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Shixiaguan Great Wall

Brief Introduction

About 5km away from southwest of the Badaling Great Wall, Shixiaguan Great Wall is wild and unrestored. Like Badaling Great Wall, it was also the important military fortress in the Ming Dynasty and a part of the defensive system of Great Wall. With its magnificent scenery and a unique view of the Wall, it is regarded as an ideal place for hikers and researchers on Great Wall.



Shixiaguan Great Wall was built in 1600 during the Ming Dynasty. It was the important military fortress at that time and a western gate of the Badaling Defense Works. In 1644, Li Zicheng, a Chinese rebel leader who overthrew the Ming Dynasty, and his army approached Badaling Great Wall. After he failed to conquer the defense soldiers on the wall, an local old man told that the Shixiaguan Pass west of Badaling Great Wall was relatively weak in defense. Li Zicheng took his advice and successfully entered the Beijing City from Shixiaguan Pass. He ended the Ming Dynasty and founded Shun Dynasty.

Shixiaguan Great Wall Photo

Construction Features

Winding through the forested mountains, Shixiaguan Great Wall is very characteristic. It has independent tower, the city with double chock, and ring city. There is some iron railings and wooden board walkways on the first section and the other is totally unrestored, remaining wild and empty. It is an ideal place for exploration, adventure and photograph.

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Shixiaguan Great Wall Map

Shixiaguan Great Wall Map

Hiking Route

There is two hiking route. The first one is climbing along the newly built stairs from east. There is a view platform on the mid way. The other route is climbing along the newly built road from west. You will arrive in a gap of the great wall. The further section is totally unrestored. If you want to continue hiking, it will be a little tough. But it is rewarding with picturesque views.

Travel Tips

1. Please wear sports shoes and long trousers.
2. Bring bottle water with you.
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1. Take bus no. 919 from Deshengmen Bus Station to Badaling Town of Yanqing Country, then take the mini bus to Great Wall.
2. Rent private car and driver. It is the most convenient way.


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