Restaurant of Beijing Private Tour

Beijing restaurant for Beijing private tour is flexible. It is very important to eat well while travel in Beijing. We have the following restaurants.

Tourism Restaurant

This kind of restaurant is designed for foreign travelers to China. Tour operator will contact restaurant to reserve meal in advance. On tour date, tour guide will lead travelers to restaurant at appointed time. Travelers do not need to wait for food in restaurant because the meal is arranged in advance. Tourism restaurant is safe and clean, and the flavor is tailored according to foreign travelers' taste. This kind of restaurant is a good choice when travelers do not have enough time, or take sightseeing near Great Wall. The staff is polite and experienced for service to foreigners.


  • Location: near attractions
  • Air-condition: yes
  • Style: Chinese or Western

Normal Local Restaurant

Normal Restaurant refers to the nice restaurant often used by local people. Travelers may taste the real local flavor and find daily life of local people. The cost of lunch is around 16 USD to 20 USD per person. This kind of restaurant include Jindingxuan, Dawanju, BeipingRenJia... But sometime the restaurant is very busy and travelers need to wait in line for table. And small part of people may smoke or speak aloud in the restaurant. We always use restaurant with good hardware and service, most local people in this kind of restaurant are in good manner. But please consider the environment element before you decide to have lunch in normal local restaurant.

Deluxe local Restaurant

Local restaurant in deluxe level is good choice for travelers to Beijing. Travelers may touch the deluxe level of Chinese cuisine. We need to make reservation in advance for the table. The price of the food is around 45 to 75 USD per person. This kind of restaurant covers Quanjude at Hepingmen, Dadong, Restaurant Jing... Deluxe local Restaurant offers very good hardware and service, as well as the delicious food.

Fast Food.

Small part of travelers prefer to have fast food to save time of sightseeing. Travelers may buy the food in the restaurant and then have it on the vehicle to make full use of time. There are Fast Food Chains near part of attractions and in downtown area, such as KFC, McDonald's... It is also a good choice when travelers prefer to take a hiking tour on Great Wall. The fast food can be taken on Great Wall for lunch.

Buffet Lunch / dinner.
Most Chinese food are in the form of table meal, which means your group sit around one table and enjoy the lunch or dinner. We can arrange buffet lunch or dinner when travelers request on this. Buffet meal may cater most need of travelers' flavor and there are many kinds of food to choose. Travelers need to pay extra cost when they choose deluxe restaurant. Buffet meal needs more time than tourism restaurant.

Western Restaurant.
We suggest travelers to tast Chinese local food when they take private tour to China. But Small part of travelers can not accommodate with Chinese cuisine. They prefer to taste one two two Chinese cuisine and most meals will be arranged in western style restaurant. If you are one of the travelers, please inform your tour advisor in advance. Please note, this will spend more time for meal and the tour cost will be more expensive.

Local restaurant with Beijing Elements.
When travelers want to touch Beijing from different aspect, we always suggest travelers to touch the local dish of Beijing. Perhaps the food is not arranged a very big restaurant, but they are the real dishes used by local Beijing people. After enjoy the local Beijing dish, touch the environment of the restaurant, travelers may know details of local Beijing daily life.