Driver of Beijing Private Tour

Driver of private tour in Beijing is arranged by Beijingservice team. Travel with a professional and friendly driver makes your trip comfortable and pleasant.

What driver do

Driver of Beijing private tour will drive the vehicle according to the confirmed itinerary. Meet travelers from airport or train station and transfer to hotel. Pick up travelers from hotel lobby at appointed time, usually at 08:30am. Drive the vehicle at mid-speed, to keep the tour safe and comfortable. Drive to attractions and wait for travelers in parking lot. Open air-condition when necessary. Transfer travelers to restaurant for lunch. Drive back to hotel after the tour.


  • Age: 28 - 45
  • Gender: gentleman
  • Language: Chinese
  • Professional: yes

Age of driver

Most drivers of Beijingservice are between 28 and 45. With this age, drivers are steady-going, this is the base of steady-driving.


All our drivers are male. We need our driver careful, calmness, brave and strong. When travelers have heavy luggage, driver can help :)


Driver of private tour in Beijing only speak Chinese. Part of driver can speak little English. No driver can be a guide.

We are proud of having these excellent drivers in our team, and thanks for their excellent job. Most of driver are non-smoking. All drivers are in good manner. Part of drivers will be recruited by government to drive for China or foreign leaders. Many of our driver work for the G20 held in Hangzhou in 2016.

Lost and found
Never worry if you left things on our vehicle. One of our driver find the camera on the seat after transferring travelers to airport. He drive back at once and hand the camera to travelers under the help of tour advisor in office.

Tips is depends on travelers.   5 to 20USD/day is custom of western travelers.

Driving Speed
Drivers are asked to keep the middle speed, which will make the tour more safe and comfortable.

Is is possible to hire a private driver when i drive my own car to Beijing?
Yes, it is possible, But we still suggest you to rent our driver with vehicle in Beijing. But you may still let us know when you only need the driver in Beijing.