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Mutianyu Great Wall

  • Mutianyu Great Wall was first built in the mid-6th century. It is the longest fully-restored Great Wall with 22 original style watchtowers. Mutianyu Great Wall features picturesque landscape with 90% forest coverage rate. The scenery in spring and autumn is excellent.


  • ID : 12
  • City : beijing
  • English name : Mutianyu Great Wall
  • Chinese name : 慕田峪长城
  • Type : Great Wall,
  • Level : standard
  • Kids : Suggested
  • Elders: Possible
  • Best season : Spring and Autumn
  • Visiting length : 4 Hours
  • Distance to city center : 90 km

Introduction of Mutianyu Great Wall

  • Mutianyu Great Wall is located in Huairou District, 73 km northeast of Beijing City. It is one of the most famous and best preserved sections of China Great Wall.The wall stands in the east opposite of Badaling Great Wall, which is in the west. It connects Gubeikou Pass in the north and Huanghuacheng in the west.

    Mutianyu Great Wall is served as part of the northern barrier defending both the capital and the imperial tombs. The wall is 7-8 meters high, with a top of 4-5 meters wide. It was mainly built with granite coming from the nearby Qian'an County. The wall is covered with flourish grasses and dense forests. With a total length of 5400 meters, it is the longest section of China Great Wall. It is also one of the 16 best scenic spots of Beijing.

Photo of Mutianyu Great Wall

  • The following photo of Mutianyu Great Wall was taken in late autumn by Jasper. You may find the happy travelers, amazing wall, cable car station and trees on the photo.
  • Mutianyu Great Wall photo

Highlights of visiting Mutianyu Great Wall

    Zhengguan Tai, The Great Watchtower, Charming Scenery

Helper to visit Mutianyu Great Wall

  • Address in English : Mutianyu Village, Bohai Town, Huairou District, Beijing,China
  • Address in Chinese : 北京市怀柔区渤海镇慕田峪村
  • Tel : +8610-61626022
  • Post code : 101405
  • Ticket time : 9:00-16:00
  • Open time : 9:00-16:30
  • Closing time : Null
  • Location : Mutianyu Great Wall is around 90 km to downtown beijing


  • Public bus: 916(Huairou North Street station),transfer to Dongtai bus(Mutianyu Great Wall)
  • Private car is the best method to visit Mutianyu Great Wall with local tour operator.


  • high season : 60 RMB/person.
  • shoulder season : 60 RMB/person.
  • low season : 60 RMB/person.

Mutianyu Great Wall Tour

Please send us an email if you can not find Mutianyu Great Wall tour you need on this page. We can tailor a private trip to Mutianyu Great Wall.

Map of Mutianyu Great Wall

  • The map of Mutianyu Great Wall as below shows both the location of Great Wall to Beijing, as well as the main watch tower on the Wall. Ticket office, shuttle bus station, parking Washroom, cable car, slide and entrance of the wall are all presented on the map. The main watch tower from 1 to 23 are marked on the map.
  • Mutianyu Great Wall map

Hotel Near Mutianyu Great Wall

  • 5 star/duluxe hotel
  • Sunrise East Kempinski Hotel
  • Yanqi Hotel Beijing
  • 4 star/superior hotel
  • The Great Wall Hotel
  • Rezen Retreat Chestnut Valley (Beijing Huairou)
  • Swan Lakeview Hotel
  • 3 star/comfort hotel
  • Brickyard at Mutianyu
  • History of Mutianyu Great Wall
  • Mutianyu Great Wall has a history of 1400 years and is part of the glorious culture of China. The wall was first built in Northern Qi Dynasty (550 - 557). It was rebuilt in the early Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) by General Xu Da to strengthen its defensive potential. In 1404, the Mutianyu Pass was added to the wall.
    It was ranked as a 4A grade scenic spot in 2002, and a 5A grade scenic spot in 2011.

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    • The unique features of Mutianyu Great Wall
    • 1. Covered with flourish grasses and dense forests, the coverage of Mutianyu Great Wall accounts to 96%, higher than other sections of Great Wall. Surrounded with mountains, the wall presents different landscape in four seasons. Fragrant flowers bloom all over the mountains in spring, abundantly verdant green fills the hillside in Summer, fruitful trees and red leaves dance with the wind in Autumn and white snow covers the wall in Winter.

      2. Different to other sections of Great Wall, the gateway platform of Mutianyu Great Wall is special. The general gateway platform(also called Mutianyu Pass) consists of 3 hollow watchtowers, one big in the middle and two small on both sides. The three watchtowers are connected together, which is an unusual architecture in all sections of Great Wall. The gates of the pass are not set in the middle but on the eastern sides.

      3. Number of watchtowers and other ancient constructions are closely packed on the Mutianyu Great Wall. There are 23 watchtowers distributed along the wall which stretches for about 2250 meters long.

      4. The parapets were built on the inner and outer side of the wall, which is very rare on other sections of the Great Wall. This means Mutianyu Great Wall were used to defend against enemies coming from the two sides. Some of the parapets are tooth shaped, different from the different from regular rectangular form.

      5. Branch Walls with watchtowers were built along the hill ridge to relieve the enemy's attack on the main wall. They measure from several yards to dozens of yards across.
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    • Surrounding villages
    • The Mutianyu Village, Beigou Village, Xinying Village and Tianxianyu Village are located around the Mutianyu Great Wall. They are founded by the original builders of the Wall and have retained their wonderful unique character. Cultural and historical relics can be found in these villages. Walking in the village, visitors can experience the rural life of Chinese countryside.
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