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Great Wall Tour Accommodation
- overnight under the foot of Great Wall

Many travelers need an experience of one night under the foot of Great Wall. This is almost impossible in the past because there is very few hotels in China. So some travelers choose camping in a wild place near or on Great Wall, but this actions lead to a dangerous position for travelers, because of the weather, animal or unexpected incident on travelers. Another options is sleep in local house, but the sanitation and English is unacceptable and it is not aways available.

Now-days, there are more and more hotels or hostels built up to cater the needs of travelers to Great Wall. Then Beijingservice designed some tour routes to cover hotel accommodation under the foot of Great Wall. Till now, only Beijing is possible to overnight near Great Wall, because most travelers will visit Great Wall in Beijing.

Hotel near Jinshanling Great Wall

Beijingservice cooperate with a 3 star level hotel for more than ten years to offer accommodation place when travelers take a Jinshanling Great Wall tour . Built in Chinese courtyard style, foreign travelers may touch local Chinese architecture. The hotel offers standard twin or double bed room including daily breakfast. See photo of this hotel near Jinshanling Great Wall. A restaurant in this hotel provides clean food for Great Wall travelers. Travelers may walk around 10 minutes to reach Jinshanling Great Wall, this make it possible to see Sunrising or Sunsetting on Great Wall. Please note, this hotel is only available from April 1 to November 15. The hotel is off duty from November 16 to next March 3, because it is very cold in winter and only a few travelers to stay in this hotel.

It is also possible to camping near the hotel.  This camping is different with the one i had said in wild place. The camping ground is provided by hotel, the hotel provides toilet and water. And the location is not far from hotel, this make sure the camping is safe and clean, which is the most important elements for travelers to Jinshanling Great Wall.

Hotel accommodation near Badaling Great Wall

Badaling Great Wall Hotel is located near the parking place of Badaling Great Wall. The hotel is a Chinese Courtyard, which is in a three star level. Standard room in this hotel provides clean and safe stay for travelers to visit Badaling Great Wall. There is only a few rooms available in this hotel, so please make reservation as early as possible.

Hotel near Juyongguan Great Wall

The hotel under the foot of Juyongguan Great Wall offers 90 Chinese style rooms. This is a 4 star level hotel offers ancient Chinese style room. And the the whole hotel is in Chinese architecture style. Travelers may walk 5 minutes to the ticket office of Juyongguan Great Wall.

How about the English level of the staff in these hotels near Great Wall?

The staff of reception can do some simple communication with travelers. But this is not a problem, because your tour guide will stay in same hotel with you and help you when you can not communicate with hotel.

Is Wifi available in hotels near Great Wall?

Yes, most hotels offers Wifi INTERNET connection, in lobby and room.


Most of rooms under the foot of Great Wall do not have window, because it is very cold from late Autumn to early Spring. No room window can keep the warm air in room, instead of flow out from window. Even in the evening of Summer, it is more cool than downtown Beijing.


Breakfast is not include in the hotel cost in part of hotels under the foot of Great Wall. Travelers may order dish by menu pay in cash.

Bottle water

All hotels provides clean bottle water for travelers. Travelers may buy them from the shop in hotel.


There is no public bus between the hotel and downtown Beijing. Beijingservice will arrange private vehicle and guide for the travelers. Driver and guide will stay in same hotel or some other small hotel nearby.

Admission fee

Should i buy tickets again when i visit attraction again on next day? It is different for different section. Juyongguan Great Wall needs you to buy tickets again if you visit the Great Wall again on second day. No need to buy tickets again for Jinshanling Great Wall and Badaling Great Wall.

I want to stay in a hotel near Great Wall and take photo of Great Wall on the morning. Will the Great Wall open if i visit Great Wall on early morningļ¼Ÿ

Yes, It is possible to visit Great Wall on early morning. Please inform the hotel reception about this in the evening before you tour date.

Is there any restaurant in the hotel?

Yes, there is restaurant. Travelers may order the dish by menu.

Is it possible for Beijingservice to find hotel near Great Wall out of Beijing?

Yes, we have selected some hotels near Great Wall out of Beijing.
Please let us know which part of Great Wall you will visit, then we will send more information.

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