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China Train Tips

Each country has its own policy on train. Railway grows very fast in China these years.
Beijingservice introduce the following aspects related with train and railway station related details on this page.  Mainly covers the following aspects.

- Type of train in China
- Seats and berth on train
- Reserve train tickets in China
- Deliver the train tickets
- Pick up train tickets
- Train station transfer

  Train type in China

- Train number start with 'G' :  This is the fast bullet train, part of trains runs at 300km /hour;
- Train number start with 'D' :  Fast bullet train, runs at 200km /hour;
- Train number start with 'K' 'Y' or '
T' :  The normal speed train.
- Train number start with number, such as 2258: Low speed train. 

Seats and berth on train

- Deluxe cabin: 2 persons in one cabin, door can be closed from inside, bathroom and shower are available.
- Soft sleeper / berth: 4 persons in one cabin, door can be closed from inside, shared bathroom.
- Hard sleeper / berth: 6 persons in one cabin, no door shared bathroom.
- Soft seats / berth: the seats are mainly used by G train or D train.
- Hard seats / berth: the seats are available on normal or low speed train.

Reserve train tickets in China

Train tickets start to be sold 30 days before departure date.  Please provide scanned passport copy and remit payment in advance.    The handling fee of train ticket is 7 /ticket.
No one can guarantee train tickets in China because there are millions of travelers waiting in train station on each day.  Beijingservice team will inform you the result of the train tickets around 30 days in advance.
Forget train tickets if you need to travel China during Spring Holiday or National Holiday. It is impossible to get train tickets during these period.

  Deliver the train tickets to your hotel

Beijingservice team can make reservation and pay for the train tickets, then deliver the train tciets to your hotel in advance.  Travelers may pick up the train tickets from receiption of hotel with passport and reservation number.

Pick up train tickets

It is an option for travelers to pick up tickets at ticket center of Railway Station if travelers are familiar with train station or train travel. 
Beijingservice will provide the Reservation Number after we reserved and paid the train tickets.
Travelers may take passport and the reservation number to pick up train tickets at train station.
Please leavel 2 hours for the tickets pick up because there is possiblity of wait in line.

Beijingservice team do not suggest travelers to pick up train tickets on their own, because most foreign travelers are not familiar with Railway Station in China.

Train Station Transfer

The traffic is not good in most cities of China. So we will transfer travelers to train station at least one hour in advance. Tour guide is not permitted to enter train station since 2014.  So most train station transfer do not include tour guide.  Travelers need to walk to the train on their own. 

Train Station pick up

Tour guide will wait travelers outside of exit of train station. Pleaes walk out the train station after you get down the train. Please follow the flow of people to the exit of train station.   Many tour guides
are waiting for travelers with name on paper.