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Beijingservice.com provides Beijing and China tour information. China tour routes were designed by Beijingservice team uniquely. Beijing map and China tour map was designed by our team.
All China photo was taken by our own.

Please make a link to our website if you have visitors interested in China tour information.   We offers rich and useful informatio for travelers.

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Beijing Travel and Beijing Tour

Beijing travel website offers Beijing hotels and Beijing tour information as well as city profile,  weather, attractions, map and pictures.
link address:  http://www.beijingservice.com

Great Wall of China

Being an ancient gigantic defensive project, Great wall of China is one of the largest construction projects ever completed.
link address:   http://www.beijingservice.com/greatwall.htm

Great Wall Tour

Great Wall tour show you different sections of Great Wall in China with excellent service at reasonable price. Great Wall private tour, Great Wall package tour, Great Wall one day tour and Great Wall tour map are included on this page.
Link address:   http://www.beijingservice.com/tour/greatwalltour.htm

China Tour

China tour refers to discovering popular attractions of China with vehicle, driver, guide, lunch and admission fee. popular China tour, China package tour, one day tour, half day tour and evening tour are included.
Link address:   http://www.beijingservice.com/chinatour.htm

China Hotels

China hotels information are presented on this page by city.
Link address:   http://www.beijingservice.com/chinahotels.htm

Shanghai Tour

Providing vehicle driver guide and admission fee, Shanghai tour help travelers to discover top attractions of the city with half day to 7 days, with private Shanghai tour or join in bus trip.
Link address:   http://www.beijingservice.com/shanghaitour.htm

Xian Tour

Xian tour products and Xian tour related knowledge are presented on this page including private xian tour, bus xian tour, Xian package tour, one day xian tour, theme xian tour and Xian tour question answer.
Link address:   http://www.beijingservice.com/xiantour.htm

Guilin Tour

Guilin tour offers vehicle driver guide admission meal and hotel to help travelers to visit Guilin via private tour or bus tour.
Link address:   http://www.beijingservice.com/guilintour.htm

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