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Vehicle of Beijing Private Tour

Vehicle is very important in the arrangement of Beijing private tour.  
Beijingservice team offers excellent vehicle for private tour in Beijing.   We can arrange tour vehicle according to the request of travelers and number of travelers.

Vehicle Age

Most of the vehicles was registered within 5 years. It is new from outside and inside. Please let us know if you prefer to have a new vehicle when make reservation. Part of vehicle is compared a little old, but they are still in good condition. The vehicle team often look-over the condition of the vehicle.


  • Seat: 4 seats to 55 seats
  • Air-condition: yes
  • Driver: available
  • Tourism Licensed: yes


All vehicle for Beijing private tour are equipped with air condition. In hot Summer Palace, the air condition will be opened before the boarding of travelers.


All our vehicle offers standard seats in international standard. Usually we will leave 1/3 to 1/5 seats empty, which make the private tour more comfortable. Please inform us if you have plenty of luggage or there are big or very strong travelers in the tour.


4 seats car: These kinds of 4 seats car are often used: Red-flag, Passat, Hundai, walks-wagon.
We can arrange deluxe car if travelers request in advance, such as Benz S350. For sure this will change tour price much.
For 9 to 15 seats van, we use Jinbei, Refine, Benz MB100.
Jinlong or Yutong is used for 22 to 55 seats vehicle.

Bottle water
There are free bottle water on most of our vehicle. Please inform our tour advisor if you need to reconfirm when make reservation.

Tourism Licensed:
Licensed: Beijingservie team only use licensed tourism vehicle. The vehicle is permitted by Beijing Tourism Bureau (BTB). All these vehicles are inspected and managed by BTB, which help the vehicle team to provide better service for travelers, although this kind of vehicle is more expensive.

Driving Speed
The vehicle are asked to keep the middle speed, which will make the tour more safe and comfortable.

Umbrella is only available on part of vehicle. Driver and guide will help you to take umbrella from hotel when it is rain.

Parking Place

When pick up travelers from hotel, the vehicle will park near the gate of hotel lobby. During the sightseeing, the vehicle will park at parking lot of attraction. When travelers be met from airport, vehicle will park at Parking lot of airport. Then driver will catch a paper with travelers name to meet travelers in waiting hall. Then the driver will lead travelers to parking lot. It will be more convenient when there is tour guide included.

Daily Using time

The usage of vehicle is limited within 8 hours or 100 km per day if you use the vehicle within downtown. But it is not very strict when you set up good relation with driver during sightseeing :) It is different when travelers take private tour to further attractions out of Beijing city, such as Great Wall. Vehicle will transfer you to Great Wall on the morning, and transfer you back to hotel after the tour although the distance is more than 100 km.