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Shuiguan Great Wall

Brief Introduction

With a history of 400 years, Shuiguan Great Wall was built during the Ming Dynasty. It is the east section of Badaling Great Wall and is the most complete and strongest section of the Great Wall of China. The arrow tower also is the pass of the water system used to defend against enemies, so called shuiguan (Water Pass). This is a rare architecture style different with other sections of Great Wall.



Shuiguan Great Wall was built in the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) by by Qi Jiguang, a famous general at that time. It is the east section of Badaling Great Wall, which was cut off because of the construction of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway. The railway is the first independently designed railway in China. In 1995, The wall was open to public after repairs.

Shuiguan Great Wall Photo

Surrounding Scenic Spots

Shuiguan Great Wall is located in the central part of Guangou scenic area. There are many scenic spots surrounded the wall, include Tanqin Gorge, Camel Peak, Stone Buddha Temple, and Golden Fish Pool. Tanqin Gorge(Playing the Piano Gorge) was a valley with with two mountains standing face to face. The stream water flowing down from a slope rippled over the rocks and made them echoed in the valley. It was filled with sand and rocks when Badaling Highway was constructed. Only the steep cliff inscribed with "Tanqin Gorge, Five Precious Heads" can be found now. There are many huge stones on the mountain in front of the Shuiguan Great Wall. The stones look like a camel lying on the mountain, so called Camel Peak. Stone Buddha Temple was first built in the Ming Dynasty and repaired in the early 1990s. Five cross-legged Buddhas with a history of more than 700 years are displayed in the temple. Golden Fish Pool was originally located below the roadbed about 50 meters to the southern mouth of Tanqing Gorge Tunnel. There was once a big golden fish lived in the pond. It was said that when the weather is dry, the locals would dredge the pond. It would begin to rain. Later the pond was ried and the golden fish was disappeared. In 1990s, it was move to the present site when the Badaling Highway was constructed. In addition, visitors can visit the Genghis Khan Palace, the Great Wall Stele Forest and experience the slide way.

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Shuiguan Great Wall Map

Shuiguan Great Wall Map


Shuiguan Great Wall is also called Badaling Shuiguan Great Wall or Badaling Water Pass Great Wall. But it is not the same section with Badaling Great Wall. Pelase make sure your destination.

Travel Tips

1. A pair of shoes and dress for hiking is helpful when you climb the great wall.
2. The sunshine is very strong in summer. A pair of sunglass is useful.
3. Bring much water and some snacks to keep your energy.
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Open time

6:30-17:00 from April to October 07:30—16:30 from November to March next year.


1. Take bus no. 919 from Deshengmen Bus Station to Badaling stop, then take the mini bus to Great Wall.
2. Rent a car directly. It is the most convenient way.


40 RMB