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Shuiguan Great Wall Map

You may find map of Shuiguan Great Wall designed by Beijingservice team.  
The map show you the tower location of Shuiguan Great Wall, as well as the direction to Badaling Great Wall and Badaling Bridge.

Introduction of Shuiguan Great Wall map

- Shuiguan Great Wall is around 65 km north of Downtown Beijing.
- Shuiguan Great Wall is around 5 km southeast of Badaling Great Wall.
- Ming Tomb is around 15 km south of Shuiguan Great Wall.
- JingZang Expressway make it convenient to visit Shuiguan Great Wall.
- Cable car is not available at Shuiguan Great Wall.
- Toliet is available near ticket office of Shuiguan Great Wall.

Shuiguan Great Wall Map

Shuiguan Great Wall Map

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