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Shanhaiguan Jiaoshan and Laolongtour Great Wall Map

This map show your the location of Shanhaiguan Great Wall,  Jiaoshan Great Wall and Laolongtour Great Wall location in Qinhuangdao.

These three part of Great Wall is 16 km east of Qinhuangdao city.
Shanhaiguan Great Wall is 7 km south of Jiaoshan Great Wall.
Laolongtou Great Wall is around 6 km south of Shanhaiguan Great Wall.

Shanhaiguan, Jiaoshan, Laolongtour Great Wall Tour Map

Map name: Shanhaiguan Great Wall map, Jiaoshan Great Wall map,  Laolongtou map
Size: 800 px * 620 px;
Related topic:  Shanhaiguan Great Wall, Jiaoshan Great Wall, Laolongtou Great Wall
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