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Simatai Great Wall

Brief Introduction

Simatai Great Wall is located in the north of Miyun Country, about 120 kilometers northeast of Beijing City. It is a part of the Great Wall that still keeps the original appearance of the Ming Dynasty. Stretching five kilometers from the Wangjing Tower in the east to Chuanhoukou in the west, Simatai Great Wall is known for its steepness, ingenuity and unique. Densely dotted withwatch towers, this section is one of the most photographed sections of the Great Wall.

Great Wall Connection


Simatai Great Wall was originally built in 550-577, during the the period of Northern Qi Dynasty. It was rebuilt and extended in 1368 of the Ming Dynasty under the supervision of Qi Jiguang, a famous general at that time. In 1987, Simatai Great Wall was acknowledged by UNESCO as one of the World Cultural Heritage Sites as part of the Great Wall World Heritage Site. It is the only part of the Great Wall that keeps the originally features of the Ming Great Wall. Simatai Great Wall was closed in 2010 and has been reopened to tourists in 2014. The Gubei Water Town was newly buit on the foot of the great wall. Travelers can experience the beauty of water town at the same time.

Construction Features

Simatai Great Wall is 5.4 kilometers long with 34watch towers. It is separated by lake, named the Mandarin Duck Lake, into eastern and western parts. The western part has 18watch towers and the eastern part has 16. The western part appears gentle and the eastern part is high with steep ridges. Simatai Great Walls is often described with five words: perilous, dense, diverse, artful, and peculiar. The eastern part of the Wall was constructed on the steep ridge of the mountain, like a winding dragon jumping out of the lake. The distance between watch towers is about 100–200 meters, and the nearest two is only 44 meters apart. The structure contains single and double walls and assumes a trapezoidal shape. The watch towers are round or ablate in shape and composed of two or three floors.The roofs are flat or domical shapes.

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Main Watch Towers of Simatai Great Wall

Fairy Maiden Tower: With a sculpture of twin lotus flowers carved on the arched doors, it is the the most beautiful among all towers. It is said that it was the dwelling place for the Lotus Flower Fairy who fell in love with a shepherd. Heavenly Ladder is the only way to reach the tower. It is a 85-degree slope stairway with 100 meters long. The narrowest part is just half a meter wide, allowing only one person to pass at a time. Wangjing Tower: With an a height of about 1,000 meters above the sea level, Wangjing Tower is the summit of the Simatai Great Wall and the highest cultural relic in Beijing. Standing on the tower, one can see the the skyline of Beijing City, so named Wangjing Tower(Watching Beijing Tower). The bricks built the walls here stamped with the date on which they were made and the code numbers of the armies that made them.

There is a 100-meter-long segment of the wall connectiong the Fairy Maiden Tower and Wangjing Tower, which is called Sky Bridge.

Simatai Great Wall Travel Tips

1. In order to protect the great wall and ensure visitors security, Simatai Great Wall limited the amouts of tourists. Reservations should be made one day ahead. Please use the real name reservation. Visitors can book the next day to 10 days tickets. After booking information submitted, visitors will receive "the successful appointment" message, please use it within the period of validity. The visitors who don't made the reservation can not be guaranteed to visit the great wall when they arrive. 2. Visitors need to gather at the Gubei Water Town Entrance and wait for guiding to reach the Great Wall entrance. The distance between the two entrances is about 2.5 kilometers. visitors can take shuttle bus to the Great Wall. (Bus Time: 10:20am, 11:00am, 2:00pm, 3:00pm) 3. Presently, only the No. 1 Tower to No. 10 Tower on the east part is open to the public. It takes about two and a half hour to reach the No. 10 Tower. The cable car is available. 4. The west part of the great wall is closed. Hiking from Simatai to Jinshanling is not allowed now. 5. Simatai Great Wall also offers a wide range of activities. Tourists can go boating, swimming or fishing in the Mandarin Duck Lake.

Simatai Great Wall Map

Simatai Great Wall Map

Accommodation and Dinning

1. There are many guesthouses and 2 hotels in the the Gubei Water Town underneath the Simatai Great Wall. But the ticket for entering the town is needed.
2. The Simatai Folk Culture Village is also a good place for meals and accommodation. It is about 5 minutes driving distance from the Gubei Water Town.


1. Take special tourist bus from the Qianmen station of Beijing Tourist Distribution Center.
2. Take bus no. 980 from Dongzhimen Bus Station to Miyun Country, take a taxi to Great Wall.
3. Rent a car directly. It is the most convenient way.

Simatai Great Wall Photo


40 RMB for Simatai Great Wall
150 RMB for Gubei Water Town

Cable car of Simatai Great Wall

90RMB for adult for single trip 160RMB / adult / double trip
45RMB for children for single trip 80RMB / children / double trip

Shuttle Bus of Simatai Great Wall

20RMB / adult / single trip
10RMB / children / single trip

Open time

08:00—17:00 from November to March of next year
8:00-19:00 from April to October