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Juyongguan Great Wall Tour

Juyongguan Great Wall Tour


Juyongguan Great Wall tour is welcomed by travelers because Juyongguan Great Wall is the closest section of Great Wall to Beijing city. Sometimes travelers intend to visit Badaling Great Wall changed to visit Juyongguan Great Wall when they drive pass Juyonguan section of Wall. Part of travelers are attracted by the charming of Juyongguan, part of travelers do this because the traffic is heavy and Juyongugan Great Wall is more closed to city.

Is Juyongugan Great wall interesting ? Juyongguan Great Wall Map

Juyongguan Great Wall offers different kinds of building and attracting scenery. Building of Juyongguan Great Wall covers wall, pass and Cloud Platform. Except climbing the wall of this section, travelers have chance to visit the grand pass and the Cloud Platform (named Yuntai in Chinese), which is only possible at Juyongguan Section.

How far is it from Beijing City to Juyonguan Great Wall?

Juyongguan Great Wall is 60 km north of Beijing, which needs around one and half hours' driving. To take a Juyong Guan Great Wall tour, travelers can departure from downtown hotel at 08:30 am.

Do you have an Juyongguan Great Wall map?

Yes, Beijingservice team designed both Juyongguan Great Wall map and Juyongguan Great Wall tour map. Juyongguan Great Wall map show you the layout of beacon tower. Juyongguan Great Wall tour map show you the flow of Juyongguan Great Wall tour.

Is there a restaurant at Juyongguan Great Wall?

There is no restaurant on or near the Juyongugan. We will have lunch in Changping, which is around 20 km south of Juyongugan Great Wall.


Juyongguan Great Wall One Day Tour

Other Juyongguan Great Wall One Day Tour:

BJ-PO-39-A Juyongguan Great Wall + Dingling Underground Palace + Sacred Way
BJ-PO-39-B Juyongguan Great Wall + + Olympic Park
BJ-PO-39-D Juyongguan Great Wall + Commune Under the Great Wall
BJ-PO-39-E Juyongguan Great Wall + Badaling Wild Animal World
BJ-PO-39-F Juyongguan Great Wall + Badaling Ski Resort
BJ-PO-39-G Juyongguan Great Wall + China Avaiation Museum
BJ-PO-39-H Juyongguan Great Wall + China North Shotting Ground
BJ-PO-39-J Juyongguan Great Wall tour start from Beijing airport

Stay One Night near Juyongguan Great Wall:

2 days one night: Mutianyu + Juyongguan + Dingling + Sacred Way + Badaling Great Wall
Day 1. Mutianyu Great Wall, Juyongguan GreatWall, Overnight under the foot of Juyonguan Great Wall.
Day 2. Dingling Underground Palace of Ming Tombs, Sacred Way, Badaling Great Wall, Transfer back to hotel.

2 days one night: Beijing City+ Juyongguan + Dingling + Sacred Way
Day 1. Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace. Overnight under the foot of Juyonguan Great Wall.
Day 2. Juyongguan Great Wall, Dingling Underground Palace of Ming Tombs, Sacred Way.

2 days one night: Dingling + Sacred Way + Badaling Great Wall + Hotspring + Juyongguan Great Wall
Day 1. Dingling Palace of Ming Tombs, Sacred Way, Badaling Great Wall. Overnight in Hotspring Resort.
Day 2. Enjoy Hotspring, Juyongguan Great Wall, Transfer back to Beijing hotel.

Juyongguan Great Wall Photo

Related Topic

Is there a cable car on Juyongguan Great Wall ?

No, there is no cable car on this section of Great Wall, travelers need to climb on the wall by foot.

Is Juyongguan Great Wall steep?

Yes, most part of Juyongguan Great Wall is steep. It is helpful to have a soft shoes and loose pants.

Is it possible to visit Juyongguan Great Wall and Ming Tomb within one day?

Yes, it is possible. Ming Tomb is located 20 km south of Juyongguan Grerat Wall. We can drive 30 minutes to visit Juyongguan Great Wall after tour of Ming Tombs.

Can you find a hotel near Juyongguan Great Wall?

Yes, Beijingservice offers accommodation under the foot of Juyongguan Great Wall. You have chance to enjoy the sunsetting or sunrising of Great Wall.

We only have half day time in Beijing, can we take this Juyongguan wall tour ?

It is possible to take half day Juyongguan tour.   And part of travelers need to visit Great Wall from Beijing airport or take Great Wall tour from Beijing Railway Station.   After the tour you will be transfered to airport, train station or back to your hotel in Beijing.  It takes around 1.5 hours to return to Beijing from Juyongguan Great Wall, and you need reach Beijing Railway Station or airport two hours before departure time.

Can we visit Juyongguang Great Wall together with Badaling Great Wall ?

Yes, it is possible. These two sections of Great Wall can be visited within one day or on two separate days. Early getting up is necessary if you want to visit two Great Wall within one day. After Badaling Great Wall tour and Lunch, we will visit Juyongguan Great Wall.  It is also possible to stay in a hotel near Juyongguan Great Wall, and visit Badaling Great Wall on second day.

Our flight arrive in Beijing airport on the morning, can you pick us up from airport and visit Juyongguan Great Wall and then send us back to airport ?

Yes, it is possible if you flight arrive in Beijing before 11:00 am. After pick you up from airport, we will have lunch, and then drive to visit Juyongguan Great Wall. After two hours' visiting on Great Wall, we will transfer you back to airport or to hotel in downtown Beijing.  Actually, this tour is also available even you do not have Chinese Visa, we call it Free Visa Tour. Please find more tour routes of Great Wall tour from Beijing airport.

We arrive in Xingang Port of Tianjin on the morning, is it possible to take one day Juyongguan Great Wall tour?

It is possible to complete this one day tour. Our tour guide will reach Xingang Port of Tianjin in the evening before tour date, and meet you on early morning, then drive 3.5 hours to Juyongguan Great Wall. After the Juyongguan Great Wall tour, you will be transfered back to Xingang or hotel in downtown Beijing. Please find more tour routes on Beijing Xingang one day tour page or Beijing Tour from Xingang page.