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Beijing Catholic Tour Profile

Great Wall in Beijing Catholic TourBeijing Catholic tour, also called Beijing Catholicism touristm, refers to Beijing tour routes covers top attractions and Catholic Church.
It is called 北京天主教旅游 or 北京天主教之旅.

There are several Catholic Church in Beijing, which can be visited by Catholic travelers. Beijing Catholic tour make it convenient for Catholic travelers to visit Beijing.

Beijing Catholic Tour Type

Beijing Catholic package tour
Beijing one day Catholic trip
Half day Catholic tour of Beijing
Catholic layover trip

Beijing Catholic Tour Products

Forbidden City in Beijing Catholic TourBeijing Catholic Tour covers both popular local attractions as well as Catholic Church in Beijing.

Beijing Private Packaged Catholic Tour

Beijing Catholic trip lead travelers to visit classic attraction as well as Catholic Church of this city.
BJ-PH-01Catholic. Beijing 4 days Catholic tour
BJ-PH-02Catholic. Beijing 5 days Catholic package tour
BJ-PH-03Catholic. Beijing 6 days Catholic package trip
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Beijing One Day Catholic Tour

BJ-PO-01Catholic. Beijing Catholic one day tour of Tiananmen, Forbidden City, Hutong, East Catholic Church, ( , Lunch)
BJ-PO-02Catholic. Mutianyu Great Wall, Beijing Local Style Church, Outside view of Bird Nest and Water Cube, ( , Lunch)
BJ-PO-03Catholic. South Catholic Church, Capital Museum, Summer Palace. ( , Lunch)
BJ-PO-04Catholic. West Catholic Church, National Museum, North Catholic Church, Beihai Park. ( , Lunch)
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Beijing Half Day Tour Suggested for Catholic Travelers

The following half day tour help travelers to visit Catholic Church of Beijing. 
BJ-PF-01Catholic. Beijing Catholic half day tour of Tiananmen Square, Beijing East Catholic Church, ( , , )
BJ-PF-02Catholic. Beijing Catholic half day trip of Beijing Local Style Catholicism Church, ( , , )
BJ-PF-03Catholic. Beijing Catholic half day tour of South Catholic Church( , , )
BJ-PF-04Catholic. Beijing Catholic half day excursion to West Catholic Church and North Catholic Church ( , , )
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Beijing Catholic layover tour

BJ-PL-01Catholic. Beijing one day Catholic Layover tour of Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Beijing East Catholic Church, ( , Lunch, )
BJ-PL-02Catholic. Beijing one day Catholic Layover tour of Beijing Local Style Catholicism Church, Mutianyu Great Wall. ( , Lunch, )
BJ-PL-03Catholic. Beijing half day Catholic Layover tour of South Catholic Church ( , Lunch, )
BJ-PL-04Catholic. Beijing half day Catholic Layover tour of West Catholic Church and North Catholic Church ( , Lunch, )
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Tips of Beijing Catholic Tour

Classic Beijing Catholic Tour Itinerary

Most Catholic travelers use the following packaged tour of Beijing:
Day 1. Be met from airport and transfer to hotel.
Day 2. Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Lunch, Beijing Hutong, East Catholic Church, Wangfujing Street. (Breakfast, Lunch)
Day 3. Mutianyu Great Wall, Ourside view of Bird Nest and Water Cube, South Catholic Church, Qianmen Area. (Breakfast, Lunch)
Day 4. Be met from hotel and transfer to airport for departure. (Breakfast)

It is possible to add another day to visit extra Catholic Church and BeiHai Park.
Travelers may decide the time to visit Catholic Church when make reservation.

Famous Catholic Church in Beijing

The following Catholic Church can be included in Catholic trip of Beijing: East Catholic Church, South Catholic Church, North Catholic Church, Zhushikou Catholic Church and Kuanjie Catholic Church.

There is another Catholic Chruch in Beijing, which is in local Chinese Style Building. The visiting of this Cathoic Church is included in packaged Catholic tour. All above Catholic Church are located in downtown area, which is convenient for travelers to visit.

Feature of Beijing Catholic Tour

Great Wall in  Beijing Catholic tourBeijing Catholic trip combines Beijing top tourism attractions as well as Catholic Church.
One or two Catholic Church can be included in one day tour.
The time of visiting Catholic Church can be adjusted according to the request of travelers.

Top Attractions Included in Beijing Catholic Tour

Most popular attractions are included in the Catholic tour. Popular attractions covers: Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace, Beihai Park, National Museum.

Name Address and Contact of Local Catholic Church in Beijing

Beijing Catholic Academic Committee北京天主教教务委员会
Address:141 West Street, Qianmen, Beijing北京前门西大街141号

Beijing Catholic Church of Philosophy 北京天主教神哲学院
Address:No. 5, Shenghe Lane, Xingye Street, Daxing District, Beijing 北京市大兴区兴业大街圣和巷5号

Joseph Sisters 天主教北京教区若瑟修女会
Address:No. 33, Xishiku Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 北京市西城区西什库大街33号  

Xuanwumen Catholic Church 宣武门教堂(南堂)
Address:141 West Street, Qianmen, Xuanwumen, Beijing 北京市宣武门前门西大街141号

Wangfujing Catholic Church王府井教堂(东堂)
Address:No. 74, Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing 北京市东城区王府井大街74号

Xizhimen Catholic Church 西直门天主堂(西堂)
Address:130 Xizhimen Inner Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 北京西城区西直门内大街130号

Sisku Church 西什库教堂(北堂)
Address:No. 33, Xishiku Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 北京市西城区西什库大街33号

Zhengfusi Church 正福寺教堂
Address:Northeast corner of Sijiqing Bridge, Haidian District, Beijing 北京市海淀区西四环四季青桥东北角

XiHulin Catholic Church 西胡林天主教堂
Address:Yufa Town, Daxing District, Beijing北京大兴区榆垡镇

DongGuanTou Catholic Church 东管头天主全能堂
Address:Dongguantou, Fengtai District, Beijing 北京市丰台区东管头

Beijing Catholic Cemetery 西北旺圣若瑟堂(北京天主教陵园)
Address:Intersection of Yongfeng Road and Northwest Wangbei Road, Haidian District, Beijing 永丰路与西北旺北路交叉口东北100米

Tiantongyuan Prayer Center 天通苑祈祷所
Address:East side of Tiantongyuan Central Park, Changping District, Beijing 北京市昌平区天通苑中心公园东侧

Yongning Catholic Church 永宁天主堂(耶稣圣心堂)
Address:No. 7, Huangjia Lane, Fumin Street, Yongning Town, Yanqing District, Beijing北京市延庆区永宁镇阜民街皇甲巷7号

Cao Gezhuang Catholic Church 曹各庄天主堂
Address:Caogezhuang Village, Yongding Town, Mentougou District, Beijing 北京市门头沟区永定镇曹各庄村

Payment of Beijing Catholic Tour

Prepayment or deposit if needed when make reservation for Beijing Catholic tour.
Balance can be paid one week before tour date or pay local tour guide in cash in Beijing. accept payment via Wechat, Alipay, Credit Card, Bank, and PayPal.

Information Needed for Booking of Beijing Catholic Tour

Please send us the following information to make reservation :
Tour date: __________
Tour code: __________
Numbers of travelers: __________
Name on passport: __________
Nationality: __________
Mobile phone if available: __________
Arrival date:__________
Departure date: __________
Special request on food if have: _______________
Your preferred payment method: _______________

Beijing Catholic Tour FAQ

How many Catholic churches are there in Beijing ?

As we know there are total 7Catholic Church in Beijing. Among of them, 5 churches are localed in downtown area, within 3rd ring road. The 6th one is located 5 km south of Beijing West Station, named Dongguantou Catholic Church. The Changxindian Catholic Church is around 4 km from Lugou Bridge. There is also a Beijing Catholic Church of Philosophy and a Beijing Catholic Cemetery in north part of Beijing.

Dear Sir or madame, we will take the 4 days Catholic tour to Beijing in this November. Is there any rules we should obey when visiting local Catholic Church ?

Thank you for your email. Church is sacred place, all travelers (include non-Christians) should be consciously enter with a serious attitude, well dressed. Slippers and short pants are not acceptable. It is forbidden to go back and forth in the hall, shouting loudly, whispering, looking around, flirting, etc. Food and smoking is not permitted.

Dear Tracy, Thank you for your arrangement and quotation for our sightseeing trip of August. I have several questions. We prefer to book hotel on our own, is it possible ? Can you include one Catholic Church in the package? We will stay there for one and half hours, for example 08:30 to 10:00am. thank you in advance, Fiona

Dear Fiona, thank you for your email. Yes, you may book hotel on your own. Please send us your hotel info after confirmation. Beijingservice also arrange Christian trip for travelers. So it is possible to include a visiting to a local Catholic Church. Please let us know the Church name you prefer, or we can visit one of them closed to attraction Please let us know if you have further question. best regards, Tracy

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