Beijing Ming Tombs Private Tour

Update on: 2017-September-02

Ming Tombs Photo of Ming Tomb: Changling Tombalso called the Thirteen Ming Tombs, which is the resting place of 13 emperors in Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644).   
Located 45 km north of Tiananmen Square, Ming Tombs is one of the must visit places in Beijing. Ming Tombs is not far from Badaling Great Wall and Juyongguan Great Wall. Many travelers combines these two places into a Beijing one day tour.

There are several Ming Tomb available to be visited.  Most travelers will visit Changling Tomb or Dingling Tombs.  Underground Palace of Dingling Tomb is available.

Tour Products

Ming Tombs Half Day Private Tour
This private tour of Mint Tomb offers the easy and fast way to visit Ming Tombs.
- Changling Tomb half day tour
- Dingling Tomb half day tour / Underground Palace
- Zhaoling Tomb half day tour

One day private tour to Ming Tombs
- One day tour of Changling Tomb, Underground Palace of Dingling Tomb, Sacred Way.
Travelers may visit two tombs of Ming Dynasty as well as the Sacred Way with private vehicle and guide.

Ming Tombs Layover tour
This tour covers the visiting of Ming Tombs as well as double way airport transfer between Beijing International Airport and Ming Tombs. This private tour is based on at least 5 hours in Beijing including the double way airport transfer.
- Changling Tomb half day tour from airport
- Dingling Tomb half day tour from airport
- Zhaoling Tomb half day tour from airport

Beijing one day private tour covers Ming Tombs
The following Beijing one day tour routes covers the visiting of Ming Tombs:
BJ-PO-01-A. Badaling Great Wall and Ming Tombs one day tour
BJ-PO-01-B. Mutianyu Great Wall and Ming Tombs one day tour
BJ-PO-01-C. Juyongguan Great Wall and Ming Tombs

Beijing private package include Ming Tombs
We suggest 4 days Classic Beijing private tour 
This 4 days private tour combine most top attractions in Beijing include a private visit to Ming Tombs.
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Possible add-on tours

Hotspring, Strawberry picking, China Aviation Museum, Badaling Great Wall, Juyongguan Great Wall, Shooting, Skiing ground and Shisanling Reservoir are located in this direction. Please let us know if you prefer to visit one of them with Ming Tomb.

Visiting Time

Ming Tombs can be visited in any season. It will not be affected by season or weather.


The road to Ming Tombs area is in good condition. There are many vehicles to this direction during weekend.
Ming Tombs is in the same direction with Badaling Great Wall.


There is no restaurant in Ming Tombs . And there are not decent restaurant in the area. Most tour operator arrange lunch in the Changping county, which is not far from Ming Tomb. There are Tourism restaurant on the way to Ming Tomb, although they are in the same building with local crafts shops. Tourism restaurant is the best choice in this area.

Vegetarian food, Indian food, Muslim Food can be arranged if you reserve the tour at least one week before tour date. But please note, they are not very strict on the normal special food. Please let us know your request on the food, then we will arrange it for you.

Tour guide

Tour guide of Beijingservice will meet you from your hotel at the beginning of the private tour. English and Chinese tour guide are easy to arrange. Please let us know in advance when you need Spanish, French or German speaking tour guide. And the tour cost is higher than English guide.

Tour arrangement

Please contact our tour advisor if you can not find a favored Ming Tombs private tour. We will tailor your own private tour: