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Jiumenkou Great Wall

Brief Introduction

Jiumenkou Great Wall, called "A Piece of Stone" in ancient times, is an important pass of the Ming Great Wall. Located in the border between Liaoning and Hebei province, the wall is 15 kilometers away from Shanhaiguan pass. Jiumenkou Great Wall is the only section of the Great Wall over water. It spans the Jiujiang River with width of 100 meters.



Jiumenkou Great Wall was first built in Northern Qi Dynasty (479 - 502) as an important military pass. During the Ming Dynasty(1368 - 1644), it was rebuilt to a larger scale under the supervision of General Xu Da. The great wall extends over 1,700 meters starting from lofty mountains in the south and finally arriving at the banks of Jiujiang River. A huge wall bridge was built over the river to control the river water.
In 1992, Jiumenkou Great Wall was renovated and opened to the public.
In 2002, Jiumenkou Great Wall was listed as a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO.


Jiumenkou Great Wall was built with bricks and stones. There are 16 watchtowers and 1 beacon tower along the wall. The most significant part is the wall bridge over the Jiujiang River. The bridge is 110 meters long and has nine arches. This is why this section was named"Jiumenkou(Nine Gates Entrance) Great Wall". The bridge is served as sluiceway to to regulate the flow of the river and hold off invading enemies. Rectangular stone slabs with an area of 7,000 square meters were placed in the riverbed. Two walled fortresses stand at each end of the bridge.

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Other Attractions

Troop tunnel: There is a 1027 meters long tunnel under the Jiumenkou Great Wall. It is devised for housing troops. The tunnel connects inside and outside of the great wall. It was used to house troops, weapons and provisions and can hold 2000 people at the same time. There is well, kitchen and toilet, even a temple to worship Guanyu inside the tunnel.
Rare Bird Garden: The Rare Bird Garden covers an area of 63,000 square meters. There are more than 200 kinds of rare birds all over the world in the garden.
In addition, there is an unrestored section of the wall near the reconstructed wall. Visitors can enjoy the remains of the original wall.

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1. There is no direct bus from Suizhong Country to Jiumenkou Pass. You can take a bus to Wanjia, Shanhaiguan or Qinghuangdao from Suizhong Bus Station and get off at Wanjia. Then take taxi to Jiumenkou Great Wall.
2. Rent a car directly. It is the most convenient way.


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