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Niangziguan Pass

Brief Introduction

Niangziguan Pass is located on Mianshan Mountain of Yangquan City, where Shanxi Province meets Hebei Province. Built in 1542 during the Ming dynasty, the pass is famed as "the Ninth Pass on the Great Wall". Standing on the cliff surrounding by Taohe River, the pass had a strategic importance in the ancient China.



Nanziguan Pass was originally built in the the period of Warring States(475-221 BC). It was once called "Weize Pass". It was said that during the Tang Dynasty (618–907 AD), the women army under the command of Princess Pingyang once garrisoned there. Hence the name "Niangzi(women) Pass".
Niangzi Pass was reconstructed in 1542 during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).
During the period of Anti-Japanese War, Niangzi Pass played an important defense role many times.


Surrounded by hills and valleys, the present Nanziguan Pass was built in Ming Dynasty. The pass flanked by hills more than l,000 meters high.
It has two gates, the south gate and the east gate. The south gate is made from limestone. Four impressive characters "Jing Ji Fan Ping(protective screen of the capital)" were carved in the front. The east gate is made from brick with a horizontal tablet carved with "Zhi Li Niang Zi Guan(Nanziguan Pass under the control of the capital)". There is a platform on the gate to review the soldier and lookout of the situation of the enemy. The city wall winds on the southeast of the pass. The west of the pass is surrounded by Taohe River.

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Other Attractions

There are many waterfalls in the scenic area. The biggest one is Water Curtain Cave Waterfall. It is 10 meters wide and has a drop of 30 meters. The spring drops from the lofty cliff, creating foaming waves and thundering sounds. There is another waterfall located from 300 meters from the East Gate of Niangziguan Pass, so called Niangziguan Pass Waterfall. It is 6.5 meters wide and has a drop of 40 meters.
There are also many historic sites near the Niangziguan Pass, such as Chengtian Village, Laojun Cave, Beacon Tower, Platform for Appointing Commanders, Pool like Washbasin and Summer Tower, etc.

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1. Take bus to Nanziguan Town from Yangquan Bus Station, then take a taxi to Nanziguan Pass.
2. Take tourist bus No. 2 from Binhe Bus Station of Yangquan City to Nanziguan Pass.
3. Take railway from Shijiazhuang or Taiyuan to Nanziguan Railway Station. Then walk about 1km to Nanziguan Pass.
4. Rent a car directly. It is the most convenient way.


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