirmed.
      A simple feedback form is prepared to let us know how the driver did the job.
      Service end.
    • All Transfer Options in Guilin

      We list all transfer options in Guilin, although most travelers use private transfer.

      - private vehicle with driver: the best method for foreigners when travel Guilin.
      - taxi: good method in downtown Guilin. Simple Chinese language is needed because most taxi driver do not speak English.
      - public bus: The bus stops are in Chinese. Travelers should know which station to get off. Driver do not speak English.
      - train : only available to part of county near Guilin. A local guide is necessary.
      - cruise ship: the best method for sightseeing from Guilin to Yangshuo, also can be seen a kind of transfer when necessary.

      Ability of speaking simple Chinese is necessary when travelers choose transfer via taxi, public bus or train, because you need to communicate with driver or staff in station.

    • Guilin Transfer Product

      Private vehicle transfer service provided by Beijingservice team:
      GL-PT-01. Guilin airport transfer by privat car
      GL-PT-02. Guilin train station transfer by private car
      GL-PT-03. 8 hours transfer service within downtown Guilin / Car rental,
      GL-PT-04. Private vehicle transfer of Guilin to Yangshuo, or Yangsuo to Guilin
      GL-PT-05. Transfer of Guilin to Longsheng by private vehicle
      GL-PT-06. Guilin to Longsheng transfer
      GL-PT-07. Guilin to Sanjiang transfer
      GL-PT-08. Guilin to Daxu Ancient Town transfer
      GL-PT-09. Private vehicle transfer of Guilin to Yangdi or Xingping Town
      GL-PT-10. Guilin to Pingle county transfer
      GL-PT-11. Guilin to Yongfu county transfer
      GL-PT-12. Guilin to Ziyuan county transfer
      GL-PT-13. Guilin to Cingan county transfer
      GL-PT-14. Guilin to Quanzhou county transfer
      GL-PT-15. Guanlin to Guanyang county transfer
    • Guilin Transfer In Different Area

      Guilin attractions are scatted in downtown as well as several counties near downtown. You may find details of popular transfer destinations of Guilin.

      Downtown Guilin Transfer

      Guilin is not a big city. The transfer in Guilin is simple. Taxi, public bus and private vehicle are all available.
      Private vehicle with driver is the best method if you are traveling Guilin within 1 to 5 days. You may rent the vehicle and driver for 8 to 9 hours in each day. The vehicle and driver will be always at disposal.
      If you can speak simple Chinese, then the public bus or taxi is an option if you only need one or two transfer within downtown of Guilin. You need walk some distance and wait sometime before finding a taxi or the bus station.

      Transfer from Guilin to Yangshuo

      Yangshuo is around 90 km southeast of Guilin. Cruise ship is the best choice. It start from Zhujiang Pier southeast of downtown Guilin. After 4 hours cruising along Li River, the ship reach Yangshuo port in the afternoon. It is more than a transfer, it is an amazing sightseeing on Li River. Please find the one day Li river cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo for details.
      The second option is private vehicle, especially when you need to return from Yangshuo back to Guilin. There is no cruise ship available in this direction. Private car is the best choice. It needs 1.5 horus' driving for this 90 km distance.

      Speed train between Gulin and Yangshuo is available. The speed train takes 40 minutes from Guilin station to Yangshuo Station.
      Such as the speed train G2959, Guilin-Yangshuo, 桂林北-阳朔, 08:03-08:27. The 2nd class seat is 26RMB/ticket, The 1st class seat is 32RMB/ticket. It is 80RMB to buy business class seats. The transfer service from hotel to train station should be considered when book train tickets.

      The public bus from Guilin to Yangshuo start at Zhongshan South Road bus station or Pingshan bus station. The cost of bus is 50 to 200 RMB per ticket based on different bus and season.

      Cruise ship and private vehicle are the best option because there will be English speaking tour guide to introduce attractions.
      If you can speak simple Chinese, and just want to reach Yangshuo, then the train and public bus are also possible.

      Transfer Between Guilin and Longsheng

      Most travelers go to Longsheng to visit Dragon Backbone Rice Terrace. Longsheng is around 95 km northwest of Guilin city.
      The road winding it way along mountains and hills, so please make sure you do not have car sick.

      Private vehicle with English speaking tour guide arranged by travel agent is the best choice. The experienced driver know the best way to reach Longsheng Dragon Backbone Rice Terrace. It is interesting to listen to English speaking tour guide to introduce the places on the way to Longsheng.
      The private vehicle takes 1.5 hours to reach Longsheng.

      Public bus from Guilin to Longsheng is another option if travelers can speak simple Chinese. The bus start from Guilin bus station. It takes around two and half hours to reach Longsheng bus station.
      The private car may save one hour for travelers than public bus.

      Transfer Between Guilin and Sanjiang. Sanjiang county is around 135 km northwest of Guilin city. It is a good idea to visit Sanjiang After sightseeing of Longsheng.
      You are suggested to visit Longsheng on the first day, then drive to overnight in Sanjiang and then take sightseeing on second before driving back to Guilin. The precondition is using private vehicle and driver.

      Speed train is another option between Guilin and Sanjiang. Such as the train D2804, 桂林西-三江南 09:52-10:25. The train start from Guilin West Station at 09:52 and reach Sanjiang at 10:25. The ability of speaking simple Chinese is needed if you take this option. Because you need to communicate with locl taxi driver or bus driver when reach Sanjiang South Station. It is helpful to travel with an English speaking tour guide.

      Transfer between Guilin and XiangAn(Ling Canal)

      Xingan is 70 km northeast of Guilin. The county is famous for the Canal of 2000 years ago (Qin Dynasty) and Water Street.
      Traveler may take a one day or half day tour to visit Ling Canal. It takes 1.5 hours' driving from Guilin to Xingan.
      After the sightseeing, travelers may visit local village in XiangAn or drive back to Guilin for further sightseeing.

      Speed train is available between Guilin and Qingan, such as G436 桂林北-兴安北 08:00-08:25, G435 兴安北-桂林北 18:01-18:27 00:26

    Guilin Transfer Note

    • Guilin private transfer service needs prepayment or deposit after confirmation.
      Please send us the train tickets photo when you book Guilin train station transfer, because there are more than one station in Guilin.
      Your hotel name, address and telephone number are needed if you prefer to start the transfer from a hotel.
      Detailed flight information is needed if you need airport transfer in Guilin.

    Guilin Transfer FAQ

  • How long time should we book a transfer of Guilin? You are suggested to book a Guilin transfer service as early as possible. Most travelers make a reservation from 2 weeks to 3 months.
  • Can we use the vehicle and driver only? Driver do not speak English, English speaking tour guide is helpful to communicate you with driver. You can use driver and vehicle only when you can speak Chinese.
  • Can we use the vehicle and driver only? Driver do not speak English, English speaking tour guide is helpful to communicate you with driver. You can use driver and vehicle only when you can speak Chinese.
  • Can you arrange a separate vehicle for our luggage ? Yes, we can arrange a separate vehicle and driver if you have plenty of luggage. Please claim this when you reserve the transfer.
  • We reach Beijing on September 5 and reserved the transfer and tour in Guilin for September 9 to 12, can we pay the Guilin section in Beijing ? It is available to pay the transfer and tour of Guilin when you reach Beijing if you pay cash. But we suggest you to pay via Bank, Wechat, Alipay or Paypal in advance.
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    • Private Vehicle

      Private vehicle is the first choice in Guilin, if the cost is within budget.
      Beijingservice team offers private vehicle from 5 seats to 55 seats coach. Most vehicles are produced within 3 year. All vehicles are in good condition, equipped with air conditioning. We will arrange vehicle according to the number of travelers. The transfer service start from your hotel lobby to the aimed hotel or attractions directly, offering convenient and comfort transfer service.
    • Dirver of Private Transfer

      All our drivers are experienced tourism drivers, part of them worked in tourism field for more than 15 years. Travelers never worry for getting lost.
      Driver do not speak English, we will arrange an English speaking guide for the transfer.

    • Payment

      Prepayment or deposit is needed after reservation of Guilin transfer. We accept payment via Bank, Wechat, Alipay, Credit Card or PayPal.
      It is not a good idea to take cash or Credit Card. Credit Card is not acceptable in some vendors.
      You are suggested to used WeChat App and put put of your money in it. It is popular to pay with WeChat, very convenient.

    • Information For Reservation

      Beijingservice needs the following information to set up a transfer service in Guilin.
      Transfer date
      Numbers of travelers
      Name on passport
      Tour code (or start & end place of the transfer)
      Mobile phone number
      Prepayment method

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