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Shuiguan Great Wall Tour

Shuiguan Great Wall tour is always used in low price bus tour to replace Badaling Great Wall, for foreign and local travelers.  So many local travelers will say "no" when they are suggested to Shuiguan Great Wall. Actually, being the east end of Badaling Great Wall, the scenery of Shuiguan Great Wall is very good after you walk past two beacon towers. There are many travelers with ' Great Wall bus tour ' near the ticket office. When you walk further, there is fewer and fewer travelers, and the scenery is better than the beginning part. The wall and scenery even can compare the scenery of the Badaling Great Wall at the west end.

We suggest travelers to take private Great Wall tour to Shuiguan and spend more than two hours on the Wall. Shuiguan Great Wall is a good choice if you love Great Wall, and you should know the wall you visit is "Shuiguan" not “Badaling”. We repeat this because part of travel agent in hotel lobby or near Tiananmen Square will use Shuiguan Great Wall to replace Badaling. Your trip will be spoiled when you know you are cheated, although the wall and scenery is not bad than Badaling Great Wall.  

Actually, many local Great Wall hikers prefer to visit Shuiguan Great Wall. After Walking through the crowd near 1st and 2nd beacon tower, you will enjoy the Great Wall of your own.  The flower in Spring and red leaves in Autumn made Shuiguan Great Wall more charming.


Shuiguan Great Wall One Day Tour

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Shuiguan Great Wall Tour FAQ

How far is Shuiguan Great Wall to downtown Beijing?
Shuiguan Great Wall is 65 km north of Tiananmen Square. It needs two hours' driving from Tiananmen Square to Shuiguan.  

Why low price bus tour prefer to use Shuiguan Great Wall?
Shuiguan Great Wall admission is less expensive than Badaling Great Wall. And Shuiguan Great Wall is more closed to downtown.

Shuiguan Great Wall Tour Related

Can we just rent a car to Shuiguan Great Wall and take a hiking?
Yes, part of travelers only use our vehicle service to visit Shuiguan Great Wall. Please contact our tour advisor to tailor a tour to Shuiguan Great Wall.

We have 8 hours in Beijing airport, is it possible to visit Shuiguan Great Wall ?
Yes, Beijingservice.com offers Great Wall tour start from airport, we can meet you from airport.  After the Shuiguan Great Wall tour, you will be transferred back to airport. Please inform us your arrival and departure flight.

Our train reach Beijing from Mongolia, can you meet us on the train and drive us to visit Shuiguan Great Wall ?
Beijing Railway Station is not permitted to enter to meet travelers since 2015.   Tour guide can not meet travelers at the gate of train cabine.  Travelers need to walk out station and meet tour guide.  Beijingservice.com offers Great Wall tour start from Beijing Railway Station.  After the Shuiguan Great Wall tour, you will be transferred back to Beijing Train Station or hotel in downtown Beijing.

Can we visit Shuiguan Great Wall and then visit Badaling Great Wall in a one day tour of Beijing ?
Yes, it is possible, you may find the difference between two sections of wall.   The distance is only 6 km from Shuiguan Great Wall to Badaling Great Wall.

This is our first visit of Beijing, do you suggest us to visit Shuiguan Great Wall ?
No, we still suggest you to visit Jinshanling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, or Badaling Great Wall. Shuiguan Great Wall is suggested to second visit of Beijing, or if you need to see a part of quiet Great Wall. You need to walk past two beacon towers and then there will be only few travelers there, even only you on Great Wall. There will be many travelers near the ticket office, and it is long and steep when you walk from ticket office to first and second beacon tower. That is also the reason why most travelers stop their step at first or second beacon tower.

How many years history of Shuiguan Great Wall, and who built it ?
This part of Great Wall was built in Ming Dynasty around 400 years ago. The famous General Qijiguan led to built this Great Wall.

Is there cable car on Shuiguan Great Wall ?
No, There is no cable car on Shuiguan Great Wall.

Our cruise ship arrive at Tianjin Xingang Port on April 7, can you arrange Shuiguan Great Wall tour ?
Yes, Beijingservice.com often arrange private tour start from Xingang Port in Tianjin. Tour guide will pick you up from the port on the moring,  and transfer you to downtown Beijing or the ship in Tianjin Xingang Port.  We need to leave at least 3.5 hours for the return transfer to Xingang, because sometimes the traffic is very heavy.

As i know the famous Jingzhang Railway is built near Shuiguang Great Wall, can we take a visit?
Yes, Jingzhang Railway is just located near Shuiguan Great Wall. Travellers may visit the railway and the memorial hall of the builder, Mr. Zhantianyou. Please inform this to your tour advisor when make reservation.

I travel with family include elder and child, do you suggest us to visit Shuiguan Great Wall?
No, Shuiguan Great Wall is not suggested, because it is steep from ticket office to second beacon tower, and there is no cable car. We suggest you to visit Badaling or Mutianyu Great Wall. There is cable car, which is possible to board the wall without walking too long.