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Variations of Chinese Dumpling

Chinese Dumplings are a traditional Chinese food. They have different tastes, shapes and names in different regions.

Xiaolongbao is a kind of steamed dumplings in Shanghai. The wrapper is gathered and pinched at the top. The Pork filling and aspic (gelatinized broth) are stuffed into the wrappers. When they are steamed, the aspic will melt into soup, which makes the filling stays moist and flavorful. It is not hurry to bite when they are served in bamboo baskets. The correct way is porking a hole and slurping the soup first.
Shengjian is also popular in Shanghai. They are pan-fried Xiaolongbao with crisp bottom. These dumplings usually contain sesame and green onion.

Huntun, also called wonton, are served with a cilantro and sesame oil broth.

Chaoshou are poached wontons in Sichuan Province. It is typically stuffed with a soft and tender pork mince. They are usually served in a spicy chili oil flavored with the Sichuan peppercorn and a black vinegar sauce.

Guotie is kind of pan-fried dumplings. They are pan-fried in a wok for a crispy bottom, and steamed on the top. They are usually stuffed with pork, bok choi and cabbage.

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Hargow are translucent dumplings filled with shrimp and bamboo shoots. The wrappers are made in rice paper, which goes translucent when steamed. Hargow are popular in Gangdong Province and Hongkong.

Shaomai(or Shumai) are steamed dumplings shaped like a money bag, with the filling sticking out at the top. Traditionally they are filled with pork, sometimes shrimp or prawns are also used. Shaomai are soft and puffy.

Tangtuan (or Tanyuan) are made from glutinous rice flour containing a sweet filling, such as ground peanuts or black sesame paste. They are served in boiling water. They are traditionally eaten on the Chinese Lantern Festival, standing for a happy family reunion.

Momo are a type of dumplings native to Tibet and also found in Nepali and Northern Indian. They can be round or moon-shaped and filled with potatoes, minced vegetables, ground chicken, yak, beef. Momo are usually served hot with a tomato-based dipping sauce.

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