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Beijing Capital International Airport Service

Inquiry Counter

The Inquiry Counter provides passengers with guidance, daily flight information and other convenient services.
Service Number: 86-10-96158
opposite to No.3 Gate on 1st Floor
opposite to No.4 Gate on 2nd Floor

opposite to No.12 Gate on 2nd Floor
opposite to No.6 Gate on 2nd Floor

T3-C in front of check in area No. C, E, and F on 4th Floor
T3-C Domestic Departure Waiting Hall on 3rd Floor
T3-C Arrival Hall No. A, B and C on 2nd Floor
T3-D Boarding Area on 2nd Floor
T3-E International Boarding Area

Business Center

The Business Center provides passengers with copy, fax, local and long-distance calling, and internet access services.
The one in Terminal 1 is located near No.7 arrival gate. There are two business centers in Terminal 2. The Arrival counter is located near the No.2A arrival exit and Departure counter is on Island B. The open time of the three business centers are from 06:00 to 23:30.
T1: 50 meters east to Gate 2 on Floor 2
Service Time: 7:00 - 21:30
Service Number: 86-10-64590343

T2: opposite to Gate 14 on Floor 2
Service Time: 6:30 - 21:30
Service Number: 86-10-64590360

T3: north to Check-in Area H on Floor 4
Service Time: 6:00 - 21:00
Service Number: 86-10-64530016

Luggage Packing

Beijing Capital International Airport provide luggage packing service.
Luggage Storage Counter on east side to 2nd Floor
Counter K1 in Departure Hall

opposite to Check in Island F, G in Domestic Departure Hall

South side of Check in Channel E, H, K, D

East side of Transit Hall on 2nd Floor

Price for Luggage Packing:
Packing Tape: 10RMB per luggage
Wrapping Film: 30RMB per luggage
Luggage Strap (400mm): 20RMB
Bubble Wrap (12cm*6cm): 10RMB
Handle (22.5cm*3.5cm): 5RMB

Size: 30cm*18cm*18cm Price: RMB 20
Size: 50cm*35cm*30cm Price: RMB 25

Beijing Capital International Airport Index

Luggage Storage

Beijing Capital International Airport provides services of luggage storage and claim. Passengers are required to produce valid documents to deposit or claim luggage. The luggage need to be checked with using X-ray devices before storage. If Passengers cannot claim their luggage by themselves, they can apply in advance and fill out an entrustment form. Their agents can claim the luggage for them with valid documents.

Location of Luggage Deposit Center :
T1: on the east of Corridor between T1 to T2
Service Number: 86-10-64540921

near gate 9 in the arrival hall on the 1st floor
near gate 10 and gate 8 in the departure hall on the 2nd floor
Service Number: 86-10-64598152

East of public area of Arrival Hall on 2nd floor
West of public area of Arrival Hall on 2nd floor
Service Number: 86-10-64558580, 64558579

Size of Luggage: length + width + height ≤65cm
Price: 20RMB within 24 hours

Size of Luggage: 65cm<length + width + height ≤200cm
Price: 30RMB within 24 hours

Size of Luggage: length + width + height>200cm
Price: 50RMB within 24 hours

Luggage Portage Service

Beijing Capital International Airport provides Luggage Portage Service. Passengers can call the staff in Depart floor and Baggage Claim Hall.
Service Number: 86-10-64593685(T1 & T2), 86-10-64591313(T3)

Price for Luggage Portage:
If the luggages are no more than 3 pieces, the cost is 10RMB, and 5RMB for each extra luggage.
Porter Service from/to Domestic Boarding Gates: 50RMB per way
Porter Service from/to International Boarding Gates: 80RMB per way
Porter Service between T1/T2 and T3: 100RMB per way

Beijing Capital International Airport Photo

Related Topic

Lost & Found

Beijing Capital International Airport provides registration, claim and inquiry services for lost items in the airport. If passengers provide the correct information about the lost items, including name, features, lost date, lost site, etc, they can claim the items with valid documents. Passengers also can entrust agents to claim lost items with entrustment form and valid documents.
Service Number: 86-10-96158
T2: Inside the Passenger Service Center by Gate 15 on 1st Floor

Inside the West Information Counter behind Security Check Zone
East of Exit A of Arrival Hall on 2nd Floor
Inside the Information Counter on 2nd Floor
Inside Information Counter, North of Customs Counter

Temporary Boarding Certificates

If passengers need Temporary Boarding Certificates, they can apply in the police station of airport. The police station is in Room No.22008 near Channel No.14 of Domestic Security Check Site in T2 and Near the Domestic Excess Luggage Check-in Desk of Check-in Area on Floor 4 in T3.
Service Number: 86-10-64597459(T1), 86-10-64597459(T2), 86-10-64530015(T3)

Ticket Service

Beijing Capital International Airport provides purchasing, confirming and rescheduling tickets service. The passengers with e-tickets can choose self-service check-in equipment to go through the check-in procedure.
T1: Departure Hall Central Roundabout and Counter No.K01 on 2nd Floor
T2: Ticket Counter of Departure Hall on 2nd Floor
T3: Ticket Counter of Departure Hall on 4th Floor

Special Aid

Beijing Capital International Airport provides special aid service for unaccompanied special passengers, such as seniors over 70 years old, pregnant woman, the disabled, etc. These special passengers have priority on check-in, customs declaration, security check and boarding. And the airport offers free wheelchairs, free Skycap Service and trolleys and free winter clothes storage service for them.
Passengers can go to the Inquiry Counter in the airport or dial the hotline(96158) to book this service in advance 24 hours.