Tipping of Beijing Private Tour

Many travelers ask our tour advisor how much i should tip the driver and guide. We often reply travelers that this is depends on travelers. But travelers are still confused. Actually foreign travelers often give tip to driver and tour guide. Here is the regular tipping amount suggestion:

Who need to be tipped.

During the private tour in Beijing, usually tour guide and driver need to be tipped, based on their excellent service after the private tour.

Method to tipping

Some travelers prefer to include the tips in price package. Please inform our tour advisor in advance if you prefer this method. Most travelers will tip the guide and driver in cash during the tour.

Time to give tips

While taking airport transfer, tips will be given at the end of the service, at hotel or in the airport. When taking one day private tour, travelers often give tips when the tour finished and be transferred back to hotel. When travelers take private package tour, tips will be given at the end of the package, fox example when travelers be transferred back to hotel or be transferred to airport for departure.

Amount of tipping

Usually foreign travelers will tip guide 50-200 RMB per day, and tip driver 50-100 RMB per day. But the Tips is depends on travelers and the service they provide.

Travelers may tip tour guide and driver in any currency. For example, US$, RMB, Euro dollars, ...