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Beijing Tianjin One Day Tours

Map of Beijing Tianjin one day tourProfile

Tianjin is a city located 150 km southeast of Beijing.  It is possible to visit Tianjin from Beijing and end the tour in Beijing.  We name it Beijing Tianjin one day tour.

There are two methods to connect Beijing and Tianjin city:
1.  private car or van.
2.  fast bullet train

Private car or van very convenient, especially when you travel family, child or elders.    You are not limited by train timetable,  no need to wait in waiting hall of railway station,  have same driver and guide in Beijing and Tianjin.
Fast train between Beijing and Tianjin is very convenient,  and it only take around 35 minutes from Beijing to Tianjin.  But the driver and guide are different in Beijing and Tianjin. 

Popular Attractions of Beijing Tianjin Tour

Wudadao Avenue, Mansion of Family Shi and Tianjin Ancient Culture Street are the top attractions in Tianjin.
Beijingservice also offers many unique attractions to be selected by travelers, such as Jing Garden, and Italian Style Area.

Private Tianjin One Day Tour Products

BJTJ-PO-01. Wudadao Avenue, Ancient Culture Street
BJTJ-PO-02. Italian Style Area, Century Clock, Jing Garden, Binjiangdao Walking street
BJTJ-PO-03. Old City Museum, Outside view of Tianjin Eye, Tianjin Museum, Haihe River sightseeing
BJTJ-PO-04. ZhouEnLai Memorial Hall, Water Park, Residence of ZhangXueLiang, Dabei Temple
BJTJ-PO-05. Stone Museum, Postal Museum, Confucius Temple, Fine Arts Museum, Food Street
BJTJ-PO-06. Qing Palace, Tianjin Zoo, Memorial Hall of PingJin Battle, Great Hall of Tianjin
BJTJ-PO-07. Wanghailou Church, Boxer Uprising Memorial Hall, Guangdong Guildhall
BJTJ-PO-08. Zhangxueliang Residence, Xikai Church, Confucius Temple, Luxury Museum, Guanyin Temple
BJTJ-PO-09. Tianjin Water Park, TV Tower and Lake, Natural Museum
BJTJ-PO-10. Taiandao Area, China House, Financial street, Jingwan Square
BJTJ-PO-11. Lione Forest Bridge, Lishutong Memorial Hall, Guajia Temple
BJTJ-PO-12. Xiaobailou Scenic Area, Anligan Church, Jiefang North Road Scenice Area, Heping Road
BJTJ-PO-16. Mansion of Family Shi, Yangliuqing New-Year-Pictures Gallary, Beining Park.  

Beijing Tianjin One Day Tour Maps

Map of Beijing Tianjin one day tour by trainOne day Beijing Tianjin one day tour maps are listed on the right side of this page.

The first map is for private vehicle one day Beijing Tianjin tour.

Beijing Tianjin One Day Tour Itinerary via Private Vehicle
From the sketch map, you may know the itinerary of one day Beijing Tianin tour. 
- private guide and driver pick you up from your hotel lobby in Beijing.
- drive around 2 hours to Tianjin. 
- visit attractions in tianjin.
- drive back to your hotel in Beijing.

The second map is for Beijing Tianjin one day tour by train.  Travelers may know the visiting sequence as well as service included in the package.

Beijing Tianjin One Day Tour Itinerary via Bullet Train
- private guide and driver pick you up from your hotel lobby in Beijing.  
- take train south railway station,  35 mintues to Tianjin.
- be met by Tianjin driver and guide.
- visit attractions in Tianjin.
- be transferred to Tianjin railways tation.
- take train to Beijing.
- be met by Beijing guide and driver, drive back to your hotel in Beijing.

Traffic Between Beijing and Tianjin

Beijing Tianjin Tour Driver and VehicleThere is two expressway between Beijing and Tianjin. There are always many vehicles between these two cities. The traffic is heavy. Sometimes there is traffic jam.

Beijingservice leave 2 and half hours for the single way transfer. We will leave 3 to 4 hours when travelers need to catch a flight or cruise ship. Please do let us know if you need to catch a flight, train or ship after the day tour.

Beijing Tianjin One Day Tour FAQ :

Beijing Tiajin tour question Is There any join in group one day tour of Tianjin from Beijing?

Beijingservice only offers private tour of Tianjin from Beijing.
This tour include private vehicle, private driver.
You and your family or friends will enjoy one vehicle.

Beijing Tiajin tour question Is the tour guide belongs to Beijing or Tianjin?

55 seats vehicle Beijingservice has tour guide in both Beijing and Tianjin. Beijing tour guide will be arranged if you prefer to take private vehicle tour. Tianjin tour guide is included if travelers choose to take this tour by train.

Beijing Tiajin tour question Can we stay overnight in Tianjin ?

Yes, it is possible. Please let us know your preferred hotel level in advance.
Then we will arrange hotel accommodation in Tianjin in advance.
And please let us know the time you prefer to be transferred back to Beijing.

Beijing Tiajin tour question Is it possible to drop us at Tianjin airport after the Beijing Tianjin one day tour ?

Yes, It is possible to transfer travelers to airport in Tianjin. But the tour needs to be tailored before reservation. We need to adjust the tour to make sure there is enough time to catch the flight.

Beijing Tiajin tour question We prefer to use private vehicle, but want to try the bullet train, can you arrange this ?

Beijingservice suggest you to take bullet train from Beijing to Tianjin at the beginning of the tour. Then you may visit Tianjin attractions. After the tour, we will arrange a private vehicle to tranfer you back to your hotel in Beijing.


There is no shopping stop arranged in the Beijing Tianjin one day tour.   You may find all tour routes are based on no shopping tour. 

Booking of Beijing Tianjin One Day Tour

We need the following information to make reservation:
Tour date: __________
Numbers of Travelers : __________
Name on passport: __________
Passport number and Date of birth: _________ / _________ (requested by Forbidden City )
Nationality: __________
Mobile phone if available: __________
Tour code or attractions name: __________
Preferred payment method: ___________